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Mario & Sonic eShop App Hits the UK

Posted by James Newton

Scan this

Fancy a free app for your 3DS? Of course you do.

Scan the QR code below and you can download the Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics 2012 Virtual Card Album for free. The app lets you collect themed cards based on Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games via SpotPass, StreetPass, connecting to Nintendo Zone hotspots or by spending Play Coins. You can also trade cards with other players using the 3DS console's infra red function. There are 73 cards to collect in total with different rarity values, but you get five to start your collection.

The application is only available until 9th September.

If you're in the UK and have a 3DS, scan the QR code below following these instructions:

  • Hold L or R on the 3DS Home Menu to bring up the camera.
  • Tap the chequerboard option — this opens up the QR reader.
  • Align the frame with the QR code and it will offer you a link.
  • Press A.

Let us know what you make of this latest eShop freebie.

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Gustoff said:

Do you have to have the game for this to work or the be able to get all 73 cards? And do you know if this will be coming to NA?



Chris720 said:

Where's the better apps for the 3DS? This is just more junk to fill your Home Menu, c'mon Ninty give us some better apps for our console.



Shworange said:

Aw... Luckies... Anyone know when the Olympics will be back in the states?...



gamerchick_22 said:

I just got back from S. America...i'm tired of traveling for now...guess that means I won't be getting this little perk shrugs



Late said:

Pretty bad app. I got the starter cards and only one of them was 3D. I also purchased one more with play coins just to test and so got another card with 3D-effect. They're trying to get the game sell better but at least I am still not going to buy it.



James said:

@Gustoff no game required, just this app.

I've changed the title to say UK but I see some European countries have it too. If you can download it please let me know which country you're in!



Flowerlark said:

Why does Europe always get better stuff than NA? Why can't we both get the awesomeness?



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yeah I agree it'd be nice if we both could get the same stuff & I thought correct me if I'm wrong but I thought North America & Europe did get most of the same stuff as far as games goes both are are for the actual system's & not just a silly trinket toy so I don't see why we couldn't get stuff like this.

Plus every time I use swapnote & some one send's me a note from japan, or germany where ever I usually get the stationary free from the other countries maybe it'll work the same way like if you have a friend from the uk & they send you a color note maybe you get that color through the note. Or we might just have to wait for nintendo's qr code for north american's either way it's cool with me.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Victoria said:

Why aren't all the cards in 3D? It's really odd. I'm so used to the 3D that the cards just look flat and boring.



Jono97 said:

Odd... Normally when something is released on the eshop in Europe, it comes to Australia at the same time.(e.g.Demos, Games) D: Why not this



Mario_maniac said:

@clubmini, if you want to access the app in Australia, change your region settings to somewhere in Europe (personally, I stick with England): you don't lose your funds like on the Wii; you just lose access to them until you switch back to Australia.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

SpotPass requires Nintendo Zone huh?
Guess which brit has a Nintendo Zone at home! I think I'm gonna finish this quickly, I wonder what the final gift is.



Tomires said:

Availability confirmed for Czech Republic. But then again, I've got my region locale set to the UK as the only apps available in eShop over here are the free ones and that doesn't even include demos and trailers.

What bums me up is that I cannot use Nintendo Video/Eurosport apps without fiddling with region settings every time. Gave up on these srsly.

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