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Mon 18th Oct 2010

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TheToader commented on First UK Wii U Television Advertisement Breaks...:

I feel like the ad isn't very creative for Nintendo. It's missing a certain charm or branding to it to make it unique. It feels more like an infomercial Or other generic commercial than a Nintendo ad. But maybe that's just me.



TheToader commented on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D Set For 2012:

I'm a roller coaster nerd and I've been waiting a long time for this game. I just really hope the delays mean they are actually creating a quality game. If not, I'll be highly disappointed.



TheToader commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

I love being able to have physical copies. Having the game box and carts are like little mementos or reminders of what you love. In fact, I'm sure anyone who subscribes to Nintendo Power feels the same way. I can get all of my information on the internet, and more specifically Nintendolife.- I really don't need a magazine; however, sitting on a cozy chair and reading the magazine is something special that I do every month.



TheToader commented on Rumour: Nintendo Considering Alternative Names...:

(I didn't read all the comments. I'm sorry if someone already said any of these.)
The Nintendo Striim
Wii Ultra (maybe that's what the U stands for)
Nintendo Touchii (touchy)
Nintendo DiiS
UWiii (triple u, triple i)
Nintendo iiW
The Wiindow (reference to the 2nd screen)
Nintendo Wiikend (hmm...they should rename the videos on the Nintendo Channel "Nintendo Wiik)
Nintendo triit.
That's all I got for now.



TheToader commented on Nintendo Invests 16 Billion Yen in Kyoto R&D B...:

I'm not an architect, but I always thought the cafeteria should be on the first floor, and meeting spaces on the top. For getting food and trash in and out, the first floor makes sense, for meetings, I'd think the views would be nicer on the top floor. MAYBE this is the outside the box thinking that Nintendo does and that's why their games are great! (I hope)