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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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flowerchild commented on Review: Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe (3DS eShop):

I downloaded this game a few days ago and must admit, it has quickly become a fan favorite. Love, love, love it 100%. By the way, this review is awesome and if I didn't own the game already, this review would have convinced me to purchase it.



flowerchild commented on First Impressions: Breaking Out With Siesta Fi...:

FINALLY! I've been waiting for what seems like forever for this game to be released. Now I'll look forward to the end of this month to go into the eShop to purchase it. The smile on my face is there not only because Siesta Fiesta and I will soon become fast friends, but also because of the wonderful price attached to it. 😄



flowerchild commented on Interview: Mojo Bones on Bringing Siesta Fiest...:

I LOVE Mojo Bones. I d/l their pirate game and one other and just love them and can't stop playing. Mojo Bones is one awesome company who answers your comments and emails almost immediately and I thank them for this. I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the release of Siesta Fiesta. PLEASE tell me it's here, Mojo!!



flowerchild commented on New Professor Layton Title Confirmed for iOS a...:

YAHOO! YEAH! Can't wait for the iOS games. Have all PL games to date, inc., the PL and the Eternal Diva video. What a wonderful world this will be! 👍📱

EDIT I also have have PL and the Miracle Mask on pre-order and will purchase the PL/Ace Attorney game.



flowerchild commented on Review: Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Al...:

I purchased this from the e-shop about a month ago and initially fell in love with it. Now I'm extremely "in-like" with it. It keeps promising me more, if I just keep going that extra little bit, that extra mile, make a few more formees. I, for one, am very impatient. I don't want to have to make 5 or 10 characters or formees before you show me "something big" or "exciting." I PAID for this game/program. I shouldn't have to wait for anything, unless it's on a game cartridge. My next comment, which will probably be an edit of this post, will come later. Hopefully, Formees will present itself with everything I've been told to wait for the next time I play. If not, it will be the last time I play!



flowerchild commented on Jason Rohrer Tackles Blood Diamonds with New D...:

I don't think it will be a DSiWare release if it's going to be a limited release. That doesn't make any sense. I do think it will be difficult to find and I really look forward to playing it. You have to remember that it's only a game!



flowerchild commented on Extreme Hangman 2:

Pretty cute, animated Hangman game. You get to pick the subjects that you want to use and also the way you want the Hangman to be animated. IMO, it's def. worth 200 points!



flowerchild commented on Review: Puzzle Fever (DSiWare):

500 points for this bland puzzle game? Not for me, that's for sure! Wish the DSiWare game companies would start giving us some of those puzzle games that have been listed since eternity.....Yucko to this one!



flowerchild commented on Hellokids - Vol. 1: Coloring and Painting:

This looks pretty good, but I'm not holding my breath for it to come to the U.S. DSiWare has been terrible lately and I'm not sure how some of these developers can put out some of the junk that they do and still sleep at night!



flowerchild commented on Plants vs. Zombies:

Finally, something awesome like Plants v Zombies! I think the powers that be at DSiWare download factory has finally woken up from their deep sleep!!!!



flowerchild commented on Puzzle to Go Planets and Universe:

There are many of us who enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and have been waiting patiently for this company and a few others to release some of their DSiWare jigsaws. I haven't seen ANY releases yet and the reviewer says this one is the 4th installment? Well, what's wrong with us in the U.S.?



flowerchild commented on Twisting and Matching 3D Objects Comes to DSiWare:

This game sounds perfect to me. There's already been enough poker/Texas hold 'em/solitaire/mahjongg, etc. games for DSiWare. I've been downloading DSiWare for well over two years now and I can honestly say that only about a dozen of the over 100 games I have downloaded are decent! I've recently curtailed my downloads until these game developers start putting out some really worthy games!



flowerchild commented on MUDDS Won't Be Making a Splash on DSiWare Afte...:

Tigus, I would have voted too had I known about this! For a company to nix a game because they didn't get enough interest, well, why the heck didn't they let people know?

JumpMad: Awww, that face alone should make them offer the game! It makes me want to cry!!



flowerchild commented on Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games:

I'm really looking forward to this game! It looks like it will be one of the better slot machine downloads, but I guess that remains to be seen. The screenshots look awesome, so I'm hoping for a decent 500 point game.



flowerchild commented on Just Sing! Christmas Songs:

This app is a rip-off. Only two songs and no matter how badly you sing, the app tells you that you're doing wonderful! Don't waste your points.



flowerchild commented on Music On: Playing Piano:

This is one of the best for 200 points. Much better than the first one that was called "Learning Piano". The songs are mostly known by all and allow you to win garlands and bronze, silver, and gold medals. Wish they would have put more songs on this game or charge 500 points and put out another game like this with more songs! This game gives you approx. 15 songs or so! My husband loves when I play these songs out loud for him...LOL!! I ain't half-bad for not having learned how to play professional piano!!



flowerchild commented on Rummikub:

This is an awesome game. Finally, something a little different than everything else being released. I enjoy playing this game. But what I want to know is: Who gives these games/apps their review number? Some of them are so totally off it makes me angry!!



flowerchild commented on Monster Buster Club:

This game looks like it may be worth the download. Sure wish I knew how many points it was going to be and when it was going to be released!



flowerchild commented on Review: FIZZ (DSiWare):

Def. worth 200 points because you can't get much today for $2.00. But I agree with the review. A little too much going on at the same time making it very "blah", imho.



flowerchild commented on Review: Puzzle to Go Diddl (DSiWare):

When oh when will this ever be released in the States? I don't think we have one jigsaw puzzle game on DSiWare yet. Enough with the repetitive games and give us something different already!



flowerchild commented on Review: Happy Birthday Mart (DSiWare):

Had I known this game was so childish and geared for children on top of that, I never would have bought it. Too many kinks in it and a total waste of time. Even my 6 1/2 year old g'daughter didn't like it!



flowerchild commented on Review: Primrose (DSiWare):

My opinion? Really cute game for the points, but I agree with HolyMackerel. Too many double colors as you start to get into the red color, making it almost impossible (at least for me) to score big.



flowerchild commented on Animal Color Cross:

jhuhn: I apologize for just noticing that you had answered my question.
Obviously, I know by now that this game has been released..LOL! So, thanks for your answer. I certainly appreciate it.



flowerchild commented on Mega Words:

Looks like a good one, but we already got Hangman. Couldn't they put a different game instead of Hangman? Pfffftttt....