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Conduit 2 Ready for Action in February 2011

Posted by James Newton

Sega makes a date

The news of Conduit 2's delay until 2011 was met with more understanding than usual: any time spent polishing the promising FPS should be welcomed.

Now Sega has announced the game will make its big entrance in February 2011, with support for PDP's Headbanger headset alongside a dual analogue control scheme for Classic Controller users.

Let's hope the extra development time means Conduit 2 can live up to its potential.

Come next year, you’ll have the chance to play the epic sequel to last year’s award-winning Wii-exclusive, The Conduit. With the overwhelming positive response at both E3 and PAX, High Voltage Software came up with new ideas and took in fan feedback. Because of this, the game is extending its development a few more months in order to bring players the most complete shooter on Wii. Conduit 2 will support the new Headbanger Headset for Wii , classic controllers and features additional modes, weapons and epic boss fights!

Picking up on the heels of its predecessor, Conduit 2 puts you on the embattled front lines of the war to save humanity from the alien onslaught. Travel to the far ends of the earth to put an end to the struggle. The enemy is everywhere and the deck is stacked -- trust no one. Turn the tide with the most powerful arsenal ever assembled, and bring the alien menace to its knees.

Conduit 2 is set to release February 2011 exclusively for Wii. The rating for the game is currently pending. For more information on the game, please visit the SEGA website at

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Iggy said:

The first one was fun but there were alot of things i wish were different hopefully they nail it this time. I just thought the online was horrible it took awhile and the fact that you voted to see what weapons and map u used sucked. Hey atleast the cover art is better this time.



pixelman said:

Saw the new trailer on IGN, and honestly GoldenEye looks a million times better, both gameplay-wise and graphically. I'm not really excited for this one.



Despair1087 said:

at first glance i thought it was bad news... but i guess it's better this way. now i don't have to choose between this and so many awesome games coming out in the months to come



3DS said:

WAR IN FEB (just in time for my birthday woohoo) WAR IN FEBRUARY YAY



ReddLionz said:

I just hope they get rid of lock-on in multi-player. Aiming down the sights is the way to go. And I think this looks a lot better graphically than Goldeneye.



Tasuki said:

Good I am glad of glad that they delayed this game I couldnt decide which I wanted more GoldenEye or this one. With it delayed till February that will give me time to play GoldenEye and by that time I will be ready for a new game.

Oh and at least the box art looks better than the first one.



turtlelink said:

Sweet! Sooner than I thought! Definitely can't wait! But i may get the Black Ops headset.



Kirk said:

What I REALLY need to see is like a 15 minute demo play through so I can get a proper idea of the strengths and weaknesses of this game while there is still time to give some feedback on what might need some tweaking.

Otherwise they are going to release it and I just know bits of it are going to be broken that could have probably been fixed if they let the fans see it properly early enough.



King_Boo said:

I can't think of a game in January, so this will be taking best game of the first quarter of 2011 in my book, for Wii at least unless March has a surprise.



Ivan_Winchester said:

well in the first quarter of 20011 wii will get this little game called The legend of Zelda call me crazy but i think it can compete for the title.

i have high hopes in Conduit 2



Chris720 said:

Not hyped for this or GoldenEye. I'll be waiting for Black Ops to play with the RC car.



King_Boo said:

I meant that as what's confirmed, that's why I said march surprise as that's when I assume zelda will be if it is first quarter.



TLOZfreak said:

This game will sell considerably less than the first one.. Too many people were disappointed with the conduit.. I'll take Eurocom over High Voltage any day



DangerousDreams said:

I think its pretty cool that there is an exclusive FPS for each system. There is Halo for Xbox, Killzone for PS3, and Conduit for none other than the Wii.
So far the Wii is the weakest in the FPS Genre, but with Conduit 2 the Wii just might have a shooting chance to shine as brightly as its adversary.
Definitely excited for Conduit 2!!



danschemen said:

first one sucked so im hoping this one will not be as bad. if we can talk to anyone instead of friends then i think it will be good.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@2 Personally, I don't like this box art.

@20 Even if they did give you the option to talk to anyone, a lot of people would prefer to only talk to friends (and friends of friends). In addition to those who just don't use voice chat, you won't gain much with that option even if Nintendo would allow it (which they probably won't).

I'm really excited for this. They nailed the controls, gameplay, and technical graphics last time. With local multiplayer and more online customization added, if they can get just rid of the glitches and hackers online and do a much better job with level design and the artistic side of the graphics, this could be the best console FPS to date (including the HD consoles, as the control scheme advantages on the Wii greatly outweigh the the graphical and audial advantages on the others).



mecoy said:

im with you bulbasaurus this box is lame but this is better then goldeneye and black ops



LuWiiGi said:

@pixelman Did you just say you thought Goldeneye's graphics looked better? Are you joking?

Anyway, this looks awesome. Halo on Wii, people!



Iggy said:

@21 Im not saying its good but its alot better then the first games cover art

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