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EA Boss Lavishes 3DS with Praise

Posted by James Newton

It's "incredibly cool" and "magical", you know

Just in case you thought the world had forgotten about 3DS since the newsplosion that was E3 2010, EA reminds you the machine is coming with a few choice words.

The company's Chief Operating Officer, John Schappert, spoke to IndustryGamers and bestowed high praise on the machine, calling it "incredibly cool" and "magical". Mr Schappert also thinks the machine will convert its technological promise into cold hard cash for Nintendo:

I think that device is going to sell like hot cakes. I think it's going to do incredibly well, and in typical Nintendo fashion they have re-energized the industry, yet again. I give them nothing but credit and we are excited to be supporting that platform with Madden, FIFA and The Sims that we announced.

EA's CEO John Riccitello called the machine "cool" even before its announcement at E3, so it's good to see the company holding firm to its "3DS is cool" party line.

We'll have more 3DS content coming soon, including some very special content next week, so stay tuned.


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Corbs said:

It's incredible....absolutely incr.....well you get it.



Kyloctopus said:

Sims 3 will be awesome. The reason I don`t play sims 3 PC is that it`s not portable.



Kyloctopus said:

Sims 3 will be awesome. The reason I don`t play sims 3 PC is that it`s not portable.



Megumi said:

I might look into this Sims game....I usually found the non-PC ones always limited compared to the, I dunno. Ugh, wish this thing was out already. T_T



AVahne said:

It's taking forever to come! And I hope that 3DS stays as the name though, it sounds nice.



Punny said:

That does it. I'll have to wait outside at Best Buy all night to get one of these when it comes out. They will all be sold out once the sun rises.



MasterGraveheart said:

Hey, EA? You know that NBA Jam title you have coming out for Wii this year? Yeeeaaahhh... how about one for 3DS?



zionich said:

I still want a Monster Hunter on it Capcom, pls pls pls, I have no problems begging.



Dragonmxz said:

i am going to be really annoyed if sony tries to copy this with a "3D PSP". Knowing them, they probably will



ErrorSupply said:

I'm looking forward to the first golf game. Putting on an uneven green would be much more natural in 3D, since we might not even need that white grid to see the lay of the land.



Arcanum said:

I'm with zionich (post #13) on that monster hunter thing! I really really wish one can come out for the 3DS. I mean they already have MH for the psp. why not a 3DS?



Phobos said:


  • Wake up 5:00 am.
  • Wait outside Argos.
  • Rush in as soon as doors open and fight for first in line.
  • Come out battered and bruised, but with a 3DS.


WaveBoy said:

I've honestly never camped out for a sytem before(I had Zero luck with the Wii, and ended up getting one almost a year after it's release when Super Mario Galaxy came out. I had to play on my friends before hand ;p) The Wii has honestly been the toughest system to get hands down. Every other system I had no problem getting, although the PSX and Dreamcast were alittle tricky, But I ended up getting them withing a week of their release.

but anyways, you bet your I'll be in line for this!



gaminguy said:

It might be scary when wal-mart opens, because someone will get tramplled. IT's happened before people!



jangonov said:

btw, I will be first in line at my town. I will NOT miss the 3DS release. I was the same way with the DSi, and camped 4 hours in front of lamestop (before I refused to shop there) to be first in line.



Cia said:

Nintendo will be kicking the competitors so hard with this one.



wildMissingnoappered said:

I be blessed. Here in new zealand its easy to get game systems cause not many people care about video games here( only xbox & ps3 ) so im all good



SmaMan said:

Luckily, I think the launch day on this thing will go great for gamers. All of us gamers in the know will have reserved it, or know that you gotta camp outside at midnight for this thing.
When day breaks the soccer moms who'll buy it for their kids will show up to Tram-Law or whatever electronics store and find that they're already gone! Hah!
...well yeah it's gonna be good...



Fuzzy said:

Interested to see what this special content it, but I'm sure it will be cool.



zionich said:

I know its a long shot , but maybe they finally learned to supply the demand.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

The prospective titles announced alone will get me to pick one up. I havn't got a DSi yet, and now I know why. RE, Street Fighter, MGS, Star Fox, Mario, and Nintendogs & Cats... Now just give me a new F-ZERO, and PUNCH-OUT and I'm set!!!!



winter123 said:

@WaveBoy - Preordered Wii at a local mall gamestop, I went about 2 hours early and was 5th in line. To pick it up I went 4 hours early and was first. Not too bad to get it at launch.

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