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3DS Celebrates First Birthday in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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Nintendo probably had a bit of a party yesterday, as its 3DS celebrated being one-year old in Japan. Released on 26th February 2011 to much hype, the handheld has since had an eventful first year, though has been burning up the charts in its homeland in recent months.

It's being reported, meanwhile, that 3DS owners in The Land of the Rising Sun have received a special Satoru Iwata Mii in their StreetPass plaza. The Nintendo boss apparently has all of the puzzle pieces, is level 5 and is wearing some snazzy golden pants to mark the occasion. Whether the rest of the world will receive some SpotPass goodness in late March to celebrate the same landmark, time will tell.

We'll have a lot of content to celebrate one year of 3DS gaming at the end of March. Until then, what have you thought of the 3DS so far, and how would you rate its first year?

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19Robb92 said:

I love the system now. But it had a rough start, no good game at launch and not even a online store ready at launch. Pretty bad by Nintnendo.

Now it's all good though. The eShop is great, awesome titles are being released in even periods and the free software Nintendo themselves have given out is really nice.

It's my most used system right now, and my closest too since I always carry it with me.



Smooth27 said:

I love it but only good 3rd party games in my list so far are fifa, pes, tekken, streetfighter, resident evil, and metal gear. I just hoped for more by now but great nonetheless



Joco84 said:

I play my 3DS every day, more than any other system I've played before.

Not that I'm complaining, but I've got too many games to play on it right now!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Gimme that Mii and i'll pretend it's the best system ever. Otherwise ...
... it's still got a pretty decent lineup so far. Much to look forward to as well.
eShop rules, 3DS could use some more fresh, unqiue retail titles though.



fchinaski said:

God, how time flies. Still haven't got one, but maybe I'll get mine until the end of the year. In fact, I'm still waiting for some strong releases on the RPG department (Dragon Quest and/or Final Fantasy for example), even though the new Fire Emblem is already a good enough reason to pick a 3DS right now. I just hope that the 3DS stays around for at least as long as the DS family.



Shworange said:

Can't wait to get a streetpass of Reggie in sparkly golden pants! Sadly, that's his normal weekend attire...



Mik said:

Typo in the final line of the article: should be "its" as opposed to "it's"



New_3DaSh_XL said:

3DS had a 4/5 star year. It started bad but got up on its feet and is now the console evah!!!!! I love the 3DS. Greatest console ever, for the most part. I say that as i caould tell some of the conternt was limied because of the cartridges, such as MK7 and/or Super Mario 3D Land, but they still made it fun and addicting so i dont regret my purchase! And i love how many games i have and im an ambassador, so i have like 30 games! lol



NintyMan said:

The Nintendo 3DS is my favorite handheld console ever, and not just for the 3D, but for the great games out for it now and the great games coming in the future. Being able to play classic Game Boy, NES, and GBA games is a real treat, and the eShop is miles better than the Wii Shop Channel and DSi shop. It had a rough start, but it made up for it in the Fall and winter, just as I knew it would.

I would enjoy a golden pants-wearing Iwata Mii, but a golden pants-wearing Reggie is probably more likely.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Oh Gawd a full year of ingnorant parents not knowing the difference between a 3ds and dsi, bashing of the system from vita noobs and delay and cancellations at every corner oh and a army of ppl complaining every other day cough circle pad pro cough Mario mart 7 cough pokemon b/w 2 on ds *cough cough cough *



k8sMum said:


of course all parents who didn't/couldn't buy their kids a 3DS were just ignorant. never mind that the world's economy is in the toilet and they may have prioritized keeping a roof over their heads/feeding said kids/buying gas etc a wee bit higher than a game system.



shimage said:

I thought all the bigwigs at Nintendo have Miis with gold pants. At least, I thought that's what a journalist said at last year's E3 after streetpassing with them.



AVahne said:

Love the 3DS, has plenty of awesome games now for it's first year and the eShop is picking up a lot of steam. There's also the backwards compatibility with the HUGE DS library, the 3DS has too much for me to play.



zenarium said:

Happy Birthday 3Ds!!

I am sure that this year will be awsome for the 3Ds! Lots of great e-shop titles and free content!!



Marakuto said:

I have over 40 DS cartridge games and only 7 3DS games, COLLECTION SHALL BOOM 3DS WILL FILL UP MY ROOM!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@k8sMum of course I know that some parents cant afford a 3ds due to economy but I was just joking trust me it took 4 years after the wiis release to finally own one and only to give it back to my parents to get back thief money cause we where in a tough situation at the time I'm not some other spoiled brat who does not know the meaning of a dollar



FonistofCruxis said:

The 3DS had a rough start but now has many great games like Dead or Alive: dimensions, Mario kart 7 and of course, Tales of the Abyss which is tied with Tales of Symphonia ad the best game I've ever played.



Ai64 said:

Happy early birthday 3DS! ^_^
Despite slow start, it sure did pick up lots of steam!



Undead_terror said:

love the 3ds and i play it everyday,hope NA gets something good and hopefully club nintendo has something to offer for this



RR529 said:

It started slow, but is now awesome! I've loved every single game I've bought on it (Street Fighter, Samurai Warriors, Dead or Alive, Zelda: OoT, 3D Land, MK7, Ace Combat, and MGS3D). Also, I love the VC, I missed out on so many GB games like the Mario Land games, Metroid II, Link's Awakening, Gargoyle's Quest ect., that the 3DS is almost like 2 systems in one for me.



ArcanaXVI said:

I love the 3DS. Period.

I recognize that it didn't have the greatest start, but that's fine by me--I didn't buy the system for what it would offer right away; I bought it for what it would offer later. Sure, you could call it a risk, but Nintendo hasn't disappointed me yet, and sure enough, they pulled through. The good things just keep on coming.

Happy early birthday, 3DS!



koolbob1872 said:

I'm waiting until either they release a redesign, or announce that there won't be a redesign, before I get a 3DS. I don't want to get a 3DS just to have a redesign released days later.



pastasauce said:

3ds had a surprisingly good year thanks to its eshop games. Also super mario 3d land was fantastic. I think my favorite game so far has been pushmo, though.



warioswoods said:

With all the ambassador games, awesome VC stuff, eShop gems, Swapnote, Streetpasses, and more... my 3DS has truly turned into a little toybox, filled with countless things to do every time I open it up. I'd say it's the most fun I've had with any handheld system.



Kyloctopus said:

I wonder if high positions of Nintendo are the only ones able to wear gold pants. Because Myamoto wore them at E3 when Streetpassed.



sinalefa said:

For being my first handheld, it has been awesome. I don't regret having it and I would buy a redesign later on.

It is the first (and so far only) system where I have received free games. Not to mention a complete Black Pokédex and hours of Rhythm Heaven fun. You gotta love backwards compatibility.

And I haven't even bought Pushmo yet! Here is hoping for many years of quality games.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

happy birthday. I used up the space on the 2gb card last week, so many games. I am currently addicted to pullbox. ONE MORE PUZZLE, ONE MORE PUZZLE, I cant stop



Knuckles said:

I wish i could get all of the puzzle pices... and a pair of golden pants for my Super Sonic Mii =(



cecesigue said:

best handheld i ever owned... gets better and better by the day. and my eyes can look my old VB way better i dont know why hehehe...

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