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Really, That's Just a Sticker on the Wii U Controller

Posted by James Newton

We promise

Yesterday's leaked Rayman Legends trailer raced around the internet, wowing us with its demonstration of Wii U's near field communication technology and much more.

Naturally the trailer was picked apart, with readers and some sites (like GameXplain, for instance) noticing a strange black square on the Wii U controller's underside:


Is it a new feature? An infra-red camera perhaps?

The truth is nothing so exciting. Our sources in the development community have told us it's just a sticker, covering up a port used to update the controller's system software while the machine is still in development. Final retail controllers won't have the port nor, therefore, the sticker.

Also don't get too excited about the cable: we're told it's a coaxial cable connecting development hardware to the controller and that the final controller will, of course, be wireless.

So there you go — you can take your tinfoil hats off now.

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19Robb92 said:

Rayman: Legends

On topic:
Didn't really think it would be anything new since they still haven't received wireless dev kits over at Ubisoft.



3DS said:

So...the updates to the controller will be wireless with the Final Retail Version?



James said:

@3DS Yep, devs are using wired controllers but the ones with the machine will be wireless



kdognumba1 said:

Interesting, isn't the final Wii U controller supposedly different then the one we saw at E3?



19Robb92 said:

That could refer to hardware changes inside the controller or just simple changes like a different button layout. I wouldn't expect any drastic changes.



Kirk said:

I'm assuming we will however be able to connect the controller to the Wii U with some form of cable to charge it at least, since I also assume it has a rechargeable battery pack built in (based on what I've seen and read elsewhere), right?



3DS said:

Nice! Now we just need the release date and price. I shall be waiting in the corner for when that time comes!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Apparently Rayman: Legends will need to come with a sticker of its own—"May cause constipation"...



MAB said:

ha ha when I first seen this I thought why is Ashton Kutcher playing a Wii U dev kit with a real life version of the nerdy chick off family guy, he also looks like he is in pain. Rayman wouldn't be up there as a top pick of must have Wii U games for me it would have to be mind blowing if it is. Not long to go now until the big E3 reveal, can't wait.



TheKingOfTown said:

They better have a rechargeable battery in there. That was one of the most annoying things about the Wii.



Nin-freak said:

I already knew this Too bad people accept the silliest rumors. The shape is not a perfect rectangle. And 2, it's bent. I sensor would not be bent



Smooth27 said:

I hope this is definitely not final cause doesnt seem like you can push the analogues inwards.



ATDI said:

For those who don't know, the USB-rechargable PS3 controller is soooo awesome.
Well, that's probably debatable for those of you who don't want a cord attached ever, but for the record, it charges really quickly and I hate nothing more than being stopped from playing games to walk around the house looking for double A batteries.



komicturtle said:

I think when they showed the back to the controller, it had some "screws" on the battery cover. I believe it has a built in battery for sure.... Be a big shame if we had to buy Double As x_x



sinalefa said:

Then why didn't they make the sticker white and less noticeable? They love spreading rumors and make people go crazy with guesses!

Anyway, I don't see why having an extra pair of rechargeable AAs ready is such a hard thing for some people. But I would rather have a built in battery like the 3DS or the PS3 controller.



Capt_N said:

^ I will not buy C/D batteries, & I hope you can have it wired, or lithium-powered. Yes, I meant to say C/D batteries, not A.

I wonder if people will crack open the WiiU controller, in an attempt to access any open ports in the circuitry? Like how, as I understand it, model 1 Wiis had an open port, or connector of sorts, on the motherboard, whereas future model Wiis have such removed from their boards, to circumvent hacking attempts. Further still, will Nintendo leave such a port open, in the U controller, as in the above picture respectively?

Lastly, I may be wrong here, & I admit that. You get farther admitting when you're wrong. Anyway, that doesn't look like a coaxial cable to me; looks too thin. But, oh well...

Edit: The only bonus to having separate rechargeables, is that I can use them for anything else requiring a certain type of batteries. But, it's a well worth it bonus.



Samholy said:

to make it simple:
if the wiimote needs AA, AAA or whatever batteries, i wont buy it.
it need lithium-ion batteries like any modern electronic apparel has. like the 3DS has.
next gen systems should be able to plug directly into my neck so it can use my body natural electricity. talk about a green solution.



MAB said:

It has been confirmed that all Wii U purchases come with matrix neck jack installation surgery



James said:

Wii Remote will be the same as on Wii, so will use AA batteries. Really though every semi-serious Wii owner should have a rechargeable battery kit for Wiimotes by now!

And the Wii U controller has a rechargeable internal battery, of course

@Byuu Cool, maybe it's only the smaller teams working with wired kits or they're being rolled out slowly? Makes sense you guys would get them first



Skotski said:

Talk about giving your life to video games.
...does this mean you're siding with the robots in the eventual robots vs humans war?



Byuu said:

@James: we're actually a small team. I must say we have mainly wired controllers. The wireless ones are quite rare.



James said:

@Byuu Well as long as the wireless tech actually works, that's OK! Just hope the range on them is decent



rjejr said:

I can't imagine AA batteries running the WiiU controler w/ that 6" screen on it. Has any tablet ever run on AA batteries?
When I first bought the PS3 (about 3 years after the Wii) I hated that the controller used rechargeable batteries b/c I worried that when they died I'ld need to spend another $50 on a new controller (I had a Sony Clio PDA and the battery died after a year, same for my laptop). Fortunately 3 years later and no noticeable loss in battery power. Also during that time the Wii Motion Plus came out and I HATE changing batteries w/ that thing on. I bought 2 of the new built in Wiimotes (one came w/ Flingsmash and 1 with Play Motion) and one of those Duracell pads that lets me recharge the batteries while they are still in the Wiimote w/ the silicone sleeve on. So basically my Wiimotes now use wireless rechargeable batteries, and I am very happy for it. I expect the Upad to need to be plugged in to charge, but I'ld rather have a wall block than USB to the WiiU, they charge a heck of a lot faster than USB ports can. And I'm still hoping for a stand that turns the Upad into a digital clock/photo frame. The 3DS comes w/ a charging stand, so why not the Upad?



Chuie said:

ubisoft will throw 500 games at the wii u im just buying rayman if its good i hate the hole rabbit thing and ghost reacon if its good cuz the 3ds one sucked

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