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Watch the 3DS Europe Event Live Online

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo brings the stream

We'll be bringing you updates of Nintendo's European 3DS press event throughout the day on Wednesday, but if you really have to see things for yourself you'll be pleased to know Nintendo will be streaming the entire event online.

Simply bookmark the 3DS Europe live broadcast and check back on Wednesday from 3pm CET / 2pm GMT for all the excitement. Who knows, we may even see a similar event to Corbie's E3 appearance from our European attendee James Newton.

We'll have all the information as it happens, so stick with Nintendo Life on Wednesday.


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James said:

Not one that's been announced - if it happens, we'll let you know.



Megumi said:

...Wait, this is Europe? Is it just taking place there, or is this only Europe info?...Ugh, so confused now. T_T This is the launch stuff right? lol



James said:

From this article:

On Wednesday January 19th Nintendo is holding two press events: one in Amsterdam, one in New York, to kick off simultaneously at 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET.

This is just a news post about the European live stream - we have no news about a stream for the American event, but even if there is no American stream we'll have news throughout the day as Jon will be attending.

Relax. Breathe.



Shiryu said:

Can't wait for Metroid 3DS footage. I still want F-Zero news more, tough.



Objection said:

Can't wait for the final info that determines whether I get one at launch or not.



Megumi said:

Oh, two places at once kinda thing, makes sense now...coolz. xD still crosses fingers for Paper Mario launch title



Mqblank said:

Where I work they don't trust us with internet out of lunch hours so it gets turned off at .... 2PM. Damn!



Weskerb said:

@James Newton:
From eurogamer:

"Jonathan Ross has hinted that a Metroid 3DS game is in the works.

The Twitter lover took to, yes, Twitter, to reply to one of his Twitter worshippers who had his fingers crossed for a Metroid reveal during this Wednesday's Nintendo press conference in Amsterdam.

"I think you're going to be pleased then..." he replied. Previous tweets suggest Ross will host the event."



James said:

@billy-beauts Yep, I've read the tweets too - the "Twitter worshipper" concerned is a mate of mine. Not a lot to go on though and very shaky foundations on which to build hopes of footage!



Corbs said:

I think I'm going to copyright the "incredible, absolutely incredible" line so I can at least make some money each time someone mentions it.



Kimiko said:

At 15:00 I'm still at work. I'll have to watch the video/summary when I get home.



theblackdragon said:

lol corbie...
/me gears up to start replacing the words 'incredible, absolutely incredible' with '[Infringement of Nintendo Life's Intellectual Property Rights]' >:3
i kid, i kid



GamesX99 said:

Awesome! Cant believe I sat through the Japanese live stream only to find and English one right now



Yasume said:

Couldn't be a better time. I will be following everything from the beginning until the end.



Pj1 said:

I forgot about this! I bet Nintendo make other annoucements on thursday. There's no way they won't tell North America and Japan, could even be on Wednesday. Hopefully they will tell us the launch date and price, I won't get one until Christmas (Sorry that's a bad word to use) but then I'm worried about availabilty...... I won't get one this year, Sadly.



LuWiiGi said:

Can't wait! Hopefully the rumored Metroid game is true (or maybe it's just a VC game). Also, a new racer would be cool. F-Zero maybe? Nintendo don't do many racers.



RedYoshi999 said:

I still want to know the Australian release info but the European one is the closest we're going to get. Its on at 10pm here though so I probably wont be on (though I watched E3 at 2am last year...)



GamerZack87 said:

@Mario Party Fan 999:

"Its on at 10pm here though so I probably wont be on (though I watched E3 at 2am last year...)"

Laugh out loud, so did I!

By the way, is that 10PM Sydney/Melbourne time? If so, I'd be watching it at 9PM since I live in Queensland.



SilverBaretta said:

@Corbs: What, and tax our fun?

Well, as long as it's still royalty-free, this event should be incredible, absolutely incredible.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Cool thing. I always like to watch these live-streams. Although i don't have very high hopes that we'll get to know and see something really new or groundbreaking. But who knows, right ?

Of course i'd favor a time around 17:00. But well, it's not worth taking a day off so it's all work and no fun to LTD.
But i'll sure be able to take one or two looks on you live blogging, guys.



Nintenzo said:

The live stream didn't work for me, so I don't think this one will either. Oh well, I have other sources.



Nintendophile said:

@ James Newton: I believe you're right. By going to Nintendo's official US and UK sites. The UK site has the live stream predominantly advertised, and the US site mentions nothing, so I'm assuming there's only a live stream for the UK press conference.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Blast you establishment! Keeping me in your grasp while this goes on! I won't forget this!



Terra said:

Gonna try and stream this through my PS3 so I can watch it on my TV.

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