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There's a Swapnote RPG Waiting to be Played

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This is awesome

The Swapnote app on the 3DS not only allows friends to send each other messages, but is also a breeding ground for creative ideas. One of the most innovative uses of the software so far is from a game design student called Ben Gray, who has devised an old-school Dungeons and Dragons-style RPG.

It may sound complicated, but the video below does a neat job of explaining how it can work. You can also check out the template below to get you started, while the home page for the video also has a lot of additional details.

'Swapnote RPG': it could catch on.

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Geonjaha said:

Wow, creative
Of course you'd have to be friended by whoever's stuff you wanna play...



JakobG said:

I can imagine making a MSPA-esque adventure, with your friends replying with suggestions.



Mowzle said:

Whilst I don't see myself playing this, I think it's an absolutely brilliant innovation. It's just the sort of thing that should be happening with a handheld like the 3DS. I can't see any reason why Nintendo would object, but I hope they do appreciate this type of development and use of their software, rather than trying to squash it.



MNCDover said:

Hey everyone, this is Ben, the guy who made the video. A friend of mine tipped my video here. Thanks! Also to answer some questions/comments:

@1: That's true, but I'm sure people in this very comments section might swap friend codes to play with you. Never know, right?
@4: LOL. It is a nice diversion from the odd and perverse notes. Then again, you could encounter a wang-monster!
@6: NO! I just make sure to carry it every day to class...and well basically everywhere I go. Coins add up.
@7: I'm going to make a clearer tutorial video in the future. Basically, you use the template above to draw out rooms. Sprinkle in details like monsters, treasure, etc. As the DM, you simply reveal the starting room to the player and wait for their response. Reveal more areas as they uncover them. Make more sense?
@10: Maybe you and Geonjaha could each take a turn being the DM/Player. You know, a quick draw run to see how it works.

Thanks to everyone else for the kind words. Please keep the comments coming, especially ideas to make the game work faster and smoother.

-Ben "MNC Dover" Gray



Aqueous said:

Well someone hasn't spent many coins. This does sound fun but I'm unfamiliar with this kind of rpg.

edit: @MNCDover - Great idea, the more you can explain this the better as I love an rpg but have never played dungeon and dragons or anything similar. Also that's how I got my play coins, then I bought puzzle pieces, my 300 lasted a day and a half.



Mr_J said:

This is insanely awesome, I love pen and paper style RPGs. Very innovative. =D



alLabouTandroiD said:

Now why didn't think of that ?
Great idea that i think wouldn't have come up if the app was more conventional and less charming. Not really my cup of tea though, sorry.
But it got me thinking about the soccer stationery. Turn-based football anyone ?



arrmixer said:

awesome idea!! might bring old school D&D's back into the game... especially since most of us have a harder time even getting together



BlueAce127 said:

@Nintendo64Boy I know right? 265 coins... That's an amount I'll never reach.

Other than that, I really like this idea! I probably won't be good at it though.



milkman12 said:

does this mean you'll put MY video ideas on here if i post them to youtube and semd them to you posing as my friend? :D it could happen



MNCDover said:

@12: I pile up coins and spend them in bunches. Problem is that I kept maxing out coins again. The new puzzles will help drain my stash though.
@13: You flatter me. I'm just a tool that helps deliver the genius that is D&D to the masses.
@17: be very afraid.
@18/19: my FC isn't that hard to find, but I'm not adding anyone until I get a dedicated website up and running for SNRPG
@20: that is one of my hopes. D&D 4 Life.
@22: you should match codes with 18 and 19. Each of you take turns making a dungeon, DMing, and playing.
@23: again, add the people from this thread. I need a lot of testers for feedback. Make a quick dungeon and give it a try.



Aqueous said:

@MNCDover - I only save when there is nothing to spend them on.

Now I never played an rpg like this before, I'd love to try setting some up but I don't know how to play, only how to start one from your video



BulbasaurusRex said:

@21 I've got over 200 coins right now simply because I'm currently stuck at the part in Find Mii II where I need back-to-back yellow guys.



BlueAce127 said:

@BulbasaurusRex What's worse for me is that I don't get that many StreetPass tags simply because there's only few people in my area that have a 3DS (at least at the moment). Therefore, I can't unlock Find Mii II yet. While I do have lots puzzle panels with empty spaces, I don't want to risk spending my coins on that because I usually get duplicate puzzle pieces.
PS: Right now, I only have 20 coins... I don't go out that often.



MNCDover said:

@26: I suggest you be a player then and let someone else be the DM. It actually is very easy to play any D&D like RPG. A big game of let's pretend, only with dice and stats and stuff.

Anyone wanna volunteer to play with Aqueous? Come on, it'll be fun!



alLabouTandroiD said:

It would be really great if Nintendo mentioned this in the app and a seperate video or as a part of a Nintendo Week format. They don't have to show all the details but a short word on that you can play Chess, Tic Tac Toe, other turn based games and even THIS deep one should really get people inspired and increase the popularity of this app.



milkman12 said:

i will!
NAME: S Harp. (<---the period IS A PART OF MY NAME)
FC: 1032-1301-2772




kyuubikid213 said:

Cool. I wish I was as creative...

And (if MNCDover ever comes back..) what are the requirements for getting in SCAD? I'm currently a Junior, but I gotta think about my future.



MNCDover said:

@34: Money, lots and lots of money. I kid, sort of. I have absolutely zero art talent, but I got in. Build a portfolio and submit your application. Know what you want to major in and focus your submitted work around it. You can change your mind later. Always here to answer questions.

@35: Awesome! Please email me the results of your testing so I can use your feedback to improve the game.



Aqueous said:

Ok milkman12 I'll add you. I'm guessing you went through passid to get my friend code. By the way the name doesn't matter, it changes to the mii's name when the adding is finished.

Now the chess I can do easily, once again who has courage? BTW I want to lose so beat me at it, I dare you!



NintenHero said:

Imma' try a thing with this, as a junior Game Programmer/Developer in trainin' this will be good practice for college :3
It's really creative.



milkman12 said:

WELL, i didnt add you. i figured you'd add me then tell me yours(so i wouldnt need your name).you needed MY name so that you would get my card. you told me to go to your passid, so i did. and now i have YOUR friend card.(i figure people will add me first, so they need a name to add so that i can sucessfully get theirs once they've told me their FC)



Aqueous said:

Good Luck supernova6831, I want to be beat to improve I hope you can be that challenge.

@milkman12 - I thought you knew how this worked and where setting one up?



milkman12 said:


i know how it works.the first person to add someone via internet has to type in the other person's personal mii name. the second person only needs to type the first person's FC. i HAD a passid, but it got me thinking why there wasnt a search bar for searching individual people, or a comments section on each profile so you could get to know that person. i just ditched passid, you replied to my comment on NL, so i clicked on your name for a profile so i could look for an FC, but i found a link to your passid, so i copied it into the URL bar, and added you, TODAY.
but the fact is, we've added eachother, and we can begin SWRPG. would you like to begin the game?



Supereor said:

My fc is 0688-5263-5788. If you were to add it, I would be ever so grateful. Please list yours, also!



Aqueous said:

@supernova, I'm never keen on putting it on the site where everyone can see it, it's 2793 0600 1156
You could have checked my passid for it but anyways I hope that helps, now win.



MNCDover said:

@milkman12: I was working on a clearer tutorial video this weekend and will upload it to YT Monday. Hopefully the news sites will report the new video too.



Sh00kst3r said:

>Looks at own friend list
>Only 30 friends
>Adds you
>2363 5629 7333

I used to be an awesome DM like you, but then I took a reality to the knee. Needless to say, I never had fun again.

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