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La Mulana Adventures Onto North American WiiWare on 20th September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

At long last

La Mulana has had a torturous existence on the WiiWare service, arriving in Japan over a year ago but running into problems gaining approval in other regions. Earlier in the year publisher Nicalis pulled out of the project, seemingly due to issues between it and developer Nigoro when trying to resolve problems with DLC content and other elements, as explained to us in our interview with La-Mulana's director Takumi Naramura.

Nigoro didn't give up, however, and stated that after the collapse of the Nicalis partnership other interested publishers had been in contact. One of these was EnjoyUp Games, but a PEGI rating naming the publisher disappeared shortly after it had been spotted. After so many twists in the tale, it's pleasing the see that the title is now listed by Nintendo of America for a confirmed release on 20th September, published by EnjoyUp Games, after all.

Thankfully the publisher has a good record of publishing titles in Europe, too, so we hope that before long both regions will enjoy this long awaited title. Meanwhile, North American gamers may have a reason to sort out some Wii Shop points in a few weeks time.

Thanks to Jared for the tip.


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rayword45 said:

Hooray! Screw off Cave Story Inc. and hello EnjoyUp!

I was hoping for this. Now I'll have to buy it.



TheAdza said:

Well I hope it sells enough to make them some money after all their troubles. But it was probably a silly choice to continue development on the WiiWare service.



Ukee said:

As great as this is I wish it could of made it on to DS/3DS, I hardly ever get time to play games at home.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Nicalis was a good developer with good intentions, but at least this game comes out in some form on wii. Even though I dislike these types of games a lot.

Now can we stop complaining about games that aren't worth it?



sinalefa said:

I am very happy for them, after all the game was already completed. Picking it up for sure.



rayword45 said:

@TheDreamingHawk Sorry to sound a bit rude, but I can't respect them too much as a publisher.

-The extreme whoring of Cave Story, worse then Capcom with less respectable pricing choices
-The constant delays of Cave Story
-The silence about NightSky for so long, only then telling us it was quietly cancelled
-La Mulana cancellation

There's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to indie devs, but thus far their track record isn't looking very good.



fredtoy said:

I was wating the La-Mulana remake on WiiWare since it was announced. Bought it on PC day one. Now I'll buy it again, day one! And the release date couldn't be better. 20th september is my birthday. =)



Wheels2050 said:

Kind of missing the boat, isn't it? It's nice it's coming to WiiWare, but I fear sales will be absolutely dismal.



Kyloctopus said:

@rayword45 I don't think Nicalis (a great company overall) is the problem. I believe it's Nintendo’s fault. Many people have struggled putting their games onto the Wii Shop Channel. From Gaigin Games, to Team Meat.



Hokori said:

@Klyo But it's been out in Japan for a while now, so it's not a problem of how strick Nintendo is, since it obviously could 18 months ago



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I already have the PC version BUT I will be getting this for WiiWare as well just to support the developers.

Great news!



NImH said:

Wow... I almost don't believe it. I'm getting it when it finally becomes available.



rayword45 said:

@Klyo Really, other developers seem to be doing just fine (EnjoyUp Games clearly).

Some have had complaints, but I can't think of any other indie publisher with as many ports of the same game, delays and cancellations, along with other problems not all of which are related to WiiWare. I do believe they have the ability to do great things, but as of right now, they really aren't up to par when it comes to being a publisher, especially considering almost all of their current work is ports of PC games.

As for Team Meat, they made some pretty great games, yes, but clearly the devs didn't follow the rules. Look at the size of Super Meat Boy and tell me how that would work on WiiWare. The Game Audio is 3.5 times larger then the game limit!

Gaijin did just fine with Nintendo I assume, seeing how they claim they "love them", and the only problem was with Runner2, which is headed to Wii U.



Popyman said:

I will be buying this for sure! Still really wish it was on the 3DS instead though, something about it makes me want to play it on a portable system...



Omega said:

I'm a little curious how they'd adapted it for WiiWare but I don't expect too much. The original PC game is renowned for it's notorious difficulty.

This is true specially towards the end of the game: The final Boss fight consists of 5 phases and is (for many people) almost impossible to beat. And when you die you have to reload and start at a point so far away that you need about 20 minutes to get to the boss again wandering through 2 big areas full of hazards. To say it's annoying is an understatement.

If they do not have reduced the difficulty a lot, I'm sure that most of today's gamers are not able to beat the game let alone get any enjoyment out of it.



sketchturner said:

How difficult is this game compared to Cave Story? The Hell/Sanctuary part of that game was pretty insane, although I did manage to beat it... on easy... barely.



Zausimo said:

Seeing as how it's been a full year since the WiiWare service has received another purchase worthy game (IMO, MotoHeroz last year in September), this is definitely great news.

I wonder if anyone can confirm the 1000 points cost, as that would make it even more desirable. I think this will have the DLC Hell Temple for an additional cost, but $10 would be a great starting point for the base game.



JulioMoruno said:

Thanks for your support! Nigoro and EnjoyUp Games are very happy with your great response. LA-MULANA is a awesome game!!!

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