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Hands On: Learn With Pokemon: Typing Adventure

Posted by Katy Ellis

Gotta type 'em all

On Saturday, Nintendo Life was lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of Nintendo and Genius Sonority's most bizarre upcoming release, Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure. The version we demoed was the Japanese version, Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS, complete with the Japanese Bluetooth keyboard add-on.

The aim of Pokémon Typing is to type as quickly as possible the names of the Pokémon that hop towards you. If you successfully type out the critter's name, you will 'capture' them with a Typing Ball; the further you play into the game, the rarer the 'mon become, so keep a look out for Reshiram and Zekrom in the latter stages. There are 60 different areas for you to play through, each with different types of Pokémon living there and over 400 of the creatures for you to discover. At the end of some levels you may come across a boss battle, which sees you manically typing different letters and quickly spelling out the rare Pokémon's name in order to catch it. You will be awarded a score and a medal at the end of each level, which marks how quickly and correctly you can touch-type, and there are 180 medals in total for you to collect.

While the gameplay may seem rather straight forward at first, it's quite odd how entranced you can become rapidly tapping keyboard letters as different Pokémon come hurtling your way. However, the gameplay is never difficult (even when playing the Japanese version) and is quite clearly targeted towards helping younger children learn how to type, not for those who are already well-acquainted with keyboards.

The Nintendo Wireless Keyboard, meanwhile, is a great size; just small enough to pack in a bag and carry about with you, but large enough to fit all of the standard QWERTY keys in neatly without being squeezed too close together. The keyboard also feels quite well-built, is compatible with other Bluetooth products and also looks the part in ice-white, but there is also a black keyboard edition. The complete Pokémon Typing bundle also comes with the Nintendo DS Compact Stand, so that you can keep your DS or 3DS (as well as their XL counterparts) still, while you type away and catch some 'mon.

If you are a huge Pokémon fan who could use some help with your keyboard skills, then this game should be a fun and educational experience. However, if you're just a Poké-maniac, who simply needs to own every game, it might be more worthwhile importing the region-free Japanese version, as then you will be able to learn over 400 different Pokémon names in Japanese too!

Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure will be available in Europe on 21st September. You can alternatively import the Japanese version, Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS now from sites such as play-asia, at around $39.99 or £25.76 for the white keyboard edition or $69.40 or £44.70 for the black edition.

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Chuie said:

i never understanded this but i guess its good for little kids that are learning to type



Tasuki said:

Wait a minute I just saw a thread where they said the DS Lite is now discontinued. If thats the case why make new accessories for it.



belmont said:

Can this slim keyboard work with other Bluetooth portable devices like PS Vita, laptops etc?



bboy2970 said:

If this comes to the states, I'm definitely getting it. I already am fairly quick on a keyboard but it still looks like it could be a good bit of fun. Plus that keyboard looks neat!



I-U said:

I may be in the minority, but I actually really want this game to come stateside.



C-Olimar said:

@GameCube they say that, but my 3DS won't play US games
That IS the hardware though, so if people need it for the DS then I suppose it's fine!



Tasuki said:

@GameCube: AH ok that makes sense forgot about the DSi lol. And yeah I would pretty much get it for the keyboard as well.



sinalefa said:

Nintendo is really promoting gen V Pokémon in this trailer. Not too surprisingly, seeing how Black and White 2 are around the corner.

Does anyone else feel odd at the price difference of the two versions? I never thought black plastic could be so expensive. Hope Wii U does not see the same price schedule.



hYdeks said:

I know how to type, hence why I'm doing it now, so I'll stick to playing TRUE pokemon games, though I have to say it looks like a great way fro kids to master typing, WITH POKEMON!!!



Retrowire said:

Finally Pokemon will be beneficial for my nephew. More educational Pokemon games please!



Marioman64 said:

@Tasuki it's not even an accesory for the dslite, or any ds for that matter. it's an accesory for the game itself, kind of like how the pokewalker was an accessory for heartgold/soulsilver, except this one connects with bluetooth instead of Infrared



Pichu said:

I type 5000x faster than pros which means the person typing up there is extreme noob

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