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Strap On Your Headset for Conduit 2

Posted by James Newton

Trash talking foreign children finally comes to Wii

Of all the many promised improvements for Conduit 2, the overhauled multiplayer mode is the one we're most keenly awaiting. With the addition of splitscreen local multiplayer the offline side should be covered, but the original title lacked in the online department, so the latest batch of information on Conduit 2's Internet play should be welcomed by many.

Whilst the Wii Speak room microphone is still supported in the sequel, it will also make use of PDP's recently announced Headbanger Wii headset for increased vocal clarity whilst shooting strangers. You'll be able to shout at those newly-dead bodies too, as Conduit 2 will let you talk to anyone in-game whether they're on your friends list or not. Should you meet a worthy opponent you can add them to your Allies List, which allows you to battle against a regular group of players without the need for Friend Codes, though you can still add friends manually using their codes if you so desire.

The weapon and map voting has also been overhauled, promising a lot more variety than the previous title, though naturally that remains to be seen.

Here's a few more details about the Headbanger Headset – which is wired, by the way – in case you fancy picking one up. There's no news on whether previous titles will be compatible with the headset, but we're sure there are a thousand fingers crossed for Monster Hunter Tri support.

PDP’s Headbanger® Headset for Wii is anticipated to be at retailers across North America and Europe by October 2010.

  • Seamless, high-quality online chat for Wii gamers
  • High-quality, noise cancelling microphone and earpiece
  • Usable on either ear with no need for adjustment
  • Aesthetically matched to the Wii console and accessories
  • Mute button and volume control integrated into earpiece
  • LED indicators for system live and mute functions
  • Adjustable, flexible microphone boom for maximum comfort
  • Fully licensed by Nintendo
    MSRP: $24.99


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JimLad said:

"You'll be able to shout at those newly-dead bodies too, as Conduit 2 will let you talk to anyone in-game whether they're on your friends list or not. Should you meet a worthy opponent you can add them to your Allies List, which allows you to battle against a regular group of players without the need for Friend Codes"

Sweet mother of pearl, it's a proper, un-nannied online mode!
I'd just about given up hope, thinking there was some kind of restriction on NWiFi. I am both ecstatic and enraged that no one has allowed this until now. Think of all the hardcore players that have been lost to such a weak online service so far. If we'd had a game like this years ago, the console would have held more respect from hardcore online gamers, and we would have got many more decent online games as a result.

Oh well, better late than never.
I just hope the wire on that headset is long enough. :S



moosa said:

@JimLad Have you ever played an online game like that? Being cussed out by 12 year olds eager to show you just how dirty their mouths can be is probably the very worst aspect of online gaming, and that's exactly what this is opening up.



JimLad said:

That's why mute options are a good idea, hopefully this game will have one.



HipsterDashie said:


Mute can be a godsend sometimes. Normally I choose not to use it because it's fun to wind them up even more. XD

I don't see why Nintendo hated the use of mics with anyone really. Considering the Wii has parental controls, it can't have been too hard to just block the use of a mic with anyone but friends.



Vinsanity said:

Someone bothered to make a wii headset? For what? 4 games? That's effin' crazy man.

At any rate, it's a non issue. Both the PS3 and Wii's online user base are DELIGHTFULLY silent. Choosing non-verbal ways to communicate online (the ModNation Racers community for example seems quite alright with the software keyboard in that game. Heck, I've played Borderlands with people who just honked thier buggy's horn and shot at stuff to communicate stuff). Which is, in every possible way, the preferred way to play with strangers.

No one will use this. I played Conduit 1 for a few weeks after launch and NO ONE had wii speak. It's like they put it in just because effin' Matt Cassamassina on IGN kept bugging them about it:D No one cares. Unless they bundle in a voice headset with the system a la Microsoft, no one will use it. Which is definitely how it should be! So I'm not worried. Conduit 2 will definitely, 100%, have silent online multiplayer. I'm sure of it.

@SoulSilver4: Man. That shouldn't even be a parental control - that should be the ONLY option for EVERY game console. Blocking headsets for everyone but friends? Genius idea, mate!



Spoony_Tech said:

Its about time and yes fingers crossed for monster hunter and call of duty black ops support!! Please!!



irken004 said:

I still want this. And no friend code exchange necessary to talk to strangers? PR3PAR3 4 TEH PWNage! xD



BobberyFan98 said:

I wonder, will this qualify as a Headset Wii Speak? If so, I am so getting it! I hate Wii Speak! But if this thing is it in Headset form: Hallelujah!




Cia said:

This game lacks personality, just like it's predecessor. I think i put my money in Goldeneye instead, at least that game has some nostalgia factor.



ReddLionz said:

What? Nintendo is in no way copying Sony or Microsoft. First of all, both the game and the headset were made by third parties, not Nintendo. And Second, this was kind of long overdue, something that all consoles should have. It's not like Sony or Microsoft revolutionized gaming with headsets.

For me, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm pretty confident that I'm buying the game, but I'm not sure if I should get the headset or just stick with my WiiSpeak.



