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Pikachu Wants to Charge Your DSi Console with Love

Posted by James Newton

But where is it plugged in?

Pikachu's been in the licensing business for a long time, so he knows what he's doing: stand here, smile please, hold this. You'd think he'd get tired, but no: witness the love he's showing this DSi as he charges its battery using only smiles and electricity.

Launching in Japan on September 18th – the same day as Pokémon Black and White – and costing a mammoth ¥3,980 (around US$47), you're not alone in thinking it looks like Pikachu is enjoying charging that stand just a little too much. You may not be alone, but that doesn't mean it isn't wrong to think it.

Pokémon Black and White launch in North America and Europe in Spring 2011, with or without Pikachu's electrically-charged Pokéballs.


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Aviator said:

Gee, I think this has answered the question about where Pikachu's energy goes.



OldBoy said:

Ewww.Trust James dirty mind to see it like that. I just though Pikachu really liked his DSi.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'll get it for collection's sake. Who knows, it may pay to have a fancy charger around. Charge it, Pikachu! Charge it with LOVE! lol



North99 said:

I'm sure Pikachu has needs too. Why's everyone gotta judge the poor critter?



Kyloctopus said:

It makes compleye sence to me.
It could be limited supplies
It's a charger.
Everyone loves pokemon so they will boost up the price.
Oh and @ Tocken Girl: A regular charger costes around $20
Does anyone know if there's an xl one of those?



Punny said:

Why do people need to release DS charging stations? They are unnecessary, especially since the DS itself comes with a charger that allows you to play it while it's charging! Then again, this will sell because of Pikachu's cuteness.



Iggy said:

Wow i wouldnt let pikachu ever touch my DS. And 47 bucks dammm why would someone buy this if they werent under 10. I wish i didnt like pokemon when i was kid i just wish it would end but no pokemon will never die.....



Bakajin said:

@21 Every train I've ever been on had plenty of outlets. Many a time I've plugged my DS into a train while I was traveling cross-country.



mjc0961 said:

"you're not alone in thinking it looks like Pikachu is enjoying charging that stand just a little too much"

Good to know, thanks.



NGpenguin said:

ill buy it(if it comes out in america) .....once its on sale for a way cheaper price



StarDust4Ever said:

First thing I thought of was this "humping dog" thing on some gadget website that makes thrusting movements when plugged into the USB port. Now I've got this mental image stuck in my brain of Pikachu !@#$%^&*() a DSi system, wtf!



WiiFreedom said:

Japan Strikes..........Again!?

I guess I probably know what awfully weird product Mike Mozart will review next.



InsanityPika said:

As much as I love Pikachu. It does look kinda......
Ahhh! Stop thinking that way! hits self on head repeatedly

How can people make these things without anything popping into their minds?!?

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