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Fri 27th Aug 2010

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not-just-yeti commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...: required to allow you to choose from 3 add'l female characters: about 2hrs of art, and 1hr of programming. In exchange for letting players have an avatar they might identify with more closely, but don't have to use if they don't want. Nintendo thinks it isn't worth that extra effort.



not-just-yeti commented on ​Skylanders SuperChargers Melds Mario Kart, ...:

Um, "complementary"?

(Not sure I understand it either way though — are they trying to say a "different" experience, which means watered-down? Or perhaps even an increased experience using the gamepad's motion controls or mic or camera?)



not-just-yeti commented on Mathematics Proves That Mario Games Are Difficult:

Just to be clear: they're not saying SMB is hard; they are saying that a level can potentially be hard to figure out (even if you have ultra-perfect reflexes). More concretely, they can take a difficult computational problem like:

  • "Given a list of shift preferences and constraints, schedule everybody so that all shifts are covered (or determine it's not possible)", or:
  • "Here is a big circuit diagram; is there some combo of inputs that can make it output 111001011" (wikipedia: "satisfiability"), or
  • wikipedia: "Traveling_salesperson_problem"

And they can turn any such question into a (complicated but not exponentially-long) SMB level, where you need to jump on some switches in a certain order to win, and the order of the switches actually translates back into a schedule/circuit-input/city-order that solves the original problem.

So they're saying "we've proven that the puzzle elements of a SMB level are rich enough to encode any instance of these known-difficult problems".



not-just-yeti commented on Crytek: Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Ha...:

@GuardianAcorn Cagey: "reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion" (new oxford american dict)

@AnotherWorld, @blackdragon: I also took the phrase "X is a far cry from Y" to be either positive or negative about X; I was a bit surprised that actual-uses pulled up on google pages almost always use it as negative. However, I still wouldn't blink at, say, "Today's cell phones are a far cry from the clunky portable phones of the 1980s".



not-just-yeti commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

@ZachKaplan — D'oh, now I can read it; I was trying to make the first couple of commas into a parenthetical, rather than just being in sequence. Ah yes, good ol' AutoCorrect, making our lives easy Thx for the news update!



not-just-yeti commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

"John Riccitiello, who recently gave the upcoming system a huge endorsement, complementing its second screen setup, calling it cool, precise and powerful."

Yes, he does complement the second screen quite well, able to adjust it for you as needed, and his dark blazer contrasting with the white plastic for perfect balance.

[Plus, the original sentence isn't quite grammatical, either? Ah well.]