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Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version feature new Pokemon that players can catch, train and battle as they progress through the game, and some Pokemon can only be caught in one version of the game.

For example, the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram can only be caught in Pokemon Black Version, while the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom can only be caught in Pokemon White Version. Additionally, the two games feature different areas for the first time in the series, with the game world of Pokemon Black Version featuring a unique metropolitan area called Black City, and a lush, green area named White Forest only found in Pokemon White Version. Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version also mark the first time in a Pokemon video game that the seasons will change in the game world. Certain Pokemon appear more frequently during different seasons, and players can only access some areas during a specific season.

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version let players start with one of three new Starter Pokemon - the Grass-type Snivy, the Fire-type Tepig or the Water-type Oshawott. Until the main story of the game is complete, every Pokemon that players encounter will have never been seen before in previous Pokemon games. The games also feature original boy and girl trainers who set out on an adventure in the new Unova region.

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Posted by James Newton

Black and White and good all over

Last year’s Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were just stopgap games to tide eager trainers over until the launch of Generation Five: Pokémon Black and White. Now the latest iterations in the series are here to eat up DS gamers’ spare time once...

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User Comments (69)



Old_School said:

Wow! I definitely like the mode7 shift type of look to the new games. And the city scape is a nice change.



Zelda42 said:

It has to be real! All my hopes will be dashed if not. It will be real though. I don't like pokemon myself, but this is going to be awesome! But, of cour



LEGOF said:

Actually, this game, just like the other Pokemon DS titles, will be $34.99. Nintendo has been improving the game mechanics a lot so I don't see why this game would be cheaper than its former DS titles.

On a side note, Pokemon Sunday revealed some of the battle sequences. The Pokemon sprites move now.



P0kem0nG0d said:

like some on in the 20's said who cares about the starters if the otter(Witch I call clown) Is rite now wait and see maybe the last form will dominate the other starters form so just wait and see in my opinion the lizard one looks the coolest (grass) and and what i'm going to do is see the last evolution for each and the coolest one is the one ill pick. SO HAVE A GOOD DAY TO EVERY POKEMON FAN



NinaLover4427 said:

Have you seen the new Pokemon for this game? Nintendo is officially out of ideas for Pokemon game names (Black and White are SOOO racist) AND Pokemon legendaries AND Pokemon starters AND everything else that made pokemon great.=(

(No offenense(I don't care if I misspelled that) I think the Jhoto Region was the best)



ExploderReviews said:

Nina lover why is this racist? The people who made this are from japan and they mean the actual colors black and white not apricot and brown. Like the text and the background. And either way the legendary for white is black and vice versa. So its kindof like buying pokemon blackwhite or whiteblack. So ya, and if they had ran out of ideas whats up with the hundreds of new pokemon and i know ur gonna say, oh they look stupid or something, but thats just your opinion, as this is mine.



NinaLover4427 said:

ExplodeRevoews:I guess you have a point, and now that I've seen the new pokemon, it actualy looks pretty good.I just hope the names in English are a LITTLE bit better.I mean isshu sounds like is shoe.and I also hope they don't later change it to the 3DS to just get people to spend more money.




ninalover: i agree cuz i told my parents about the 3ds (my dad told me to wait to get the dsi...he was right) and they asked me the price....glad i didn't answer if it is that's a rip off!!!! i mean to play my wonderful pokemon games i need to pay like 500 hundred bucks plus the extra 30 or so to get my beautiful pkmn. white? and yes the new pokemon look weird and isshu sound a shoe in the weirdest way possible plus the new girl ash is gonna travel with dosn't look anything like the girl in the game (her name is iris =) ) but i'm still psyched!!!!!! i'm so making mijumaru (the water otter [LOL IT RYHMES]) my starter!!!and the second gym leader (aloe) should have a sister named vera XD (worst pun ever!!)



Mario-Xaveir said:

IM GETTING THIS GAME!!! But is it just me seeing things or can you only play as a girl in this game?



pokemaster24 said:

I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of Pokemon and I'm dying to get this game. I've seen a ton of the pokemon on, including the starters and there eveloutions. Personally I think the otter's final evoulution is awesome so I'm getting that one. My little brother's getting the fire pig. The games come out in Japan September 18 so Serebii should get tons of updates then. The team is called Team Plasma and there's some guy named N who I think is their leader. The legendaries are called Reshiram and Zekrom. Also Nintendo has added seasons and your changes outfits with them! There is a lot more new amazing things in pokemon black and white, but you'll have to go to if you want to see them!



