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Gaijin's Alex Neuse Plays Silly Beggars About 3DS Development

Posted by James Newton

Let's play "will they, won't they"

Those Gaijin Games guys are a wily bunch: the first teaser for BIT.TRIP FATE was vague as they come, but even that has nothing on Alex Neuse's slippery 3DS comments to Eurogamer.

When quizzed about whether the studio had plans to develop on other consoles, Neuse did – or perhaps didn't – have this to say:

I can neither confirm nor deny that we do or do not have a Nintendo 3DS dev kit; nor that it is or is not red; nor that we have or do not have any plans for Nintendo 3DS development. Nor can I confirm or deny that the BIT.TRIP games do or do not look totally amazing in 3D.

See what you make, or don't, of that.


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Radbot42 said:

So pretty much the bit.trip series will be moving to the 3DS with a possible bit.trip compilation or all online, I'm hoping for a cartridge that will just be called Bit.Trip. They would look amazing in 3d that much I'm sure about. Why would they want a red one though.... LAME. come on Gaijin get with the times and get the purple one that might not even exist.



V8_Ninja said:

Wow. That is the most obviously un-obvious hint that they might be working on a 3DS game ever.



GammaGames said:

hahaha that was funny! i liked his confirmation, or unconfirmation, or whatever it would be called.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

That's either great or bad. I can not confirm if what they were saying there was positive or not.
But seriously, that was brilliant.



Robo-goose said:

"Nor can I confirm or deny that the BIT.TRIP games do or do not look totally amazing in 3D."
Since I thought Beat looked trippy at first, I can't wait to SEE IT IN 3D!
Awesome icon. That brings back a lot of memories.



danschemen said:

i'm pretty sure the colors are going to be blue or red. just like picking the first pokemon game



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow that was totally obvious that they have a 3DS dev kit & have reproduced Bit.Trip in 3d - sounds awesome!



Yadoking said:

I had to stand up and blow off some steam after that. Oh man, I love Alex Neuse! I can't even fathom Bit.Trip on 3DS, but god help me if he does...I'll have to just give him my soul.

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