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Mon 12th Mar 2012

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tat2 commented on Review: Sparkle Snapshots 3D (3DS eShop):

"If you want to post your images online or share them by email – in 2D, of course – then you’ll need to plug your SD card into a computer and remove them manually."

Can't you just go to whatever site you want to upload pictures with your 3DS and and upload them directly from there? I seem do remember doing so on some occasions.



tat2 commented on Talking Point: Another Look at the News - 6th ...:

Was I the only one who actually read the Gamestop's article about new IP?
The headline was " When Do We See the Most New IP?" not "Why Nintendo Sucks?"
It was completely fair and unbiased towards Nintendo.

Your argument is "Quality over Quantity", when the truth is that both Microsoft and Sony can combine them.



tat2 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Bundles Need to Suit Us All:

I still don't get why so many presume that there will be a bundle that includes Wii Remotes, it seems very unlikely to me. Games that need them might be sold with them included in a slightly higher price. Wii U will have a basic launch and bundles start to appear when the next Xbox an PS are close to a release.

And there won't be an eShop card included. There might be some free software in the eShop, but it's very possible that Nintendo counts on the Miiverse to get high connectivity rates.



tat2 commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

Why is everyone talking about the children and vulgar content? If I'm ever going to use the Miiverse I want to be sure that there wont be spoilers.
And that can't be controlled by a word filter.

30 minutes is fine, it usually can take hours for me to see a new post on a forum, even if it updates instantly.
And if you're really stuck in a game, chances are that some other people are as well, so you wont necessarily need to post anything..



tat2 commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

If they wan't newcomers, they should make a short title for download and keep the main games as they are. An eShop game that would cost 6 to 10 euros would surely gain attention without compromising current fanbase, though I'm not sure how that would work since I haven't played any of the games myself.



tat2 commented on New Fan-Made Mega Man Games Emerge:

@LztheBlehBird I remember hearing that the publishing will be done by Level-5, though I don't remember where. Personally I think Capcom has next to nothing to do with it. They're just letting them use their characters and lending Shu Takumi. It was Level-5's idea, of this I'm sure.

In light of Capcom's recent behavior It's probably a good thing that they don't have too much to do with it.

EDIT: According to English Wikipedia It's being published by both companies, but only developed by Level-5 with Shu Takumi listed as designer.



tat2 commented on New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Heads into Battle:

@clubmini If I remember correctly the game has random generated dungeons, put that and the online together and it's clear that they couldn't do the best graphics that the 3DS could handle, or so I would think.
That said the graphics look fine to me.

Has there been any information how the coop works? Voice chat is pretty useless if the participants don't speak the same language.



tat2 commented on Rumour: This is Wii U's Controller Charging Dock:

Those bumps that are horizontal aren't the contact points,they're there so that the pad will fit in the dock, otherwise the pad would be too likely to fall of from it.
Those vertical lines are the contact points that'll come out when that big thing in the middle is pressed down.

At least that's how I see it.



tat2 commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

@Onett I know that, but then I can't move since my thump isn't on the circle pad and it takes ages to find the right one. And I have to look at the touch screen no matter what so I don't see the action.
I'm surprised that I seem to be the only one having this problem.

I personally don't have a problem with the other controls, though.
What this game needs is a real tutorial. Modern games have the annoying habit to throw you in the middle of the action and only then explain what to do.
Videos aren't enough, they should be interactive.



tat2 commented on Sakurai: Dual Analog Control in Kid Icarus: Up...:

I just got the game, and my biggest complaint would be with the powers. Their so slow and tedious that if you're searching for a specific power you're open for attacks for quite a while, unless I'm missing something. And if I am, I blame the tutorials for not making it clear.



tat2 commented on Nintendo UK Boss David Yarnton Suffers Health ...:

I don't want do sound like a jerk, but I hope that he shows better judgement in business than this. In order to participate in a bike marathon in a hot atmosphere, you really should be in top shape. I'm a little surprised that they even allowed him to enter.
Good thing he's recovering, though.

Also, just out of curiosity, what charity was it for?



tat2 commented on GameStop Won't Be Selling Spirit Camera Second...:

@SkywardLink98 And how exactly do the customers prove that the game was faulty before they bought it? Also buying a pig in a poke doesn't sound like a profitable business model but I guess they've been lucky. And to sell such things regularly is a little sketchy at best.
Besides the booklet only has 16 pages, it wouldn't really prolong the buying process that much.
@Chicken_Brutus So what happens to the original owner? They just get away with selling damaged games?



tat2 commented on GameStop Won't Be Selling Spirit Camera Second...:

So does this mean that checking an used game's condition before putting it on sale isn't a common practice at GameStop?
And it is a bad thing because you can't sell the game to them after realizing how lousy it is.



tat2 commented on Heroes of Ruin is GAME-Exclusive in UK:

I don't believe that for a second. They're lying, just like they call a normal edition special and sell it for a higher price than the actual special edition would cost you elsewhere. Or they mean that you can buy it from them before it's released elsewhere. has the game available for pre-order, but they haven't listed a release date, so I don't know what that means.



tat2 commented on Kore Gang Publisher Needs Your Money for a Re-...:

@theblackdragon Who do you think has better lawyers? A no-name company that needs support to publish their own games or Atari? If they need our money for this they can by no means afford a lawsuit. Besides, I doubt that there's any actual breach of contract involved here.



tat2 commented on Rhythm Thief Slides Back to July in North America:

@shinobi88 A redesign after one year for games, like you said, haven't even been announced sounds very unlikely to me. Especially because their main focus would certainly be on the Wii U. And I would believe that most FPS fans will choose Vita anyway.
And how can it be a delay, when I don't remember them ever giving a release date for North America?
They'll probably just waiting for people to finish Kid Icarus