Crysis and Far Cry developer Crytek is looking at the Wii U quite closely, discussing the console's core future with NowGamer in a recent interview.

The European developer told the site it was interested in the machine and is pleased with the technological leap over the present Wii hardware:

We were unfortunately unable to support the last generation of Wii because it would have been quite an engineering effort to take the engine down to that level of hardware. So we were quite excited to see a new level of hardware come out that we think we can support, do some good stuff with, and it’s something we’re currently experimenting with.

While the company was cagey about whether it owned development kits, if a talented developer such as Crytek were to come on board the future of the Wii would certainly look brighter, particularly with the possibility for a HD version of classic GameCube shooter Timesplitters.