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Get Your Special Resident Evil Miis Now

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Straight from Tokyo Games Show

Nintendo might have been a no-show at TGS this year, but there's still a neat little surprise for 3DS owners. Around the show floor, Capcom placed some special Resident Evil Revelations adverts, each bearing a QR code. Scan these with your 3DS and surprise — you get a special Mii with shiny gold trousers based on one of four characters from the game. Thankfully, a fan has taken photos of all codes and provided them on the magical world of the Internet.

Nintendo of Japan has been running special Mii promotions for some time, including handing out codes for Miis of well-known Japanese comedians and actors through its website, but oddly enough, these have all been region-restricted and can only been scanned with a Japanese 3DS.

No problems with these Resident Evil Miis though — their names will show up in Japanese, but North American and European 3DS consoles can scan them perfectly fine. Just take care not to accidentally delete them once you've scanned them, as these special codes can only be activated once.

If you're not quite sure how to scan QR codes, why not read our guide to using them?






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6ch6ris6 said:

this is so cool.

i love capcom. they are really trying to make good games for the 3ds and they also do some fanservice!



Kifa said:

I somehow managed to get all four of them earlier, and I don't remember being on TGS... Oh well, mysterious mysteries aside it's nice to have some official stuff, for collecting sake. The Miis are quite nice too.



ZukutoBen said:

Scanned all 4 Miis Nice additions to My Mii collection actually these are ny first 4 Golden Trousers Miis LOL.



Savino said:

Yeah.... I see.... kinda lame...
I mean... nobody will recognize them without you telling who they are... I have a Joker, a Spock and even a Jesus here made by users that left no doubt about who they are... there´s nothing special about those miis.. not even a RE simbol...



Linkstrikesback said:

LordJumpMad is just messing everyone about, I'm surprised more people haven't realised from his stupid comments on every article he posts in, either calling something bad, or asking a question thats already answered in the article like here. Just pretend you don't see what he posts, and leave him to it.



Joko450 said:

Savino, these are special miis because they have gold pants. If you don't like gold pants, cool, don't get these. But all the "official" miis have gold pants.



Supremeist said:

Some of them don't really look like the characters. But I guess It's still pretty cool. Lol, thanks Capcom, can't wait for the new RE. Also, when I save them it says please be careful not to delete this Mii because it is special and can no longer be received via. QR Code.. that explains the golden pants because they are official Mii's.

But I can get it from QR Code because It's right here on NL..?



Objection said:

I was kinda expecting these to be lame and look more like Miis than anything like the characters. I was correct.
I can't complain too much since they were free, but I don't really see the point at all, either. Hope RE on 3DS is good though.



Weavius said:

@28.: Me too.
I sent them to Mii Plaza. I wonder if special miis do more than regular miis in Find Mii and later updates. Hmm…



Quazzaazazazaazaza said:

Little known fact(that I just discovered): If you hold your stylus down over a Gold trouser-Mii until you can move it around, it will leave a shiny trail behind it(In the Mii app).

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