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Clever People Turn a NES Zapper Into a Real Laser

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ducks beware

We have exciting news for you today, and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough since the wheel: a laser NES Zapper. Some smart — and we hasten to add, safe — people have changed the famous NES accessory from a light gun to a laser gun, and we're not even kidding.

After taking the light gun apart and stripping out everything but the trigger and an electric switch, the chaps at North Street Labs started to rig a powerful laser in the casing, with plenty of wiring and engineering involved.

The final result was a fully functional, and rather powerful, NES Zapper Laser. It goes without saying that this isn't something to try at home, as these guys know what they're doing and are following applicable laws, but in any case you can see it in action below. We like to imagine that when the guy with the gun makes 'pew pew' noises, he's thinking about the sniggering dog in Duck Hunt.

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NintyMan said:

I've always thought a laser gun would be possible, so I'm happy to see it coming a step closer to fruition. Now work on the Super Scope!



theblackdragon said:

that's so awesome! kinda sad they didn't use the orange zapper for it, though, lol; that's the one i grew up with :3



ramstrong said:

I wonder if they have one in 40MW range. I see nothing of the kind on the shelf.



Wheels2050 said:

It'll be a sad day when someone, not realising what it is, picks it up to play Duck Hunt and burns a hole in the screen of their irreplaceable flat screen CRT...



Grodus said:

Wii need this in a Wii remote for our Wii zappers. (Get it, Wii, we, aghhh forget it.)

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