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GAME Goes Large With 3DS XL Trade-In Deal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Game on, retailers

With 3DS XL arriving in just five short days in Europe, UK retailer GAME has launched what seems to be the best trade-in offer so far. If you trade a 3DS console with its original packaging you can get an XL system, and an all-important AC adaptor, for £79.99.

You can check all of the details for yourself on, which clarifies that the trade-in console 'must be in original packaging, in good working order and of satisfactory quality'; it's also important to note that import consoles and games aren't eligible for trade-in. Although this page does provide instructions on completing a system transfer from the original model to the XL, there's no assurance that stores will actually facilitate a system transfer on site. One store manager that we've spoken to has said that system transfers will be supported, but it's worth checking with individual branches.

As the release of 3DS XL gets closer we may see some more tit-for-tat promotions between retailers, so it's worth shopping around.


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Original packaging? I have the box in excellent condition and my console is well looked after but I don't have the inserts within the box. Also, I paid £189 for my original 3DS at launch. Despite the free GBA and NES downloads (vast majority I played to death before), it doesn't FEEL like a great deal to me in my particular situation. I'd rather trade in my DSi I think.

Overall, in this day and age, that's a good deal - butI love my original 3DS and I'm not forking out 80 quid for just a bigger screen and other insignificant improvements. I have the HD WiiU to play on a 40 in or 32 in HD TV to look forward to or I could just get a Vita (which I won't as I'm retired from Sony and Microsoft) with same size screen and better visuals albeit not 3D. The more I reflect on it, the more the release of the XL makes the standard look excellent value for money. Nice console, but I single finger salute it.



TheConsiglio said:

I wish they had deals like that in America. But nobody count on Gamestop to do something like that, They Rip you off in Trade Off Deals, 20$ FOR MY DSI IN THE ORIGINAL BOX AND WITH EVERYTHING.



TingLz said:

"They Rip you off in Trade Off Deals"

Funny, I don't remember reading anywhere that they had to give you anything for an old system. You better be grateful that retailers are even buying your old stuff back.



wenywoo said:

My local Game is letting you take home the new one and do transfer and when you return you will get the trade in value back! As they don't have internet access in store otherwise you could do it there!



Wheels2050 said:

@TheConsiglio: I'd really recommend never trading anything to Gamestop (or pretty much any company dealing in used products) if you can avoid it. They're only buying it from you in order to resell it, and want to make as much money as possible. Hence, buy low and sell high.

If possible, sell it privately through eBay, Craigslist or some other local classifieds. You'll get much, much more money for whatever you're selling.



madgear said:

Is this a great deal? Surely the original 3DS is more desirable with, you know, being a smaller portable?



mushroomer said:

arg.. $50 buck for trading in my new 3DS at gamestop? what a ripoff. and i bought a battery extension that they wont accept either.. and will not fit the new body..
arg... wish i knew about this system earlier



Ren said:

I would love this at a gamestop too, but alas Gamestop is horrible for trade in's and I don't think they'll offer any way to system transfer. I wanted to use their own coupon once (that I paid the stupid membership to get) and they needed a paper printout of it or me to show on my phone that I have it! But wait, I don't have a data plan and they have no Wifi there... sorry I can't use their own discount coupon. I don't see them letting me transfer my system either, and I won't hand over all my downloads and ambassador games to get 50 off when the old one is still worth at least 100.
I'll have to get a new XL, transfer info and sell the other on craigslist (and get a lot for it, probably.)



BudrSbastig said:

@Pengaweeno yeah you can, they wont test it, as long as it looks ok they will take it.Little bit of mr sheen works wonders. And its only Game who loose out!



Supereor said:

Infinithanks, guys! I'd been having my dad trade-in all my handhelds at GameStop, no wonder they barely helped! Now I can sell my PS Vita for it's real worth so my dad will have a ton of an easier time buying stuff!



WingedSnagret said:

Why can't GameStop have something like this? Once again Europe gets something nice while America is stuck with nothing.



x-mas_mii said:

this? nah. I'll sellmy 3ds to my brother for an easy 100$ and get system transfer.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

The Gamestop that I visited recently said that the trade-in value for my 3DS for a 3DS XL would be $55.



brachyura said:

I was in GAME on Saturday, and one of the assistants came over to try and get me to sign up for the 3DS XL as I was looking at the 3DS games. He seemed very enthusiastic. Asked him about transferring my data across and he replied "just need to transfer the SD card across and then download everything again from the eshop"! Not sure he has that exactly right.



Kohaku said:

Here in NL we can trade in not only the 3DS but also a DS what makes that I only have to pay 43 euro for my XL The data transfer can be done at home and after that you bring your 3DS to the shop for the refund.



Kohaku said:


According to the manual and the 3DS itself you need an internetconnection for data transfer. Just transfer the SD wont work.



Vriess said:

80 Pounds or about 100 Euro's. So you'll get about 50 Euro's for you old 3DS. For me that seems hardly worth it. It's insulting even! Many (like me) have payed the full price at launch and all we got were a few "exclusive" GBA and NES titles that we couldn't choose. It seems no more than fair that Nintendo lets the early adopters trade their 3DS for an XL version for a payment of no more than 40-50 Euro's!



Phocks5 said:

Yeah, I don't know about UK, but I know for a fact in the US, GameStop won't allow you the 2 minutes at the counter or anything in order to do a system transfer. And they won't offer any special deal to upgrade unless you trade in your old system at the exact same time you buy the new one. So you either get a deal and lose all your data, or you pay a little more and keep all your data. Considering that I have close to 100 games on my 3DS right now, I'll be waiting for Xmas for this. Use my Xmas money to help ease the pain and just keep my old one so I can keep all my games. Espcially my ambassador games.




Played it THREE times now at game. Its basically a BIGGER SCREEN and the improved look of the game u get with it. SIMPLE. The 3D still isn't "wow". Its basically the effect when u see a fil at the normal cinema and the IMAX cinema. Not worth my brilliantly looked after 3DS plus 80 quid. Cosumerist madness in this case IMHO

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