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Crytek: Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Hardware

Posted by James Newton

Investigating the new machine

Crysis and Far Cry developer Crytek is looking at the Wii U quite closely, discussing the console's core future with NowGamer in a recent interview.

The European developer told the site it was interested in the machine and is pleased with the technological leap over the present Wii hardware:

We were unfortunately unable to support the last generation of Wii because it would have been quite an engineering effort to take the engine down to that level of hardware. So we were quite excited to see a new level of hardware come out that we think we can support, do some good stuff with, and it’s something we’re currently experimenting with.

While the company was cagey about whether it owned development kits, if a talented developer such as Crytek were to come on board the future of the Wii would certainly look brighter, particularly with the possibility for a HD version of classic GameCube shooter Timesplitters.


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RyuZebian said:

Crytek is owned by EA, who has hinted (read: vowed) to give their support! And with EA seemingly breaking up with Steam, future EA games I buy may very well be Wii U titles!



Retro_Gamer said:

You guys just had to mention Timesplitters didn't you? That's enough to get anyone whose played those games excited.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

As much as I'd love to see an HD remake of Timesplitters, I'd much rather just have Timesplitters 4 released on the wii u. But just having Crytek develop games for wii u would be great.



Capt_N said:

Interesting. But I fear all these devs will go to the competition, when it comes out, as there is a strong chance their machines will be more powerful, than the WiiU. The devs will wanna go where they can make shiny graphics that net more profit.

Edit: Graphics are only a segment of how good a game can be. Sadly though, I don't know how many people/gamers, & devs/pubs will practice that concept.



rjejr said:

What he said: "a new level of hardware come out that we THINK we can support"

See the word "THINK" in there? (Hint: I capitalized it so you could'nt miss it.) He doesn't KNOW anything.



JebbyDeringer said:

Incorrect. Crytek is not owned by EA but Far Cry is hence why Far Cry 2 sucked and why Crytek went on to create Crysis.



theblackdragon said:

@AnotherWorld: the first line of the article reads "Crysis and Far Cry developer Crytek is looking at the Wii U"; also, 'far cry' can be good or bad. in this case, it's good :3
try this definition for a more professional, non-user-submitted explanation of the 'a far cry' idiom :3



AnotherWorld said:

@theblackdragon, I did, in no why what so ever, comment on the first line of the article. I clearly stated that the subject of the post was incorrectly using the term "far cry". Far cry has always carried a negative connotation, if someone taught you it can mean something positive they did you a disservice.

Your link uses an example that is not comparing a technology predecessor, but instead is attempting to ascertain the differences between two examples. To discuss one upgrade from another one should not use a literary interpretation of “far cry” which is what the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms is doing. Cambridge has always been known for publishing their broad interpretation of the English language and its roots.

Pulling from the context of this article here is an example that works perfectly. “While the Wii is continually enjoyed by many gamers the technology is a far cry from its predecessor the Wii-U.” The exact opposite of this would be how the subject line currently reads "Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Hardware."

In regards to the subject, i do understand that the author is attempting to be "silly" by using the software title. However, using it in such a way is improper and incorrect. The hilarity of the line does not escape users but the meaning does.



theblackdragon said:

@AnotherWorld: you misunderstood my intent with regards to repeating the first line — 'Far Cry' is a game series developed by Crytek, the publisher involved in this article (which is what that line states). It's a pun. lighten up. :3

That said, you may have read it with regards to the way you were taught to interpret 'far cry' as an idiom, but with regards to the way I learned it, it reads just fine — especially when the aforementioned pun is taken into consideration. I'm sorry our English teachers apparently disagree (or at least they would if they were still alive, i know half of mine are probably long dead by now ), but what you're bringing to the table is not my problem. 'Far cry' can and is interpreted positively on a daily basis by more people than just me. :3



MasterGraveheart said:

@k8sMum: "So we were quite excited to see a new level of hardware come out that we think we can support, do some good stuff with, and it’s something we’re currently experimenting with."

They didn't say "a new level of hardware from Nintendo," they said "a new level" period. That's where I got it.



JayceJa said:

im going to agree with theblackdragon here, to me, a far cry has always just meant a big difference without implying whether it is positive or negative



Omarzuqo said:

Cool, Timpliters. I hope I can play it with the wiimote and nunchuck, because the tablet thing is absurd.



Rathe said:


I wouldn't get your hopes up too much. Nothing has been announced about Timesplitters coming to the Wii U.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

@ Guardian Acorn

Cagey means that they are apprehensive. They will be treading lightly until they are confident of the systems capabilites both in graphics and in sales.



James said:

I'm going to have to start providing dictionary links and definitions to my articles in future, aren't I?

As TBD has stated many times, if something is "a far cry" from something it just means there's a big gap between them — I assumed from the context of the sentence most readers would get it was a positive gap but I guess not.

Oh well, time to throw away my postgraduate English degree I suppose...



melechofsin said:

Wii U is the most hardcore and graphically intensive console out there in the next years to come. I doubt Sony will even release PS4 at all - it lost so much money already it's ridicilous. Nintendo pawned their competitors. Wii U will be the most powerful console for quite a while.



RyuZebian said:

EA pretty much owns Crytek, then! Point is, we probably won't see Crytek oppose EA anytime soon!



not-just-yeti said:

@GuardianAcorn Cagey: "reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion" (new oxford american dict)

@AnotherWorld, @blackdragon: I also took the phrase "X is a far cry from Y" to be either positive or negative about X; I was a bit surprised that actual-uses pulled up on google pages almost always use it as negative. However, I still wouldn't blink at, say, "Today's cell phones are a far cry from the clunky portable phones of the 1980s".



Balaclavab said:

I probably won't get a Wii U, but if Time Splitters 4 comes out on it as an exclusive then I will have to buy it, without fail.



OptometristLime said:

Like a couple others, I also struggled to parse that headline. Really I don't think educational background or stand alone definitions help bridge the gap between what is being communicated, and how others might read it based on their own past experiences. Communication is more about compromise, than rigorous analysis.



brandonbwii said:

I understand the headline perfectly. I do feel that NLife should be careful with some puns and make sure they make perfect sense in context. I recall an old Nintendo Power review of Drill Dozer with the tag line "screw this." It was completely unnecessary as the game got a 9.0.
I guess someone was just so adamant about using that and they weren't going to miss the opportunity.

Just for future reference, don't sacrifice headline/tagline competence just to fit in an annoying pun.



MeloMan said:

Nice to read good news even if it doesn't go any further than this for once. I'll take it.



motang said:

When all said and done, I would like to see what they bring to the Wii U table.



rockman0 said:

I really hope they do decide to bring Timesplitters to Wii U. Timesplitters 4 online multiplayer anyone?

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