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Thu 13th Jan 2011

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uechiblu3000 commented on 3DS XL Will Get Its Own Circle Pad Pro:

I will say this: If Nintendo makes the CPPXL in a smart way (not like the current one), that would be great and may boost says because it fits the system much better. I would love to see 3rd party peripheral developers create versions of the CPP..



uechiblu3000 commented on 3DS XL Will Get Its Own Circle Pad Pro:

Iwata should be asking "WTH were we thinking?!".

Why? Because he doesn't understand why the 3DS sales in the US & EU are lower than in JP. Wouldn't you want to make a system that appeals to various types of gamers?

Wouldn't you want it to be a system that allows for FPS games?

Wouldn't you want it to be a system that allows for 3rd person shooters, etc. with great camera controls?

I've said it before (via Nintendo-Demand) and i'll say it again, you have to develop systems with the developer in mind, if the system lacks controls (and there is no LOGICAL reason), you are closing the door to some genre's of games unless:

-A developer finds a way around it.

-A developer crosses their fingers in hopes that consumers purchase the Circle Pad Pro to enjoy even better controls.

It was a completely silly not to add the 2nd Circle Pad, which would have given gamers a DAMN GOOD reason to buy the 3DS XL. It would have also motivated developers to create games that are able to utilize it, while creating some type of control for the standard 3DS that does not (which could prove to be a challenge).

Nintendo... stop shooting yourselves in the foot! The 3DS XL already costs more, the least you could have done was add the 2nd Circle Pad. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to speak with the hardware development team, and ask them why would they add something would could have made the 3DS even better for developers and gamers (if it were built in).... AFTER THE FACT!

Some game companies swear off Nintendo, and wouldn't dare develop for the systems. I am a fan, and I try hard to stand by Nintendo, but at times you have to give the ones you love, a freaking wake up call.

Some people don't want a 2nd Circle Pad. Its not only about you (you selfish buggers), because at the end of the day, if there were a 2nd Circle Pad, you would of had the choice of USING IT or NOT. More options for the developer, mean more games for various gamers (again, its not only about Y-O-U).

Those arguing battery consumption, I don't think a 2nd circle pad would drain the battery any quicker than is drains now. Instead of creating the Circle Pad Pro (which = additional costs for manufacturing and distribution), there could have simply been a better battery.



uechiblu3000 commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

They should do an age separation, but I understand that would make it a bit hard to play a game with all gamers, so instead they can make it so that people of certain age groups can't chat or do video chat with individuals of younger/older age groups. The filter would still be there for words, but would be less waiting.

Older age groups should be allowed to enable/disable to filter feature to boost chat times, if someone gets reported and the proof is in the system, they should do a 3 strike rule to ban that character (not from gaming online, but from chatting with others).

If the person thinks that they can create a new character and just continue with inappropriate behavior, then each character thereafter should be banned after one offense. After 3 strikes on a system with 3 different characters, the system should be banned from chat and sharing personal content (if the person is dumb enough to push things to that extent, then they don't deserve to be online with others following the rules). It wouldn't prevent them from playing online though, and the system's status would only be reset once registered by someone else.

If Nintendo doesn't want to ban them from chatting with friends, or people that are considering becoming their friends, there should be a warning that the person was banned from chat for inappropriate language and/or content. I think not being able to openly communicate with others would be best though.



uechiblu3000 commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

This game would have been even better if they gave us the option of playing it online, and making it compatible with Wii-Speak.

Some gamers don't have a large number of people around the house for offline multiplayer action, so it would have been cool to be able to game and yack it up with friends online.



uechiblu3000 commented on Wii Speak's Time is Officially Over:

They need to give us a refund on our damn money. They don't know how to change up their own damn programming to make it more user friendly? Talk about stupidity, and the waste of a good peripheral.

They need to hire a professional field goal kicker to launch his foot into their mid-section every time they do something stupid. That's quality control.

There are people who don't have jobs, that can come up with better if given the chance.

Mario Kart would have helped sell the crap out of the Wii-Speak. Mario Kart needs to be updated to support voice chat.

If New Super Mario Bros were ONLINE playable with voice, that would be perfect.

Sales are dropping due to motion gaming added to other systems like the PS3 (which is basically the WiiHD) and Xbox, but Nintendo feels that they know best and won't lower the price of the system. NOA CEO was shocked about the low sales of Metroid: Other M, he needs to be shocked about the freaking business strategy.

You don't make sales by being impossible, and developers that could use the Wii-Speak mic don't even get encouraged to do so, some avoid it to avoid jumping through hoops with Nintendo's complications.



uechiblu3000 commented on Strap On Your Headset for Conduit 2:

Nintendo's stubborn as hell, and then they scratch their heads when sales don't measure up?

Who's working the R&D team?

I wonder what the conversations are like:

Hey gang, lets make a peripheral that's a waste of money if gamers don't have any friends that own the console, because we are paid to be their parents to ensure that they can only speak to their friends. Even if they are adults, we know whats best for them. So we will not give them the option of speaking to "just friends or everyone".

The system is meant to be for all ages, but lets create a console number, and friends codes for each game, lets complicate it for those that don't understand. This will keep our gamers on their toes because a little frustration is good.

Alright team, lets get out there and NOT make as much money as we could on a good peripheral because of the limitations!