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Mutant Mudds Deluxe Blasting Onto Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shortest blog post, ever

While many spent their time on Thursday absorbing information on Wii U console bundles, game announcements and release dates, Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid was busy posting quite possibly the shortest blog entry we've ever seen. It was simply titled Mutant Mudds Deluxe and had this article's image; that was it.

Still, as we're sure you've figured out it means that Mutant Mudds is coming to Wii U, possibly as an expanded or remastered version of the 3DS original, or maybe something new. Judging by the name we'd expect the former, and that like its predecessor it will be a download on the Wii U eShop. Still, seeing the screen on a Wii U Gamepad is likely to be enough to make fans smile.

We'll endeavour to get more details soon, but are you keen to play some Mutant Mudds on Wii U?


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JustAnotherUser said:

I'm looking forward to it.
I'd happily buy a second copy (when I get round to buying my first one).
But hey, I own 3 copies of Rayman 2. (soon to be 4)



Fuzzy said:

I found it to be an OK game, but nothing too great.

Maybe Corbie's level will change that...



accc said:

Yeah the game really loses a lot when you're not playing in 3D. They should make a sequel for 3DS.



motang said:

Looking forward to play it, one of my favorite 3DS games is Mutant Mudds.



ajmetz said:

I've seen the game on the Nintendo eShop on 3DS, but have no clue what it's about. Could try downloading the demo I guess.



NintenBo said:

Ehh...I think on the Wii U it might loose the little bit of charm it has. Might get it eventually.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Yeah, i think it will be just like the 3DS game when it gets the extra Granny levels. I don't like paying double for exactly the same game, so i think you can count me out here.



Bane said:

Sweet, knowing that these type of games makes me want to buy the Deluxe Wii U package so that when I buy something from Eshop, Ill be able to redeem the points that I earn from those purchases to buy future Eshop titles



Dodger said:

If this is just Mutant Mudds in HD and without the 3D, I can't see it working. It would have to be a new game that takes advantage of jumping between the two screens instead of jumping between layers.

Mutant Mudds is one of those games where I want it, but there always is some game I want more.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'm definitely interested, but they'll have to add enough to justify a second purchase for me. Either that or make it cheap enough that I can't resist. That seems to be a continuing problem for me with Wii U games. I want Scribblenauts on the Wii U, but not if I have to pay 50% more than the 3DS version without getting 50% more content.



arrmixer said:

This game is definitely a maybe.. but as some of the other members have said... the 3d element made the 3ds game so unique... the two screen option would definitely be a good idea... let's see...



ArcanaXVI said:

Loved it on the 3DS, but the 3D really did add something. Sadly, I don't see it being as successful on other platforms.



SirSmugleaf said:

Good to hear!
Well I do hope it isn't a remake/port because this has a whif of Cave Story to it!
I hope it's a sequel or just the same game but with new levels.



Grodus said:

Meh. I tried the demo. Didn't think it was anything specail. Found it pretty boring actually. If this IS a sequel (it's possible), than thats great, as long as they make the demo the fun parts (unlike last time[unless it's just boring{to me}]).



willobee said:

Oh I hope this doesn't pull a Cave Story... how many different times can the same game be released



MeWario said:

Not so exciting... because I have the 3DS version and that's enough Mutant Mudds for me (It is seriously great though)

@Chrono_Cross: I seriously disagree with you but I do realise that Mutant Mudds is not for everyone. I'm the type of player that likes to try and go through a game with out dying once (and other challenges I set for myself) and Mutant Mudds was a blast



Sneaker13 said:

Not getting it again, bit disappointed by this game. Maybe that will change with the extra free levels we will be getting. Hopefully there will be some sort of boss level in there.

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