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Nintendo Download: 3rd November 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Kicking off November in style

There's a distinctly domestic theme to this week's Nintendo Download in North America, with a house, some garden gnomes and a spot of lawn mowing all featuring in one way or another. Let's get on our aprons and see what's available to take home this week.


Gnomz (QubicGames, 1000pts) — A single-screen four-player action beat 'em up is probably the best way to describe Gnomz, unless you've played Super Mario War, in which case it's quite like that. You can read our Gnomz First Impressions for an overview before our review lands in the near future.

3DS Virtual Console

Balloon Kid (Game Boy, Nintendo, $2.99) - This Game Boy title was a sequel to NES release Balloon Fight, with the objective of flying through eight stages collecting balloons. Our review will let you know whether it's worth a flight.


House, M.D. - Episode 4: Crashed (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — Another downloadable instalment in the life of Dr. Gregory House, you probably know what to expect by now. Review coming soon.

1950s Lawn Mower Kids (Zordix AB, 500pts) — Another strange combination of time and action for Zordix following Valet Parking 1989, you can see how this one turned out in our 1950s Lawn Mower Kids review.

Cut the Rope (Chillingo, 500pts) — Not actually announced in the press release, Chillingo's candy-feeding puzzler arrived on the DSi Shop steps too. Read through our Cut the Rope review for more.

Nintendo Video

The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley — This rather lovely video features a full performance of a Zelda main theme medley arrangement, all in nice 3D. This is one of the tracks that will feature on the limited edition CD accompanying initial production runs of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Will you be downloading anything this week?

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User Comments (48)



shingi_70 said:

Nothing for Me. Hopefully Metroid II or more 3DSware is on tap for next week.



TingLz said:

I hope that song didn't come from the live concert with all the annoying fans

@Mr_Moore: Ask Warner Bros., they own the franchise now. It wouldn't surprise me if licensing issues prevented that game from coming to the VC.



blackknight77 said:

I used to get so excited about checking the Nintendo updates each week, but now I'm more excited to check the PSN updates instead.



Late said:

Europe needs Balloon Kid. I've enjoyed Balloon Fighter on my 3DS and it seems to be at spot #18 in my most played games. I've played it 3,5 hours.



zeeroid said:

"The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley — This rather lovely video features a full performance of a Zelda main theme medley arrangement, all in nice 3D. This is one of the tracks that will feature on the limited edition CD accompanying initial production runs of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword."




Samholy said:

baloon kids !!! allright ! i loved this game as a kid. cant say i will today, but its an instant buy for me tonight, just for nostalgia's sake.

i loved the wolf boss that was showing so much pain when you bumped it on the head.



SteveW said:

I wouldn't call this "Kicking off November in style"... maybe titles like one of these would be more appropirate:
"Ha Ha! Thursday sucks again, we still aren't giving you the games you want!"
or maybe ... "So why did you even bother putting your Wii online?".

I at least expected Burgertime World Tour...



dizzy_boy said:

well atleast you guys are getting something. i`ve seen nothing so far for europe on any service.



I-U said:

May get Balloon Kid. Still want to see Metroid II though.



Omega said:

The gnome makes a face like he did not get some new VC games for a loooong time.



zeeroid said:

3D is excellent on the Zelda video. Nice change from all the uselessly subtle ones we've been getting recently.



StarDust4Ever said:

Well, as usual, the video is not avalable to D-load yet. Not fair! I want to download it and keep it forever!

I also bought that Balloon fighting VC game as I enjoyed Balloon Fight on the NES. It looks like they gave it the same enhanced treatment as they did Game Boy Donkey Kong, so there should be a ton of replay value to be found here. I just wish the 3DS had turbo button controls.



sfog said:

Although it wasn't listed in the PR for some reason, the US also got Cut the Rope on DSiWare today, for 500 points.



Capt_N said:

If I had a 3DS, I would def get the Zelda concert vid, I might even get Balloon Kid, but I def would want Rytmik Retrobits.



TingLz said:

@SteveW: Probably to buy all the other titles on Wii's VC. Don't tell me you conveniently forgot about those



pntjr said:

Why get Balloon Kid when we have Balloon Fight free?
Well at least we have House episode 4!



WolfRamHeart said:

As @sfog mentioned, we got Cut the Rope in today's update as well.

I never played or even heard about the existence of Balloon Kid but after watching a gameplay video of it on YouTube I am really thinking about getting it. It looks great! I think that it will definitely be worth the $2.99 asking price.



