As the head of one of EA, one of the world's largest publishers, John Riccitello is very much an Important Man in the games industry. That said, it's no surprise he's been able to have a look at Nintendo's upcoming 3DS, nor that he's unable to say much about it. What he can tell you, though is that it's cool.

It’s like one of these things here where with Nintendo where you’ve got to be very careful here because they’ve got a lot to say at E3, and I want to be careful to not accidentally transgress an NDA. I will tell you, I’ve seen it; it’s cool.

See? Straight from the horse's mouth. Naturally, Mr Riccitello said no more about the device's aesthetics, software line-up or anything, really. Interesting choice of word, though: cool. Not "amazing", not "incredible", but simply "cool". Were we the kind to read into every tiny detail of every statement we could pontificate why Mr Riccitello chose this word, but instead we'll continue to gnaw at our fingernails until June 15th.