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Nate Stehley Looks Happy With His Real-Life Mario Kart

Posted by James Newton

Who wouldn't be?

Nate Stehley, winner of the Mario Kart 7 real-life kart, certainly looks thrilled in this new video showing his prize rolling up at his front door.

Stehley can barely contain his excitement as the actual real Mario knocks on his front door and escorts him down to his new electric-powered kart, built by West Coast Customs.

If you're in the Clarksville, Tennessee area it's time to stock up on bananas.

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misswliu81 said:

i wished a real-life mario, or be it kirby, yoshi, samus in her power suit would turn up at my doorstep and greeted me that way



Randomname19 said:

Too bad he can't drive it on normal streets due to the Highway Code ,it would have been funny as hell.



Adam said:

If that were me, I would be in jail right now, if not in a casket, for trying to ride it on the highway.

So thank you, Gamestop, for not giving me a giant Mario Kart.



Yosher said:

I don't think I'd want to know how much this thing would bring up on eBay!



OldBoy said:

Lucky,Lucky B******d. Oh I would kill for that thing.So sweet.Wonder if he'll sell it.



TanookiLink said:

that dudes a dog he looked like he didnt even know or care that he was entered to win the thing. i should have gotten it.

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