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Sims 3 for Wii Goes Multiplayer, Loses Construction Mode

Posted by James Newton

Quizzes and preset houses for EA's life sim

On PC, The Sims games are sprawling simulators of life's big choices: ambitions, careers, a family and how to decorate your life in the most opulent fashion you can afford. The upcoming version of The Sims 3 on Wii will lose the last part as everybody's favourite chore simulator gets a refresh.

A GamePro preview reveals that players will be unable to design their own home, instead choosing from an assortment of preset houses with changeable interiors. Considering the millions of hours spent by Sims players around the globe designing the perfect mansion for their virtual humans it's disappointing to hear the Wii release won't include such a feature.

One new addition for Wii is a multiplayer mode allowing players to proceed through a story together in an almost quiz show-like fashion. Each player picks a trait for his or her character, and everyone is presented in turn with a situation and various decisions suiting different personality types. The aim is to choose the answer that suits your Sim's personality best, scoring points depending on the answer, whilst the other players try to score points by correctly guessing the decisions you made. It sounds like an interesting diversion, but whether a Sims game will ever match a multiplayer setting is open for debate.

With no construction mode and the multiplayer game included it seems The Sims 3 for Wii is aiming at a very different gamer to those playing the PC version. As more information becomes available we'll start to get a better idea of how well Nintendo's formats can support EA's ultimate sandbox.


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99er said:

I suppose the next Need For Speed game released on the Wii will have the racing element removed. You know, just to appeal to a different audience.



longtimegamer said:

Yep. We all know that the Wii audience is a special kind of audience. You have to treat them differently. They cant handle the types of games that "normal" "Gamers" play.

Of course the house design could be a memory thing.



99er said:

@PrimeTime84 your absolutely right, it's good to have differences between ports. In this case a core element of the game is removed. It's like a point I made earlier, what if they took Need For Speed and removed the racing element, but in it's place added let say a method of managing racing events (like soccer manager for a poor example). I know it's poor example, but the point being EA does this a lot to Wii customers, it's rather aggravating in my opinion.

@longtimegame the wii have more then enough memory to handle this, if I remember correctly the first two Sim titles we're on the first Xbox.



cheapogamer4life said:

Alright, now that they removed that part from the Wii its only a matter of time before the next let down article about the Sim 3 for the DS gets here.



warioswoods said:

Hm, so the one system that actually has pointer-based controls that perfectly suit construction will have that feature dropped? The Wii is the only platform I might have considered playing something like Sims 3 on, if they hadn't removed that. It would be relaxing to be able to play it on the big screen with a remote in hand, rather than buried in your laptop or wasting your time moving a pointer around with analog sticks.

What a joke; I don't even think it comes down to the Wii audience, instead it's likely a power thing. The Sims developers have been notoriously incompetent at optimization; the Sims games eat up RAM and CPU at a ridiculous rate on any machine, and I guarantee they couldn't be bothered to rebuild the engine efficiently for a system with less power, so they just gave it a lobotomy and threw out all the hard parts.



sillygostly said:

Considering that you can build and customise your own homes in The Sims 2: Pets on GC/Wii, this is rather disappointing; though as long as they capture the Sims experience in every other respect, this omission may not be as bad as it may seem as building homes in Pets on Wii was an extremely tedious chore anyway.

And I disagree with those saying that the Wii is perfect for this sort of game. It's not. The DS is, however, and I'm extremely disappointed in EA for not bringing us a proper life simulation game for the handheld. Hell, I'd settle for standalone ports of the PC games (i.e. Livin' Large, House Party, Hot Date etc).



Raylax said:

Isn't the construction kind of the whole point of Sims? Eh well, doesn't fuss me too much. I got bored of the Sims franchise in Sims 1.



XenoLair said:

How can you have sims without construction? Wii Supports DL dvd's so I dont think space would be any problem here...



Highlar said:

@longtimegamer : I kind of get tired of that argument these days. So the 360/PS3 have a hard drive. Who's to say a person's hard drive on those systems isn't already filled up? What to do then? And the Wii DOES have the SD card slot open now and fully functional, so why couldn't that be used for extra storage if necessary? People seem to forget about the SD slot, unless its a music game for downloading songs. Its rather sad, I think, that the hard drive argument is still popping up; people just don't take advantage of the storage that IS available on the Wii now.

