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E3 2010: Nintendo's 3DS line-up

Posted by James Newton

What Nintendo is bringing to 3DS might just blow you away

What games are coming to the 3DS, the console we just so lovingly talked you through? Here's Nintendo to describe some of the titles on their way to the console with its latest press release:

Nintendo Introduces Glasses-Free 3D Gaming, and Unleashes the Industry’s Best Franchises in Entirely New Ways

A Dream Lineup: Nintendo 3DS, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Mario, Golden Sun, GoldenEye, Mickey Mouse, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Nintendogs, PilotWings, Paper Mario …

E3 Expo 2010
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nintendo is raising the bar – again.

Nintendo changed the world of video games with touch-screen gaming on the Nintendo DS™ in 2004. Nintendo then pioneered the motion-controlled gaming revolution with the Wii™ console and the Wii Remote™ controller back in 2006. Today the company unveils an even more immersive gaming experience: Nintendo 3DS™.

At the E3 Expo today, Nintendo gave the world the first look at a portable system that lets people view games in 3D, without the need for special glasses. Nintendo also announced a substantial list of upcoming games for Nintendo 3DS, the Wii console and the Nintendo DS family of systems – a lineup that reads like a who’s who of some of the greatest franchises in video game history with a completely new look and feel.

“The additional dimension of depth in 3D makes it easier for players to judge distances while giving developers a new tool to create games and experiences that play with both height and depth,” said Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who pioneered the fully rendered 3D video game world with Super Mario 64™.

Nintendo 3DS comes with a 3.53-inch top screen and a 3.02-inch bottom touch screen. It has three cameras – one inner and two outer – to deliver the 3D effect and take 3D pictures. It includes a motion sensor, a gyro sensor and even a Slide Pad that allows 360-degree analog input. At the E3 Expo, Nintendo showed attendees a range of games and applications for Nintendo 3DS that reinvent some of the industry’s most beloved franchises. These include:

Kid Icarus™: Uprising, the long-awaited franchise follow-up to the NES™ classic.
Mario Kart™, which shows off the potential of driving and tossing bananas in 3D.
nintendogs™ + cats, a new version of the best-selling nintendogs franchise that lets players interact even more with their virtual puppies – and kittens!
PilotWings Resort™, a flying simulation that lets players soar above Wuhu Island.
Animal Crossing™, a new installment of the charming community-building franchise.
StarFox 64™ 3D, a game that demonstrates the true distance and depth of outer space using Nintendo’s well-known franchise.
Steel Diver™, a new submarine-navigation game from Nintendo.
Paper Mario™, which brings paper-based 2D environments to life.

Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Pilotwings and Kid Icarus? That sound you can hear is Nintendo fans rushing to beat down the door of their local games shop.

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Belgicario said:

Oh God, this was the best E3 ever. I still can't believe it.
As I said, it was more awesome than ninja-cyborgs in penguin-suits fighting God on a panda with a bazooka.



warioswoods said:

Ha, Wuhu Island is back. I'm actually excited about that.

StarFox 64 3D, aka. 192D? Also fantastic.



Platypus said:

STARFOX 3D!!!!! PAPER MARIO 3D!!!! MARIO KART....well I saw that one coming.

This is awesome!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

KID ICARUS! It´s about time! And Sakurai is developing it? Fantastic. I don´t care about anything else, Kid Icarus looks great so far. Annoying voiceacting though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Warioswoods: When did Wuhu Island leave? It's been in three or four games to date...both Wii Fit's, Wii Sports Resort, and maybe the walking game on DS...not sure about that one.

Anyway, this list looks pretty sweet, and that's just Nintendo titles. Plenty of stuff from other people coming, too.



ToastyYogurt said:

Awesome lineup! I really, really want that new Paper Mario. As long as it's not like Super Paper Mario and it's a real RPG, I will definitely buy it!



Jonny said:

They should of unveiled all this at the conference, I thought they needed more games to sell the DS, especially since it's big selling point can't be shown over a projector screen



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

IVE ONLY ONE COMPLAINT:I was hoping for dual analog, but I guess nintendo decided to give that to PSP2. Not Important though.



Marvelousmoo said:

The 3DS does have dual analog of a sort. There is a motion sensor above the screen that will act as a 2nd analog stick, sort of like how the Wii remote itself is the second stick.



warioswoods said:

Provisional screenshots for all of the above games are shown at if you browse around (including Pilotwings and StarFox, both of which look fantastic).



Lanmanna said:

I want all the games, save for the submarine one. Looks like I am going to break the bank! There goes my saved up money for college and/or a car. >_>



DavidRY said:

Nintendo having a great E3 site with tons of info on all their games = awesome. I am so (pleasantly) surprised Nintendo is putting so much effort into their online media for E3. Not leaving the news reporting to just the independent sites.



Kid_A said:

I just be extremely excited when I read all of these wonderful software releases.



Anotheralex_x said:

Incredible E3 Nintendo, Looks I need to save up this whole summer to buy the 3DS and all its amazing titles.



Token_Girl said:

Man, seriously, the starfox game is just a port? Well, we'll see how much it adds. Other than that, I'm pretty excited to see what this game will pack.



warioswoods said:

@Token Girl

The graphics would seem to be improved (according to the screenshots on their E3 site), so it is at least an updated port (and 3D).



MasterGraveheart said:

Now that's some good stuff, friends. Kinda chuckling at the irony of PAPER Mario on 3DS, and was kinda hoping for a New Super Mario Bros. 2, but hey, I'm not complaining in the least. This is, simply, freakin' awesome!



Dodger said:

Wow. Starfox, Animal Crossing, Nintendogs, Wuhu Island and Mario Kart. Everything I wanted for the new system is here. I was skeptical at first but I am just amazed. Nintendo is probably getting my money again.




A Dream Lineup: Nintendo 3DS, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Mario, GoldenEye, Kid Icarus, PilotWings Resort, Paper Mario, Mario Kart 3DS, Star Fox 64 3DS......

I WANT all of those please!!!!!!!!



mastersworddude said:

3DS is my new favorite system.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Those are some great franchises, but even with the bad timing with the core games, it just seems wrong to launch a new generation Nintendo handheld system without some kind of Pokémon game.



marisse_redblossom said:

The best games are published by Nintendo!

I'm looking forward to Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Animal Crossing, and Mickey Mouse!



SwerdMurd said:

GOOD Fuhbleepin' GAME. Holding off for a year until they release the revamp is gonna be tough

So jacked about Kid Ic...the whole time I watched the video I kept thinking "man this looks kinda lo-fi for a Wii game"...yeah it's handheld.



Ark said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex
It's much smarter with something like Pokemon to wait until the masses have their hands on the 3DS so that the 3DS sells more units. Some of these are presumably launch titles and are sure to be a hit, but Pokemon Black and White will likely sell at LEAST 5 mil per version. The 3DS is already guaranteed to sell, you don't need to do overkill by releasing Pokemon (from a business standpoint). Also note that they've never been launch titles (mainseries anyway).

Twas a smart move making another DS instalment and holding off on Pokemon until say, 2013 at least.



BulbasaurusRex said:

The DS had Pokémon Dash as a launch game. Forget about the core games for now. I just want some kind of Pokémon game on 3DS right away to hold us over until they're ready for a big Pokémon release.

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