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Mon 27th Dec 2010

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AnotherWorld commented on Review: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (3DS e...:

Zelda II was a great game that is often remembered in a bad light. It can not be, and should not be, compared to other titles in the series. When reviewed as its own entity, it can stand among many side scrolling adventure-rpg games of the era. It was far from perfect, but still holds a solid 7/10 in my book.

Thanks for the review!

-Another World



AnotherWorld commented on Crytek: Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Ha...:

@theblackdragon, I did, in no why what so ever, comment on the first line of the article. I clearly stated that the subject of the post was incorrectly using the term "far cry". Far cry has always carried a negative connotation, if someone taught you it can mean something positive they did you a disservice.

Your link uses an example that is not comparing a technology predecessor, but instead is attempting to ascertain the differences between two examples. To discuss one upgrade from another one should not use a literary interpretation of “far cry” which is what the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms is doing. Cambridge has always been known for publishing their broad interpretation of the English language and its roots.

Pulling from the context of this article here is an example that works perfectly. “While the Wii is continually enjoyed by many gamers the technology is a far cry from its predecessor the Wii-U.” The exact opposite of this would be how the subject line currently reads "Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Hardware."

In regards to the subject, i do understand that the author is attempting to be "silly" by using the software title. However, using it in such a way is improper and incorrect. The hilarity of the line does not escape users but the meaning does.



AnotherWorld commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

This game is a 4/10 AT BEST! The world you play in seems so dead in comparison to the Wii. Nothing is alive, nothing is moving, and it’s just a static world. There is a constant time limit so you can never just sit back and enjoy the game. The game play is so repetitive that after a few hours you will question why you paid so much for this shovelware 3D gimmick of a game. The characters feet stick out of the screen (thanks to the 3D) but this is not a good thing. Your eyes will naturally focus on what is in the foreground (the feet) and the rest of the visuals become blurry and start to hurt your eyes after a few levels. There is no online play, no leader boards, no reason to play it more than once. I’m just glad I got it for $4.95 because it doesn’t make me feel like I got ripped off.



AnotherWorld commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3...:

how is this port worth a 10? it feels like the review buys into the hype way to much. just because it’s a Zelda game doesn’t instantly make it worthy of a higher score. This review talks up the story for half of the review and then mentions a few gimmick additions (boss modes??) and a gyroscope aiming that honestly reads like a development afterthought.

the visuals are nice but that alone is not worth more than a 7/10. the extra's are a waste and do not add enough to make this a worthwhile purchase for those who already played the original. the aiming with the gyroscope is more frustrating than the original aiming with the poorly designed n64 controller. there is enough here to introduce new gamers to this classic, however not until the price hits around $19.99.




AnotherWorld commented on Space Ace:

Excellent port of the original Arcade game, yet a very biased review. The review assumes users are not adequately outfitted for this type of gameplay and further faults the control scheme and memorization involved with such a game.

Sound and video are limited by the MOBI codec yet gameplay is fluid and remains just as fun as the original. Of the possible ports one could own across the last 10 years, this one can be easily recommended.



AnotherWorld commented on Review: Space Ace (DSiWare):

I’ve come to trust the reviews on this site when making DSI-Ware purchases. This review, however, is horribly bias and assumes the end-user is either to stupid to play the world famous Laser Disc games or to “advanced with modern 3D games” to even care for the classic that is Space Ace.

This review lists some aspects as “variations” yet these gaming techniques were available in the original arcade version.

This game is a classic; it has been faithfully ported to DSi-Ware. While sound and animations are not perfect, neither is the MOBI codec, the game play remains just as fun as it did the first time you dropped a quarter into the machine.
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