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Wed 30th May 2012

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LeTr011 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Steady Start in Retail Do...:

Again, my statement about the vc games, I truly think they should give a game like ninja turtles(nes). Or some collector's item game like Pokemon Yellow 2(renewed, because the sprites were horrible.)

Think about it Nintendo, give a game that the people who get it boxed can't get in the eshop.



LeTr011 commented on Legend of Zelda Prototype Cartridge Posted on ...:

I will never risk the money to get it even if I had that type of money.Wouldn't be surprised to find out it's a test and not a prototype or even just a normal cartridge.

If proof is shown by Nintendo I'll eat my words back up.



LeTr011 commented on First Impressions: ZombiU:

DayZ is a better zombie simulator, but we never know.ZombieU could be the best zombie simulator.But for now i'm just all for DayZ