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Ace Mathician is Goodbye Galaxy's Next DSiWare Game

Posted by James Newton

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When we posted up CIRCLE Entertainment's six new DSiWare games, we only had a little information to go on for most titles, but we've since heard more details about Ace Mathician that might put it on your radar.

Flipper developer Goodbye Galaxy Games is behind the maths-based puzzle platformer, which promises multiple mathematical solutions to its stages. Essentially you must use maths formulae to move platforms and help little koala Ace get to the fruit; imagine Scribblenauts with numbers, perhaps.

There's no video footage of the game in action yet but we have new screenshots and an explanatory image below these very words.

What do you make of Ace Mathician so far?


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Portista said:

Wow, that looks pretty cool. Considering I love math, I will probably get if the review is good!



6ch6ris6 said:

wow this has to be one of the coolest game ideas ever.

hope i am still good at math atfer a few years out of school lol
but i guess it will be more like a trial'n'error formula



HugoSmits said:

Probably not.. it's going to be 200 point game. And sharing is very difficult to do (not so much in the sense of technical aspect, but to get it through Nintendo lot-check).

Any formula you can come up with will have an effect on the world. So there are alot of different answers possible! Ofcourse it will be a bit more tricky to collect all the stars



CorporalPegasus said:

Not interested....until i heard Hugo Smits is developing this. Still...Math as fun fun as drawing? That is one huge promise.



HugoSmits said:

@battLeToaD haha who would be cool to call it "Ace Mathician 1+1"

But it won't be any time soon.. after this game I will lock myself in a room with a 3DS devkit and I won't come out until I have something briljant



Oregano said:

The fact that Circle Entertainment is publishing it is weird - but cool. DSiware seems to be their main platform!



Oregano said:

@HugoSmits You could have mixed Mathematician and Magician. Although I guess Mathemagician might just sound like Math Magician.



bboy2970 said:

This looks really really interesting for sure. I'm just a bit you need some extensive math knowledge for this. Its been many years since I've been in a math class and have forgotten nearly everything advanced. For example, I can't remember at all what sin, cos, and tan even are....So is there a certain level of knowledge required here?



Birdman said:

Well, I went from being ridiculously uninterested to being pumper for this one. If the statement Circle released earlier is true, I can't wait for this one!



HugoSmits said:

@bboy2970 you don't need any real math skills.

Hell, you can even guess. In each level you have 4 buttons with math symbols. You can use those to create a formula.

so if you have : sin - x - 2 - *

in that case your options are :


so it will never be unplayable!



Retro_on_theGo said:

I hate math, kind of.
But if Hugo's making it I'm Definitely checking It out. You make quality stuff!



Odnetnin said:

Just put y=sin(x)*2 from the explanation image in my graphing calculator, and got a graph that looks exactly like how the platforms moved (look at the orange line).

Kids, this is called "win".



Mowzle said:

This looks really interesting.
I hope it does get the brain cells ticking - I could do with some memory jogging.
Once upon a time I could do quadratic equations - not exactly sure what they are now



Lobster said:

@HugoSmits Oh dear, this is starting to look like so much fun, but my poor brain isn't thinking about math anymore. It's been six years since my last class (calculus) and I've forcibly forgotten everything back to about the sixth grade. Will there be difficulty levels? So little kids and us dummies can play it too? If there are, are they significantly different from those geniuses that can do sines and cosines?



HugoSmits said:


no.. but all you lack in math you can make up in platform skills!

you don't know the math to place a platform just right ? aim your jump right and make up for the error!



shinobi88 said:

Shame on Hugo. Math? Really??

I'm just messing w/ you. A brother needs to get paid. It's just a bonus when getting paid involves a game we want. NES TMNT just got pulled from the VC, it seems fitting that I ask about the prospects of that beat em up you said you were interested in developing...



Lobster said:

@HugoSmits Excellent! I do have a sneaking suspicion that some math will be learned on my part, though, while playing. Gross! Haha, just kidding. I'm definitely looking forward to this title now.



Retro_on_theGo said:

What? A hint implying an NES type game let alone an NES type beat'em up?
Holy crud dude, if you do something like that for the eShop I'll buy myself and everyone I know a copy of the game!

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