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Battle for Primordial Soup-remacy!

Explore the beautiful and alien landscape of the microscopic world as you feed and grow your amoebas, discover new species, and battle hostile microbes..

Command 9 different types of amoebas, each with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Create a swarm of Locust amoebas by utilizing their instant replication trait, or hunt down other microorganisms with the paralytic toxin of the Viper amoeba.

Use the terrain to your advantage by placing herbivorous Queen amoebas next to empowering algae patches or hiding your carnivorous Sharks in murky water to prepare for an ambush. Turn the tide of battle by deploying technological probes such as the freezing Cryo Probe or the mind controlling Purify Probe.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

There will be bloodstreams

Intrinsic Games has brought some interesting titles to DSiWare so far, with topsy-turvy platformer Divergent Shift and arctic rescue puzzler Penguin Patrol both offering respectable and fun takes on their material. With Amoebattle, whose title is much...

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Toxia said:

looks extreamley cool especialy if you like games like spore and games where you collect monsters/dinosaurs and games related to backyard monsters



Ven said:

lego battles was really crappy, it didnt even look like a lego game.

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