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United States

Fri 21st May 2010

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NintendoCoDGamer commented on Conduit 2:

I'm really going to enjoy this game, I think.

I liked TCon 1, and the multiplayer was fine (without hackers) and the campaign was pretty cool.



NintendoCoDGamer commented on GoldenEye:

Do you know how epic it would be if you could get a cheat that made all the characters dance 'Get Down'. Cookies for the reference.



NintendoCoDGamer commented on Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life:

16 and 24 scare me.

Lol at the noob who wants free games.

Dear Nintendo Life,

u shud totally maek a star wars game with pokemon and link and mario and metroid and they can shoot eachother and kill eachother with litesabre

and when you're done give the game to me for free and give me all your new games for free too bcause my wii balance board is malfunctinin and i want a refunt.



NintendoCoDGamer commented on Kirby's Epic Yarn Unravels to 2011 in Europe:

hm.. the backdrops are reminding me somewhat of LBP's more cartoony backgrounds, anyway, game looks cool. I think it's nice to stray somewhat off of the traditional formula for suck them up, swallow, fight. rinse and repeat. But this sounds better than that, I like the fact that you'll be swinging the yarn as a whip.