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Sonic Colours Barely Breaks into UK Top 40

Posted by James Newton

Disappointing figures for 'hog's latest

Sonic Colours for DS and Wii have been garnering positive reviews all over the globe – don't worry, we're working on our reviews too – and launched in the UK on Friday with a somewhat unconventional marketing approach. Whilst there once was a time a Sonic game on Nintendo platforms would be eaten up by the games-buying public, Colours has performed very disappointingly, only managing to reach 36th place in the UK top 40.

As a comparison, Sonic Free Riders for Kinect, a launch title for a specialist and expensive sensor, was only two places below the multiformat hedgehog outing.

So what has led to Sonic Colours' low-impact appearance in the charts? The title has been well reviewed on both formats, but it launched in a very difficult week with both Call of Duty: Black Ops and the UK launch of Kinect eating up most of the country's game-buying money.

Let's hope Sonic Colours is on plenty of Christmas lists so the hedgehog doesn't have to go hungry this year.


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User Comments (44)



Sabrewing said:

Probably nobody is willing to trust Sonic anymore. After all, it's illegal to admit that you still like him on the internet.



James said:

In that case I think I've bought myself about 25 life sentences.



taffy said:

Don't forget that Goldeneye also came out, and i've actually seen adverts on the TV for it when I was in the UK last week



Sneaker13 said:

It didn't make the dutch top 10 either (goldeneye did though). I heard this one is pretty good and the DS version I played controlled a lot better then Episode 1 of Sonic 4.



Corbs said:

I think too many people have been burned with bad Sonic games. But I also agree that it's not the best timing. Maybe it will pick up further into the holiday shopping season.



Aviator said:

It's surprising to hear that as it's been advertised more than Goldeneye.

I haven't seen a trailer for Goldeneye... I guess people were put off by the 'Storybook Games'.



RantingThespian said:

I hope the sales picks up. The blue guy finally has a console game that is actually really good, and he should be rewarded with as many gold rings as possible.



KyubiStewie said:

I think it's because of the peoples' overreaction to Sonic '06 (the game that caused Sonic to hit rock-bottom) that they aren't willing to buy another Sonic game, even if it's good.



DrCruse said:

There are a few possible reasons...
1. There are numerous other big game launches within the last/next few months. Kinect just came out, you've got DKCR, KEY, COD:BO, Goldeneye, and with the 3DS on the horizon, people are either hording their money, or have already spent it on the previously mentioned titles

2. Sonic is no longer as much of a household name among the younger (pre 10 year old) generation. Plus with the awful Sonic releases in the last 10 or so years, people can't really count on Sonic to be fun anymore.

3. Lack of advertising. I don't know about others, but I haven't seen a single advertisement for Sonic Colors yet. Is the "casual" Sonic fan going to know that it even exists yet?



erv said:

Well, sell turd four times in a row and the fifth time being actually good means... people are gonna be reluctant.

I hope it picks up. I'm definitely thinking about getting this in time.



Chunky_Droid said:

Well, I bought a copy of the DS version for my son for his birthday, and I scored the Hedgehog hat!



DrCruse said:

@Chunky Droid
Yeah I should've preordered it just for the hat. Of course, I didn't because I had no idea if the game was any good.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@13 Well look at Red Steel only had to screw up once and already people don't want the sequel even it was considerably better.



LordJumpMad said:

I'm not to Crazy for the Hat but
This Sonic game dose look good.

And the last Sonic game I played for a Console was SA2.



suburban_sensei said:

While people are reluctant to pick up Sonic Colors now, I think over time, word of mouth that the game actually is good, will help out sales. While it's a shame that it's selling poorly, I know I am really excited and can't wait to pick my copy up tomorrow.




Its a great game. Not perfect, but great. Don't be reluctanct - buy it...a solid 8.5/10 for me.

The DS version is very good as well. Not as good as the Rush or Advance series, but still very good.



jakerhodes said:

Despite the fact Sonic Colours has received good reviews I'm still reluctant to buy it after having paid good money for the garbage that was Sonic Heroes and Sonic and The Secret Rings. You only get so many chances before people turn against a franchise.



sillygostly said:

I've contributed. Heck, the DS version was the first game I'd purchased... ever.

And all for that awesome Sonic hat. =D

I'll break the shrink wrap once I get through Sonic Rush Adventures. =P



MasterGraveheart said:

I think at this point in the year it isn't entirely fair to look at initial sales figures, considering Christmas is next month. Wait until January, then tout sales figures.