Hokori said:

man I really want this because... well its pokemon and Plus it got a 40/40 from Famitsu (Which Personaly Famitsu gives Better perficts than anyone else, yes I know 15 40's vs. a billion 10's from GI, but those are FPS's which are well... arnt as great as people say)



Chet-C said:

Whether or not the pokemon are ugly or its not the same as the originals, its not gonna be the same as the originals its NOT racist, i'm getting white, i have every other pokemon game!! sooo im getting this one!!



kirby said:

i want it soooooooooooooooooo bad except the graphics are a little to much 3-d............ aauughh! no offense!!



zeldaman said:

When i found out about this game i knew i had to get it plus i saw the screenshots and i like how much 3d it has



Rusty203 said:

@NinaLover I agree. There is one called Darmanitan or something that looks completely and totally WEIRD. The new Pokémon also look more Japanese, if you know what I mean. The names sound more Japanese, too. Some of them actually look pretty cool. Like Pidove, or whatever the name was, and the electric zebra thing. I've been waiting a long time for a game that actually shows the Pokémon moving in battle, and that's one thing that I l'll probably like. The in-battle graphics of the Pokémon are more pixelated, though, which kind of stinks. It looks like an overall good game, and I'm looking forward to buying it. (It releases in March 6, 2011 for Americas, just in case any of you didn't know.



xxx_Kirby_xxx said:




Rensch said:

Played the Japanese version but I think HG/SS were much better. They should have waited for a bit and release this as a 3DS game.



8-bitIceCreamMan said:

This is definately going to be worth waiting for. Snivy is a baller. And there is a physcic named raniculus that is going to be awesome! Get here March!



Colors said:

go to for a complete pokedex with all pokemon and pictures of these games.



darkethan34 said:

You can guess which starter I'm getting!
Which do you think is better, Pokemon White or Black?



darkethan34 said:

You can guess which starter I'm getting!
Which do you think is better, Pokemon White or Black?



Evenae said:

Wow! I really can't wait! This game is like the revoulution of Pokemon games! Haha, yeah, you did post that twice. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes! XD Sooooooo excited! I think Black looks like it has a cooler legendary (catchable) pokemon, so I think I like that one better! I want to get a Lepig! They're sooooooooooooo cute! Plus I love fire type pokemon. XD Still can't wait!



Incognito_D said:

has anyone heard any news on possible pre-order bonuses? Like the figurines that were on offer with Heart Gold and Soul Silver?



Geno93 said:

This Looks Great! However I Do Feel That A Good Number Of Pokemon In This Game Are Fan Made, Especially The Vast Majority Of The Legendaries. I Think Its Going To Be Snivy As My Starter.



3DS said:

Ahhhhhhhhhh my game is getting ready to be shipped from GAME can't wait to get it



Echo23 said:

2 days wooooohoooo i am really new and i am 11 so i think i am going to get tepig

i have already got my team sorted

1.emboar 2.krookodile 3.haxorus 4.excadrill 5.carracosta 6.scolipede



James said:

That sounds like a good team, Echo23!

Our review should be up later



Raptor3873 said:

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Raptor3873 said:

I have almost every Pokemon game and this will be the first one that I've been extremely excited for. Even more than SoulSilver!



Evenae said:

i might be getting this game soon. im soo going with tepig. FIRE TYPES RULE!



Lan said:

Wow. Just wow. Incredible. Best Pokémon game ever. One of the best games in general too. It has a story, a real story that rpgs are known for, character development, great pokémon designs, it's just really great. It gave me chills near the end of it. 10/10



SuperLink said:

So, you know that one pokémon in the Celestial Tower. The psychic type called Elgyem? Well, stop for a minute and think about it. Break that word apart in three pieces and pronounce those pieces on their own. El-gy-em. El-gy-em. EL-GY-EM! L-G-M!!! "Little Green Men". As in the small space alien toys (which are called "LGMs") from Toy Story. Why? Because the Elgyems look like aliens what with their big green heads!!! Both the LGMs and the Elgyems are green alien-like creatures! It's a reference to TOY STORY!!!!!!!! I'm onto something BIG here!



DsAce678 said:

This is a really awesome Pokemon game!I have Pokemon Black and I choose Snivy!I also plan to use my DSi Action Replay at some point for a Level 100 team for facing the Elite Four.



VShadow said:

i gotted my pkm blak game 4 ma b day(octoer 22) i turnd 12 (3 noone carz however!! XD (P.S.: if u have an akchin replay dont use the wok thru walls cheat EVER!!!!!!!! well if u wanna really skrew up ur game u can! XD )



ShinyGold said:

some how i Got Two Master Balls I Went To Anvill Town I Talked To Some Guy I Gave Him 5 Star Pices And He Gave Me a Master Ball



ShinyGold said:

Noooooooooooo My little sister threw my pkmn black on the floor and shes six and my mum sucked it up with the vacume cleaner!



Lt_Kieteh said:

wow, no comments for a while...
I have both black and white versions... anyone have a shiny female eevee? I will trade any pokemon with any item to get one... even if the eevee is still only a level 1.



BristolJack said:

I actully have a victini on my pokemon white if you want more info or want to challange me contact me at



BristolJack said:

it would be awesome to battle someone with my victini also my friend code is 421305956410, and tell me yours in the comments please

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