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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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TheMrFarquad commented on Feature: Nintendo Life Presents... Colors! 3D ...:

These are nothing compared to some of the pieces done on the original homebrew version for the DS. There was some that you could look at and not be sure if you were looking at a painting or a photograph.

Still it's early days yet but I think painting on this will be more difficult without thepressure sensitivity of the original DS/DS Lite.



TheMrFarquad commented on Zelda Rock Album Available Now:

It's okay but I've never thought that Zelda worked particularly well in Rock/Metal form, it was always better in a more classical style.
Metroid, Starfox and F-Zero though work excelently when done as rock/metal remakes.



TheMrFarquad commented on Feature: The Odd One Out in Operation Rainfall:

I must say 7/10 is still a good score for a game and of the 3 this was my most looked forward to. I tried Xenoblade (borrowed it from a friend a couple of months back) and just couldn't get into it. I'm looking forward to playing The Last Story when I can afford it but I'll definitely be getting Pandora's Tower first.



TheMrFarquad commented on Miyamoto: "F-Zero Could Work on Wii U":

Dang! I hope this happens but I also hope that it's more like X in design but like GX in gameplay. X had the better soundtrack which was amazing, I loved it heavy, and the characters all felt like they'd walked straight out of a comic book, it definately had a "hardcore" feel to it.

GX on the other hand had the better course design and controlls as there was a noticable difference in the ways the characters handled. Unfortunately the more trancy/dancy music didn't fit the gameplay in my opinion and the character voice acting was horrendous.

Fix it up Ninty and make me the best God-damn F-Zero ever!



TheMrFarquad commented on New Trailer for The Last Story Teams Up for Ba...:

Looks great, I think I'll pick this one up even though the one I'm really looking forward to is Pandora's Tower. I also really hope this sells well so other peeps around the world can get some of this, I don't know what NOA were thinking to be fair.



TheMrFarquad commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

Wii: Skyward Sword (just couldn't get into Xenoblade)
DS: Radiant Historia (It was a tossup between this and Ghost Trick)
3DS: Starfox 64 3D (I still call it Lylat Wars 3D)