As to this game, I'm not sure. They has Sims 2 running on the PS2, for crock's sake. I don't know why they didn't add house construction to the Wii version, and if enough people complain, maybe they'll explain why. Hopefully, the internal design of the houses still uses the Wii pointer to make life easier dragging furniture around the rooms, etc. I'm on the fence about this game and will wait until more news comes out to decide upon it.



0-Watt said:

Construction is pretty much one of the biggest assets in the game.

Bad trade-off.



JebbyDeringer said:

Construction is my favorite part of the Sims but I understand the reasoning. The Wii would have a much more limited construction mode anyway due to memory limitations.



Akirih said:

Even without the Contruction mode (which is my fav thing in the game) I want to try it just because of the multiplayer.



longtimegamer said:

@Highlar: I was just replying to someone who said xbox had 2 Sims games. That wouldn't be a big deal because of the hard drive. I wasn't trying to say the xbox was better or whatever. No reason to be offended, ok?

Anyways I think they had some sort of construction on the Sims game where they're lost on an island (was it smallscale?), and dont they have building houses on My Sims in some form? Anyways, I dont know why they dropped the building, I just thought of the memory thing and threw it out there, in case that coulda been it.
edit: They were talking about the old Xbox, not the 360, by the way.

edit 2: If their hard drive was full, then they'd have to delete something if they needed the memory, of course.



Luigison said:

Will there be versions for PS3 and 360 with build mode? I'm personally not into building and would be happy with the Wii version, but my wife would prefer building on a PS3.



Highlar said:

@longtimegamer: Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was offended at you. The storage argument just urks me these days. lol... And yes, MySims has building construction, so I really don't know why they would drop it from the Wii version. I agree with others, it makes no sense to do that with the pointer control of the Wiimote. That's one of my girls favorite parts of the game, constructing the houses, then decorating them, of course. I'd really like to hear EA's reasoning behind taking house construction out of the Wii version, if they are leaving it in the other console versions.



GammaGames said:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i was going to get this, now, it's a ARGH! GO AWAY!! I DON"T WANT TO SEE ANYONE!! DS better have build mode!! or ill, ill, not buy it!



KrazyKain said:

sims without construction is like mario kart without the karts...

not to mention the multiplayer sounds completely pointless... I'll stick to animal crossing



longtimegamer said:

@Highlar: No problem. Thanks.

I don't know how that multi player would be. Is it actually like a gameshow? I would like to know the real reasoning behing getting rid of the construction part.



grenworthshero said:

I always found the actual gameplay in The Sims to be kind of boring. Building the house is 90% of the game, for me.



Darkmire said:

Ummmmm..... All of the Gamecube Sims games had construction. What does it have to do with hard drives or hardware in general? It has everything to do with EA incompetence. They aren't even giving us options, they just removed a core gameplay element. Clearly they're shafting the Wii like they usually do.



Belgicario said:

Waaah! No!
That's the only reason I ever bought the Sims! Can you imagine a Street Fighter without fighting, or a Metroid game without shooting?!
Oh well. At least we have E3 soon.



JTC-Pingas said:

Okay...with no construction mode on the Wii version, what's the point in even releasing it? May as well get the PC version.



niayah said:

I'm still buying this game even though there is no construction mode i just hope there is a variety of homes to pick from and if it sucks im just take it back and buy the legend of the zelda that will be coming out soon



komicturtle said:

Those saying the Wii cannot handle it are a bit... Slow. The DS version, you can construct houses and design walls etc. Apparently, the DS version is closer to the PC version (in terms of some features) more-so than the Wii. So if the DS can, then the Wii CAN DEFINITELY handle this.



Curt said:

Of course. Who needs the thing that keeps the fans coming back for more when you can boost sales with the promise of online gaming?



ryty1231 said:

I heard that you'll be able to either choose from preset houses or design your own in Nintendo Power.



quinton50h said:

I have this game it is still extreamly fun and not to worry about the house thing because the houses in the game are fun and wacky for example one house is an actual tree house with latters and everything it is fantastic.



DemonDogg said:

I own the Sims 3 on the Wii. It sucks. you can't turn off aging, you can't build, you have a very limited amount of choices for clothes, and the multi-player mode could be better. I don't like the Sims to begin with, but the construction part, for me, was 100% of the game. Omitting that part will be the downfall for the franchise.



Rakash said:

One Question... is it Multiplayer on the xBox360? cuz idk how to activate it like the sims 1 all u have to do is press start then ur added.

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