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Submit Your Amoebattle Questions for Intrinsic Games

Posted by James Newton

Get DSiWare RTS answers

Amoebattle for DSiWare isn't your average DSiWare game: it's not a puzzler or a card game, it's a real-time strategy played on a molecular level.

Coming from Intrinsic Games, the team behind the pretty good Divergent Shift, Amoebattle puts you in charge of a squad of single-celled organisms fighting off an infection.

We'll be interviewing Intrinsic Games about the game and we want your questions. Is there something you're desperate to know about Amoebattle, DSiWare or being a games developer in general? Leave your questions here and we'll put the best ones to Intrinsic this week!

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Squiggle55 said:

how about "what sets this apart from other games in the genre" and "why should we choose to buy it" or something like that in an attempt to get some good new info and gameplay details.



slidecage said:

How long of a game is it... Is there any replay vaule,if so how.. is there more then one ending . How many levels, maps



Bassman_Q said:

How much will it cost? I think that one was kinda obvious.

Also, how much replay value is in it?

Anyway, this is great news! I've been clamoring for a good RTS for the DS or PSP ever since my bro got Starcraft II.



x10power said:

How would a fan of shining force and Final Fantasy tactics enjoy this game?

Also what is the range of hours this game can be beaten as well?



Tare said:

I'd like to know how kid-I mean user- friendly are you going to get?
I read a little about this game in Nintendo Power and I think they threw base building out the window.
That's fine, it's certainly possible to have a fun game without it (See Dawn of War 2) but what will we be doing if we're not building a base? Also;
-How long can we expect each game/match to be.
-Multiplayer right? If not that's really going to take the replay value down for me,
-If there will be a multiplayer component, will there be any different modes other than the usual conquest mode?

Those would be my questions if I spoke to any developing RTS personel.



Derp said:

Download play?
Any button shortcuts or is it all touch screen?
Release date?
Wi-Fi play?



argus said:

How long did Amoebattle take to develop?
What's it like to develop for DSiWare?
Are there any plans to bring Amoebattle to other platforms?
What other projects should we expect from Intrinsic Games in the future?
Are there different environments/habitats in Amoebattle? If so, how many?
What can you tell us about replay value in Amoebattle?



SyFyTy said:

any time an RTS, no matter how simplistic, is suggested for a handheld, I'm intrigued... let'd hear more also, online multiplayer would be sweet icing on a cake. If it's anything like 'Robocalypse-Ipod version'.. had multiplayer, this game could be a hit. Often simplicity is tha hallmark of genius.



Bassman_Q said:

@Mistgun- Is it really a true RTS? Cuz I got the feeling Revenant Wings was more of a Turn-Based Strategy game like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem and FF Tactics.



brandonbwii said:

I can't really think of any questions as most of what I would ask was answered in Nintendo Power.

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