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Capcom Will Give You 22 Games Before April

Posted by James Newton

16 for DS, 6 on Wii

Capcom's had a pretty good start to this financial year, with Monster Hunter Tri for Wii and Super Street Fighter IV
and Lost Planet 2 on the HD consoles. Hopefully you haven't had enough of the blue-and-yellow publisher yet, as they have a boatload of titles for you over the next year.

Aiming to bring half a dozen Wii titles to gamers and 16 to DS owners, the company's sales interestingly point to similar sales targets for both: 1.7m units for DS and 1.6m on Wii. Capcom's overall estimates for sales and profits are increased over the past financial year, indicating the company's hoping to buck the sales decrease of other companies.

Nintendo's recent sales reports also pointed to interesting gaps between the two formats' software figures, but it clearly hasn't deterred Capcom from releasing titles. Six Wii games before April 2011 may not seem so optimistic, but considering we've already had Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri this year it's unlikely anyone will complain if the next five releases are as good as those two.


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Damo said: many of those will be worth playing though?



V8_Ninja said:

While I understand the dates, shouldn't the title be "Capcom Will Give You 22 Games Before April 2011"? I mean, April already happened, y'know...



dizzy_boy said:

^^ yep, it does say 2011. read through article.
don`t hate me for pointing that out though.



pikku said:

although, i guess they'll releas it in 2011 since they released 9 in '09 and 10 in'10



motang said:

I bought both of their blockbuster games on Wii on their respective release days...I wonder what else Capcom has in store of he Wii.



Oregano said:

Pathetic Wii line up. The Wii sold the most software over all for them last year with the second least number of releases(PC only had 3) and even if you take Monster Hunter out of the equation still sold more than the 360 which had an equal amount of titles(8).... and now they have SIX planned?

And before anyone says that's quite a few. It's not. They have 12 360 games planned, 16 PS3 games and 19 PSP games! WTF?

That's horrendous treatment no matter what way it's spun and I bet some people will be along shortly to do just that.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@Oregano: I understand the frustration. PSP really doesn't strike me as having much shelf life left in it, yet the DS and Wii are much more viable platforms. Plus, there are so many IPs begging for a new entry on Nintendo's hardware.



gojiguy said:

These Wii games better be good. We already know one of them is Sengoku Basara.

What are the other 5? One them better be TvC2 or SFWii



brandonbwii said:

I wonder of the six games coming to Wii, how many are planned as exclusive and how many are planned as multiplatform?

I read a statement from the Capcom president before that they planned to release fewer Wii titles but they all would be "event-worthy". I'm guessing they're going to continue with hardcore franchises like, Monster Hunter, SF/VS. series, and Resident Evil on Wii.



madgear said:

Yeah Marvel Vs Capcom, Super SF 4 and RE 5 or I'm not interested, really. Doubt anything Capcom will pass off as a substitute will keep us happy otherwise.



EdEN said:

So, some secret games to be revealed at E3 and the Tokio Game Show then?



y2josh said:

6 games is pathetic? I wonder how many Nintendo is releasing between now and then.



Crunc said:

Complaining about the number of titles seems a bit off, considering the quality of the titles they've put out recently. If we get 6 top-tier, Wii-only games, that's going to be awesome. Of course they might not all be top tier, and then we'll have reason to to complain, but I'll wait before passing judgement.



Varoennauraa said:

I'm am not the quantity-guy. GameCube was my favorite consoles alongside the Wii. I'm just in a bit pessimistic mood right now, and I don't have that high hopes about the quality either. Out of six games theres not that much of a chance to get even a single great game, at least if you look whats happening around a little. Six Resident Evil -class, big budget games would be nothing short of awesome miracle of course, downright manna in fact, but in the days of publishers overlooking the market leader(because they invested all the money on wrong horses), thinking that we are going to have 6 treats would be self-deception...But then again, it was none other than Capcom who came into the rescue with a basket full of great "exclusives", which I'm still grateful of.



Vinsanity said:

I only bought Super SF IV so far. I need to get Tatsunoko VS Capcom still, and either Monster Hunter or Lost Planet, but not both. Probable MH3, since - lets face it - it could use the sales. Also, I don't like the fact that you can't join in-progress games in Lost Planet 2. That's ridiculous.

But Capcom rules:) Sure, they dump out the occasional misfire, like Dark Void and Spyborgs, but by and large, they've been THE Japanese publisher to beat this generation. I love 'em.




6 games does seem very low - but yeah, let's hope they're all quality and that would then be fine tbh.

16 ds games? Woohoo!

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