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Finally, Nintendo Owns

Posted by James Newton

Squatters stomped

Super Mario turned 25 last year, but Nintendo's only just got around to wresting control of the all-important domain from a nefarious Internet squatter.

Until 25th September, offered free Mario games playable over the Internet, but domain snooping shows it now belongs to Nintendo of America. The page currently directs nowhere, but we're sure in time it'll point towards a hub for all things Mario.

The domain joins, and — among others — in Nintendo's ranks of official domains.


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6ch6ris6 said: could play original mario games on that site? for free?




Highwinter said:

I think Mario is too common a name for Nintendo to claim ownership over. Super Mario was a totally different story, especially because of what it was being used for.



Wheels2050 said:

Ah, good to see Nintendo has finally figured out that that new-fangled contraption called the Internet exists.

It's great to see such a cutting-edge company!



Tasuki said:

At least it went to something Mario related thats probably what took Nintendo so long to get it. I remember reading back when The Jay Leno Show started up NBC had to fight some guy who had the domain which would direct to his used car lot.



JimLad said:

How much did they have to pay for that?
That guy is probably a millionaire now. :/



Tasuki said:

@JimLad: Probably didnt have to pay him a thing. Nintendo probably just took him to court on squatting charges and using the faith of the name Super Mario name for their own profit and misrepresentation.



timp29 said:

Court costs vs paying him.... unless the guy was an idiot, a couple of thousand probably changed hands.



cheetahman91 said:

Oh well, there's like a billion other sites to go to if I really feel the need to play some Mario flash games.



FJOJR said:

Looks like Nintendo will now be the squatter to thwart Mario Lemieux's acquisition of the domain.



Punny said:

Cool! Most of those Internet Mario games aren't as good as the real things.



DrCruse said: is a "Private Website not for sale" as declared on it's front and only page



MitchVogel said:

That's actually a good idea owning the domain name of something that could be related to a big compnay like this. This squatter was fully within his rights to retain ownership of the site and he probably sold it to them for a hefty chunk of cash.

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