In the clamour to get as many titles online as possible, the simple pleasures of sitting down with a few friends to blast each other to smithereens has been lost on Wii somewhat. Josh Olson, senior producer of shooter sequel Conduit 2, wants to bring those days back by promising offline support for every online play mode.

Everything you can do online, you can do via splitscreen to include all competitive modes and the cooperative Team Invasion mode. We’ve spent a lot of time on a sweet splitscreen exclusive as well, namely the ability to lean over and punch your buddy in the arm if he looks at your screen.

Olson also confirmed split-screen for two players will be horizontal or vertical split, so you can pick the one you like most – or your opponent likes least.

The amount of content crammed into Conduit 2 sounds as though it's going to make up for the disappointing original, as last month's exclusive interview with High Voltage Software should convince you. We'll be watching this one very closely in the run-up to its projected late 2010 release, warming up our punching arms for those offline deathmatches.