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Warren Spector Believes Epic Mickey is 'The Best Looking Wii Game Ever'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Epic Mickey 2 will bring improvements

Warren Spector is proud of Epic Mickey, and why not? Although it suffered from well-known camera issues, it was nevertheless a title full of creativity and great ideas that made good use of the Wii hardware. Such good use, according to Spector, that he still believes it to have the best visuals on the system.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Spector shared some views on the successes and misses of the original title, and his hopes for the sequel.

As obnoxious as it sounds, I still think the first Mickey game was the best looking Wii game ever that anyone's ever made so sue me. I love the way the game looks. I'm not saying anyone else has to agree, it's just my opinion. I also think it sounds better than any Wii game ever [laughing] but you can always do better. We're going to. When people see the 2D levels, the 2D side-scrolling levels in the new game I think they're going to see that the team has taken those to a whole new level.

We've already talked about camera and voice - of course we're going to do better this time around - we built a studio and team, a world, a code base, a game engine, we established our relationships with everyone at Nintendo and Disney with the first game. This time around we know what the world is, we know who the characters are, we know what the gameplay is. What are paint and thinner for? We didn't even know that when we started the first game. So I would hope that everything will be better this time around.

If the issues of the original are truly ironed out in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, then it promises to be an exciting title when it arrives on Wii later this year.


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BenAV said:

The game is pretty fun, but I'd say it's far from the best looking (or sounding) game on the system.
Galaxy 2 is pretty hard to beat, in my opinion.

At this stage, it's pretty unlikely that I'll be buying the sequel (or the 3DS game).



CanisWolfred said:

Well, at least he's mature about it. I do wonder if Epic Mickey 2 will push things forward? I found the first one to be very disappointing.



NintyMan said:

Epic Mickey looks great, no doubt about that, but I don't think it's the best looking of all the Wii games. Still, the real story here is that the team seems committed to improvements with the sequel, and it'll easily be better than the original. Full voice acting, songs like from classic Disney movies and cartoons, and co-op play should make this game even better. I already enjoyed Epic Mickey, so if The Power of Two is even better, then that's wonderful news.



Kinioka said:

He said the same thing about the first one. I think I'll pick the 3DS version.



Whopper744 said:

Now I'm wanting to replay though the first one for a third time.
If 2 is even better, I can't wait.
I hope for more exploration, and being able to play after you beat it from the same point, instead of having to start all over again. The ending I worked so hard for, I only got to see once. Good thing I wasn't distracted by something else!



komicturtle said:

I'd say Epic Mickey is indeed one of the best looking games on Wii. Monster Hunter Tri, Conduit 1&2, Mario Galaxy 1&2, Excitebots and Pokemon Battle Revolution are as well.



koops330 said:

Dont get me wrong the first game was fun and all but games like Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy 2 make epic mickey look/sound like a joke



Alienfish said:

Yeah, right. Go back and play Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy 2. Anyway, it isn't about the graphics, right? Although Nintendo games in HD and high end graphics do sound good... wiiU really can't come soon enough for me.



19Robb92 said:

Zelda: Skyward Sword
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Super Mario Galaxy 1/2

What does these games all have in common?

  • yekciM cipE naht retteb kool lla yehT


McHaggis said:

@Shiryu: Xenoblade Chronicles looks amazing, I'd definitely have it in my top 5 best looking Wii games. Epic Mickey, whilst fun, wouldn't be up there.



shingi_70 said:

Not hard to do when there are gamecube games that look better than wii games.




motang said:

Well it is his game so of course. But I think Galaxy series are very good looking, Xenoblade, and as well as Skyward Sword.



Haxonberik said:

Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy 1/2, Metroid Prime 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter Tri, The Last Story, (maybe) Kirby's Epic Yarn, etc. This guy is overrating this game a lot.



Haxonberik said:

Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy 1/2, Metroid Prime 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter Tri, The Last Story, (maybe) Kirby's Epic Yarn, etc. This guy is overrating this game a lot.



TheMrFarquad said:

I'll go right ahead and vote Metroid Prime 3.
The ammount of detail in that game really shows the Wii is not as weak as everyone says it is.



AVahne said:

He says its his opinion, his comments are fine. Doesn't change the fact that Epic Mickey is still pretty far from being the best looking Wii game.



MortalKombat2007 said:

Personally, I think Epic Mickey felt really dark graphically. The game has a lot of colors , but they are shaded in darkness. I guess that was the developers intent but I think games like Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks much better. While Epic Mickey looks nice, the visuals are not of my preferences.



SuperGuzzi said:

Actually Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 looks good but it's too empty, it has a very good number of polygons, but there only a few things in the screen, i would say Skyward sword is better, on even Sonic colors, that game it's awesome in terms of number of models. just compare these



irken004 said:

Epic Mickey was a good looking game (in 480p). Not really the BEST, but still pretty good.



rjejr said:

I think the game looked really good, especially for a Wii game, but no not the best. He should have at least had the common sense, and courtesy, to say the best looking "third party" game. He'ld still be wrong, just not laughably so.

That said, no way I play the sequel on the Wii. If there isn't a WiiU version I'll play it on the PS3.

Personally I did like it better than Skyward Sword, but I like almost everything better than Skyward Sword, washed out watercolor isn't my thing when I'm gaming.



PinkSpider said:

Dead Space Extraction is easily one of the best looking games if not the best looking game on the console.



Knux said:

LOL, I have played some PSP games that look better than any Wii game I've touched. He is so wrong.



FonistofCruxis said:

At least he's stating that its his opinion but there are many better looking Wii games like:
Super Mario galaxy and its sequel
Wario land: The shake dimension
Sonic colours
Metroid prime trilogy
Metroid: Other M
Xenoblade chronicles
The last story
No more heroes 2: Desperate struggle
Kirby's epic yarn
Kirby's return to dreamland etc.



Swiket said:

@mamp He has the right. I mean, he helped design Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock.

Deus Ex, man.



Torchwood said:

Super Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade, Muramasa, and Kirby's Return to Dreamland all look better IMO.



LztheQuack said:

The one thing I admire about Spector is that he actually cares about the games he makes. You can't say the same thing about most developers these days



mamp said:

Yeah Deus Ex is awesome but I mean he messed up on Epic Mickey (it was alright but not Epic hence the title) and he just made random excuses because he just didn't want to admit that he messed up with the camera. He could at least have some humility to admit he messed up specially when everyone else noticed and called him out on it.



SteveW said:

I didn't think anything was wrong with the camera, it was fine. I hope they don't totally change things and make it bad...



kkslider5552000 said:

Best looking 3D game? Maybe but Metroid Other M did look amazing for a Wii title.

Better looking than Donkey Kong Country Returns? Or from a more artistic perspective, Muramasa or A Boy And His Blob? Hahahahahahaha, yeah sure.



Scissors said:

Honestly the art direction needed more variation everything looked like a dark blue landfill. Except for Mikey Junk mountain which was a brown landfill. The score was lacking too. Actually it's one of the worst 3D platformers I ever played. Death Jr. & Deadly Creatures were better, and neither of those games were too great either.



hillbill26 said:

I would tell him to keep the bragging to a minimum, because in my view, this game is in my top 5. Anyways, the game was very creative, and i can't wait to see what more i can do and how much more creativity can be added in the next game. And yes Warren, this game did work VERY well on the Wii.



hYdeks said:

I have to disagree with Warren Spector on this one. I'm actually playing Epic Mickey right now and it's alright, but for a Disney game it feels really really depressing!! It has fun gameplay and such but wow, the world feels so not like Disney. I do admit I love seeing Horace and Clara-belle, haven't seen them in like forever

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