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Mon 26th Apr 2010

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99er commented on E3 2010: Wii Predictions:

Less statistics, more of what they have in store for the year and the future. I swear a couple years back their hour consisted of forty minutes of pie charts and graphs and 20 minutes of games.



99er commented on EA CEO Has Seen 3DS, Confirms It Is Cool:

To be honest, EA's opinions shouldn't account for anything in regards to Nintendo. He's probably thinking it's another Nintendo system he can dump his brand of mediocre shovel-ware titles on to. That's just my opinion though.



99er commented on Sims 3 for Wii Goes Multiplayer, Loses Constru...:

@PrimeTime84 your absolutely right, it's good to have differences between ports. In this case a core element of the game is removed. It's like a point I made earlier, what if they took Need For Speed and removed the racing element, but in it's place added let say a method of managing racing events (like soccer manager for a poor example). I know it's poor example, but the point being EA does this a lot to Wii customers, it's rather aggravating in my opinion.

@longtimegame the wii have more then enough memory to handle this, if I remember correctly the first two Sim titles we're on the first Xbox.



99er commented on The Westerner (WiiWare) Trailer:

As long as it's not a series of mini games, bundled with some cut scenes. And the only interaction you do with the character is walk him to the mini games then I might be interested.



99er commented on Kung Fu Funk:

Could pass as a flash game, a WiiWare title I think not.



99er commented on 5 Arcade Gems:

If you think about it Ezekeil, these companies have the money and should be willing to put the time in. It's what makes a great game, not just some shovel-ware title thrown into a bin at a Wal-Mart like a lot of the Wii titles i've seen.



99er commented on Oh Look, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Sold Better Than...:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a terrific game, I could see why it sold better then expected. ejamer, your absolutely right, Zack and Wiki and We Love Golf were another two great exclusives from Capcom as well.



99er commented on Nintendo Relicenses SC Texture Technology:

I agree Chunky Droid, being a entirely new portable hand held system the housing might be large (even larger then the original DS unit). I could see them adding GameCube disc compatibility into it just for the heck of it. It definitely wouldn't be the selling point to the unit, but a nice addition is all.



99er commented on Classic Controller Pro Now On Sale in North Am...:

It appears from the picture that the D-pad's center is pushed inwards. This would be a benefit for playing fighting games (Guilty Gear, KOF, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom). Can anyone confirm if that's the case because that would be definite reason for me to purchase one. Thank you.



99er commented on 5 Arcade Gems:

You make a good point IAmThetot, its unfortunate that developers don't make use of the online features. Heck Capcom uses there own methods for online play which proves developers are not limited to use the branded Nintendo Wifi method for their games (friend codes, limited interaction with opponents etc..).