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Skyward Sword Save File Fix Wii Channel Out Now

Posted by James Newton

But there's a small catch

Wii owners in Europe and Australia can now download a free Channel to allow them to continue with their The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword save file if they've encountered Skyward Sword's game-ending glitch.

Note the Channel is only any use if you've encountered the bug: if you're planning to work around it or have passed that point, there's no reason to download and use the fixer.

Most interesting is this description on the software itself:

Please be aware that if you delete your Wii Shop Channel Account after having used this Channel to make the update, then the save data for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will also be deleted.

You're free to delete the Channel itself, but not your Wii Shop Channel Account or it's bye-bye Skyloft.

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Gamesake said:

The ability to release games unfinished and patch them up later seems to have made developers lazy. I'd be grateful to see someone buck this trend.



Link79 said:

I played through the game twice and never had a glitch problem.

Why would anyone wanna delete their Wii shop channel account?
That's a real good way to lose every VC or Wiiware game you ever downloaded.



Nintendo6400 said:

So for this to work I have to encounter the glitch? Well, I'm playin Zelda today after 4 days.



Skotski said:


That would be Nintendo.
...this error is similar to their other games: a glitch that one would rarely get, and is near impossible if you're playing normally (as they usually have extremely specific conditions in order to activate).
You'll find these in a few old Nintendo titles as well.

Except this time, Nintendo fixed it.
There's the difference - but it doesn't make them like the rest.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Darn you Nintendo for taking away one of my justifications not to start with this game yet.
Seriously though thanks for being so fast.



Odnetnin said:

Very "small" catch. Anyway, I'm not even near that far in the game, so I'll try to catch up before Nintendo of America releases their channel.



Raylax said:

@Gamesake: A single and extremely specific bug makes a game "released unfinished"?

Go boot up your pre-patchable games. You'll find they're not exactly coded to absolute perfection. Bugs happen.



ennan said:

Played through the game and didn't encounter the bug. Read about it afterwards and it's a very unlikely set of circumstances which lead to it. Good on Nintendo for providing a fix though. Imagine it would be gut wrenching to encounter it since it's so near the end of the game.



CerealKiller062 said:

Looks like that Metroid other M glitch that would keep you from progressing if you went back to save, after beating the boss.



bahooney said:

Oh, look. Nintendo of America has no update regarding this. I'm not surprised, and peeved!



Capt_N said:

Strange catch. Although I can't make sense of it (right now), I bet the "catch" has something to do w/ piracy prevention/prevent unauthorized access to (the) patch code/etc., by guaranteeing the Wiis that have this are being used in a more permanent fashion. Of course, this is all just a guess.



WolfRamHeart said:

Curse you Nintendo for offering a reasonable fix to this glitch! Why can't you be more like Bethesda?!



Einherjar said:

I have to agree with the others. This bug is by no means an example of an unfinished game. Programming games nowdays is no simple task as they get more and more complex. Overlooking such a specific error is not lazy, at best, its unfortunate. That nintendo found a way to fix this error on a console that is not made for post-release game patching should show you, that they are anything but lazy.
Ever heard of the PC game "Gothic 3" ? I dont know if its well known overseas (its quite a big name over here in germany since its from a german developer). The third installment was the absolute best example of a bug infested game wich rendered the game so horribly unplayable that the developer released patches BEFORE the actual release of the game. They were not even able to fix some bugs themself so that the whole fanbase had to drop in and release community patches that later found their way onto later retail disc releases.



StarDust4Ever said:

The homebrew channel figured out way to patch Wii games. Why can't they just release a firmware update to patch the Wii release and save file as well, that fixes the error once and for all? If the homebrew channel is capable of applying cheat codes modifying original game code, then it should be possible with a firmware update to Wii system. It has been proven by hackers that it is feasible to patch Wii games to allow cheats, therefore a system update allowing a fix to this "game-busting" bug should not be unfeasible. It is just lack of effort on Nintendo's part to permanently disable this bug as well as on Metroid M.



Burning_Spear said:

If I read it correctly when I was on my Wii last night, you don't need to download the SS channel if you haven't started playing the game yet. That implies that there's a system update that fixed the problem.



Henmii said:

Nice to hear Nintendo came up with a proper solution this time. Maybe Nintendo got many complaints about this matter, more then with Twilight princess. After all, it is very annoying. Especially since it occurs so late into the game. I am almost at that point. I try to avoid it. But it's good to know that if anything goes wrong, there is still this channel. Good job Nintendo!



SimonB79 said:

im gonna give skyward sword another try later today!!! so id better get this patch downloaded.



sinalefa said:


I don't see what the problem is, as Nintendo did find a solution, and it is even retroactive, so even the people who found the glitch can still play it without losing their progress, and that goes beyond what most patches can do.

And most likely they will be fixing newer versions of the game as well.



Ichiban said:

Im glad I was able to finish SS without encountering this glitch. Gotta say, after finishing it I never want to see the colours yellow & gold for a long time! Haha!



Ichiban said:

Im glad I was able to finish SS without encountering this glitch. Gotta say, after finishing it I never want to see the colours yellow & gold for a long time! Haha!



JJGenesis said:

Glad to hear there is a workaround in place that doesn't involve posting a game or wii to and from nintendo for the fix.



Ian_Daemon said:

Out in NA as well. I just downloaded it. Thanks Nintendo!
(Thanks for the channel solution, not the original problem.)

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