FluttershyGuy said:

I have happy childhood (and more recent Ambassador) memories of Balloon Fight, so I downloaded Balloon Kid. Fun stuff! A goal-oriented version of "Balloon Trip" (which is also in the game), complete with bosses! Love the ability to lose the balloons to get into tight spaces and inflate more balloons!

Now, a couple of things from The Land of "Iwonder". I wonder what the deal is with the eShop getting rid of the term "Virtual Console", now calling them "Classic Games", and if it means anything for Wii VC?

Next, does anybody think we'll start getting Wii VC games again for the holidays, or are the next VC games we see going to be on Wii U (assuming they continue the program)?



Birdman said:

Probably Cut the Rope (which was supposed to come out two weeks ago but is just releasing now), maybe Balloon Kid (depending on the review and how close it is to Ambassador Balloon Fight), and perhaps Gnomz if it's good as a single-player game ... when I have eShop cash for the eShop stuff.




Oh, I wish Nintendo was friendly with the indies ever since they opened up their online shops.

It's possible that the Wii's hardware cannot emulate Star Fox (and Yoshi's island for that matter) due to its reliance on additional hardware to render polygons.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley beats the pants off the previous orchestral offering. Makes me wish you could save the videos.



Ramses said:

"Starting November off in Style"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? More like, "Well, people, we're too lazy to pick the last 5 Ambassador GBA games, so take a GB game that nobody wants, a gnome-themed Smash Bros. knockoff, a 4th House game destined for just as bad a review score as it's predecessors, and a game about freaking LAWN MOWING?!?!?!?!? And really, I thought that there were more good Game Boy Color games than just Zelda: Link's Awakening DX...



Supremeist said:

No thanks, I don't think I'll be getting Balloon Kid and I'm not interested in any of those other games. So Pyramids for me!



BlueBandanaJake said:

Dude, Balloon Kid is awesome, its Balloon Fight with actual side scrolling levels. There's a color version of the game too, but I think it may have only come out in Japan? Not sure, buts its good fun, just as much fun as Mario Land or Kirby's Dreamland, I honestly never expected it to see a release here



WolfRamHeart said:

@pizzacore: Balloon Kid is actually a very good game. I downloaded it today and I really like it . Pyramids is a great game too so good choice there. I hope that you enjoy it.



Gamer83 said:

Another tremendous week. What an excellent job Nintendo of America has done this year showing it cares ZERO about its consumers. Maybe that will change when the Wii U releases but I doubt it.

Couldn't agree more. In the early part of this gen it was fun to check out this website every Monday to see what was on tap for VC. Now, I check just to see if maybe Nintendo surprises me and puts something half decent there. Sony, and MS as well, have been doing a much better job in recent years on this front. They're actually doing a better job in all aspects, most importantly retail releases. There has been literally NOTHING worth a damn for Wii this year at retail or on the downloadable side. Skyward Sword will be awesome but that doesn't make up for the heaps of garbage thrown our way to this point. I've said it before but it's the absolute truth, if I didn't own a 360 and PS3 I'd be even more disgusted with Nintendo than I already am. I will not be buying the Wii U for at least a few years (if at all) that's for sure. And I've owned every Nintendo system except Virtual Boy, it takes a lot to get me to feel this way but Nintendo has lost a loyal customer with its actions of this year.



Bass_X0 said:

Every console's releases slow down this much at the end of its life, Gamer83. Its nothing new. Its just that its the 3DS that is the immediate successor, not the Wii U. You should remember what happened to NES support once the SNES was released, SNES support once the N64 was released, N64 support once the Gamecube was released and Gamecube support once the Wii was released. Its completely the same here.

The next PlayStation and XBOX consoles haven't been announced yet and the Vita is more a companion to the PS3 rather than a successor. Thats why they're still doing strong.



Omega said:

I don't think they stop the Virtual Console completely. At some point they stop or lower retail releases because producing retail games is expensive and they want to focus on the WiiU. But producing VC games is not really expensive (because they already exist) and they can use the same games for Wii and WiiU. I'm confident that Nintendo will continue to release Wii VC games sooner or later.



gojiguy said:

ugh... europe gets adventure island... we get this...

I still don't know why Nintendo thinks dripfeeding us crappy old B&W GB games like side pocket, tennis and this will make us want to buy more VC games!

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