Castle Conqueror Heroes 2

Chinese publisher CIRCLE Entertainment is one of DSiWare's biggest supporters, releasing 11 games in the past 18 months. That run of form is set to continue over the coming months as it's announced a further six titles on their way to DSiWare.

The line-up features:

Pirates Assault — a "tower defence game with a twist", apparently.
Bookstore Dream — you run a book shop and become rich in the process.
The Lost Town - The Jungle — a follow-up to The Lost Town — The Dust, this time set in a jungle.
Castle Conqueror - Heroes 2 — a sequel to Castle Conqueror — Heroes, arguably CIRCLE's best game.
Ace Mathician — change the world using maths. "Suddenly math becomes as fun as drawing," the official description lies.
Devil Band - Rock the Underworld — you are the death metal band Xavier and only you can defeat waves of Hell's minions.

We have no prices or release dates for these games yet but expect them in the next few months.