Awesome5 said:

Yeah, im hoping for a mute option too, but the first one had it for wii speak, so they'll probably do it with this.



Angaran said:

I hope that Nintendo will let you use this for online mario kart wii or SSBB and maybe instead of using the wii speak for monster hunter tri they might let you use this head set as an optional bonus,wouldn't that be sweet



MasterGraveheart said:

On the ear? Nerts to that. I'm putting it up against my computer speakers and blaring the "You Are Dead, Dead, Dead," song from Total Distortion when I shoot someone down on Conduit 2, lol.



KrazyKain said:

I'm pretty sure the wii will just treat this as a wiispeak, i could be wrong but if this game requires games specifically to be built to accept it, it simply wont get far.



MasterGraveheart said:

@KrazyKain: Well, the USB wireless keyboard isn't compatable with all games that have the keyboard interface, such as SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, so we'll have to see.



komicturtle said:

The Wii Speak enabled games will SURELY support this. Plugging this in, the Wii will recognize it as some type of Mic (or Wii Speak) peripheral anyhow. Plus, anyone noticed that 'Headphone' option on those games such as Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter Tri and the Conduit?

That's good enough of a hint that older games will support this.



NSBlueLighing said:

@SoulSilver IV

Thank-You I have been trying to tell Nintendo and Wii players that if there are rated M games with major violence or Mic chat that there should be and option for parents not to allow the use of a Mic, since Nintendo wants to appeal to everyone let the harcore players that want to swear and laugh at others ALLOWED



Sean_Aaron said:

It was definitely more interesting being able to chat with friends in The Conduit than not. Being able to chat with total strangers (not that I actually know the people I played The Conduit with), isn't terribly appealing - though I'll admit to being pretty much uninterested in online play generally.



Ristar42 said:

The first game got old pretty quick with its samey corridors - I'm also holding more hope for Goldeneye and a decent single player game...



AVahne said:

Is this compatible with everything that uses Wii Speak? I wanna use it for Monster Hunter Tri!



ToastyYogurt said:

OMG!!! I can't believe Nintendo is letting Sega/High Voltage do this. Let's cross our fingers that Nintendo's next console gets an XBox Live-ish online mode!



taffy said:

That's great and all but can we have some information about the actual game. I don't get it, we know that Conduit 2 was at e3 but there's been next to nothing with regards to information about the game.



Marvelousmoo said:

@taffy I agree. There needs to be more about that...and goldeneye. Why is that one of Nintendo's special titles, but I can't read anything about how it looked at e3. Same with Conduit 2.



KiroX777 said:

im not hype at all... it is waayy too late for this. people who own the other consoles laugh at this BS by nintendo. and yet i still will be getting this but ill be annoyed that im buying a headset in mid 2010 cod waw and mw: reflex, smash bros brawl, mario kart. all would have been perfect for this. but w/e **** nintendo they find some way to eff up a games potential

_Cool it - Moderating team




Nintendo has so won this year no one can denie it,(If u do denie it i will shoot u in the head with my wiimote!) Soon we will surly DESTROY Sony & Microsoft with our awesome exclusives and while they were down on their knees crying we will completely CRUSH them under the feet of the 3DS. Even though we're going to have to wait a bit longer to put our plan in to motion (plus) because the 3DS and the new zelda are coming next year, but soon we nintedo fans will once again rule the universe again and the PS3 and 360 will just like sega did! Then finally we will have peace, once again.



KiroX777 said:

it wont even be backwards compatible with wiispeak, and the sound quality is "far superior" than wiispeak? wow, so wiispeak was another example of the BS by nintendo wasnt it _ so, i guess its time to sell my wiispeak huh smh

i wonder how much support this headset would get. i feel like next year nintendo will come out with a whole new home console or sumthin because thats usually how they do things, make you buy then release something way better and make you throw away what you just bought...



IRO said:

dude, thats what every company that has ever existed has done. its called running a buisness. If they gave you the best they had right now, then you would get bored of it a lot faster.



IRO said:

Personally, im not thinking of buying this though, I liked the Wii speak quality, and never did really like ear pieces, cough, Ps3 cough so I think that a ear] free speak system is good enough. Loving the fact that you can add anyone from the game instead of exchanging friend codes, and that you can talk to anyone!



uechiblu3000 said:

Nintendo's stubborn as hell, and then they scratch their heads when sales don't measure up?

Who's working the R&D team?

I wonder what the conversations are like:

Hey gang, lets make a peripheral that's a waste of money if gamers don't have any friends that own the console, because we are paid to be their parents to ensure that they can only speak to their friends. Even if they are adults, we know whats best for them. So we will not give them the option of speaking to "just friends or everyone".

The system is meant to be for all ages, but lets create a console number, and friends codes for each game, lets complicate it for those that don't understand. This will keep our gamers on their toes because a little frustration is good.

Alright team, lets get out there and NOT make as much money as we could on a good peripheral because of the limitations!

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