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Paper Mario in Motion is a Many Splendoured Thing

Posted by James Newton

See the flat one on the move

Paper Mario on 3DS looks pretty special in this video below, but having seen it running in 3D we can tell you it looks even better in the thin, papery flesh.

While Nintendo didn't have much to tell about the game at its E3 media briefing, the new screenshots and video below should keep you going until we have more solid information for you about Mario's next 3D 2D adventure.

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NintyMan said:

Reminds me a lot like the first Paper Mario, which is a very good thing. The items look like they're going to be very clever!



daznsaz said:

gorgeous looks like it will be a right eye twister excited about this one



bboy2970 said:

This is probably my most anticipated 3DS game. I am REALLY psyched to play this! It was a but worrisome that there was no mention of this in the press conference though. That tells me that I may not be playing this baby until 2012



zeeroid said:

FYI people, all these videos are up on the 3DS eShop now... in 3D! It looks really good.



Robo-goose said:

Everything looks perfect! The aesthetics, the combat system, the overworld, it's all amazing! Intelligent Systems is putting their work in a good place.
This almost makes up for the lack of Fire Emblem!



Pj1 said:

Is this really what Paper Mario will look like? it looks really good, a day one purchase for me. Nintendo I'm Sold....
And the big N will sell lots of 3DS's!!



Pj1 said:

I wanted to add the music sounds good, I can't wait. I'm not normally a Paper Mario fan but this looks so good! British Nintendo magazines will be raving about this for months now. Nintendo what have you done? It looks like a 2D puzzle game.... WOW



V8_Ninja said:

It's raining bob-ombs...FROM THE SKY!!! D=

On a more serious note, the gameplay looks tried and true.I'll probably pick it up within the first week of launch like I have with every other Paper Mario game.



Samholy said:

wow. its 2d, in 3d !
nintendo was shy to show their creations before E3, and for a reason. Everything theyve shown outclass the competitors with their stunning quality. that 3D screen relives the hype i didnt cared much after playing streetfighter 4.
that 3D is incredible with bright graphics, and clever usage.



Imperfect said:

The entire video shows mario walking around without a partner, as well as fighting without a partner...What gives?
Perhaps the partner system has been removed or changed is some way?



Picola said:

This does look amazing, the first two games were beyond excellent.... but can't see the trailer in eshop - has it come to uk yet?



Schprocket said:

@Mistgun - At the 30 second mark, there's Toad (with green spots) following Mario who's heading left across screen, so he's not entirely alone

I'm just getting into my first Paper Mario on the Wii's VC and loving it, so this will be a required purchase... once I finish (or get bored with) Pokemon Black, that is!



StephenYap3 said:

I love the Paper Mario series, but I hope everything in this game will turn out to be a worthy purchase.

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