Mike1 said:

I'm waiting on this game. Been burned too many times with bad Sonic games recently, except for Sonic 4.



motang said:

Shame, I think Sega actually did ok with this one. I will be picking it up soon.



kevohki said:

I'm not surprised that even a good Sonic game would have trouble in the sales department. You feed crap to your fans for 10 years (excluding the Advance series and the first Rush), many will simply not care anymore and find a better archetype to fill the Sonic mascot void (Mario, Ratchet, Sly Cooper, Klonoa, etc.).



LuWiiGi said:

1. Nintendo are CRAP advertisers.
2. The extremely overhyped Black Ops, which I still want to get but my parents won't allow me to (everyone else is allowed ).
3. People don't trust Sonic anymore.
4. The casuals have all gone off to play Kinect (wait 'til they find out how crap the games are! Not that they'd care though, after all, they're casuals).
5. This is isn't a reason, but I'm amazed no-one has mentioned the spelling of 'colours' yet (colors is just...wrong).
6. Oh crap, I just realised JesusSaves' comment is very similar to mine.
7. I think I've said crap a bit too much.



Tokool2007 said:

This is because everybody is over the Sonic crap that we have been getting. Sonic was once a legend and now it's just not worth playing. If they'd make a decent Sonic, we'd play it. Meanwhile, We are playing Fallout: New Vegas, Fable 3, Little Big Planet, and Black Ops. Nintendo needs to go back to it's roots for the games we used to love. Stop making shovel wear and putting out games with classic charaters just to sell the game, and maybe we'll start buying more Nintendo games.



siavm said:

Hopefully it does better here. But since no more NPD no one will know.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Not everyone reads reviews, and considering Sonic's past, some gamers are not willing to risk another bad Sonic, even though reviewers loved it.

THAT, or they'd rather play Sonic 4...



WAM2 said:

Oops. Uh, I'm innocent! I've never said I still like Sonic! I especially never said I prefer him in 3D, oh no...

And my avatar is, uh, actually...someone...from Avatar! Yeah, that's it! It's a blue monkey guy!

Heh heh...I need a lawyer...



madgear said:

Well I'll be buying it - just not this week. I'll more than likely get it before Christmas though.

I'm surprised to see Goldeneye selling so well in the rest of Europe - I thought you guys all hated the English.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'm picking up the Wii and DS versions tomorrow, I even have the Wii one pre-ordered for the hedgehog hat.

This week is gonna be awesome.

And if its against the law to love Sonic, then I must be on death-row.



Popyman said:

The sales will pick up before and after Christmas, you can be sure. Well, in America at least. Doesn't the UK have some weird hate for Sonic?



Crunc said:

The other problem is that they also recently released Episode 4. They've got two 2D Sonic games pretty close together, and apparently they released the worse one first. I'm not sure I understand that approach. Not a great way to build excitement.



jp-30 said:

My budget for gaming is minimal, and I'm holding out for the Epic Mickey reviews.



Tails said:

Sonic Colors will do fine. I have let everyone around my entire work that has a kid and a Wii to get it. I have so far about 30 people who will be buying it tomorrow. If we still have enough copies left. If we don't they will get it when we get another shipment. But they are supposedly telling their friends what i told them. Lets hope this gets on everyones wish list.



GC-161 said:

The UK is the third most important market for the gaming industry (after Japan and North America a.k.a. USA-Canada-Mexico).

However, it would be interesting to find out how well Sonic The Hedgehog games have sold in the UK, historically.

I mean, if most of them sold crap for like, ages then these recent sales results for Colors might not be either relevant or surprising at all.



Token_Girl said:

1) People have been burned on Sonic games for years. The days of insta-sales from the name "Sonic" on the box are gone.
2) It has to compete with Sonic 4 which released not too long ago. People may hold out on buying a second Sonic game so soon.
3) It has to compete with 2 AAA platformers releasing on Wii this season - Kirby and DKR!
4) Those who follow gaming knows that games like these on Wii don't stay exclusive for long. People with PS360's too may be holding out for an HD port (given the platforming competition it's up against on Wii, this is one game that really should go multi-plat).
5) It's a family-friendly title. Many families are probably holding off on buying new games until X-mas. I'd expect sales to start increasing at least a bit in the next couple of weeks as positive word of mouth begins to grow, and parents start seriously x-mas shopping for their kids.

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