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New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Hot on the heels of the new Metroid: Other M trailer comes a new one for our good friend Mario

We've already seen quite a lot of footage from Super Mario Galaxy 2, however it always leaves us wanting more. Nintendo has published this new trailer with even deeper glimpses into the game that promises to be even better than the original.

Here's the trailer:


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JimLad said:

April Foo...oh wait that's real of course.
and rock mario looks awesome and rolly.



FonistofCruxis said:

As I said in the topic, I'm glad that there is at least some sort of hub even if it's not as good as any of the others and I like the new power-up.



Aviator said:

Yes. This looks awesome. The flags seem a cool way to notify of checkpoints.



Kirk said:

This trailer actually put me off the game a little bit because a lot of what they showed looked a bit "off" and lacking polish and quality design imo, like the new map screen (although I'm happy it's mainly a map screen and not a hub personally) and Mario head for a ship (WTF that just looks cheap and stupid imo), and some of the planets look a bit rough too, like the one that has paintbrushes sticking out of it that looks a bit cheap and like a bunch of random 3D objects just stuck together to create a half artichoke'd area.

I'm sure the game will easily be as good as the first one and most likely better in many ways too but just like NSMBWii it just doesn't look as all round well developed and polished as some of the very best Mario games imo, like they are not paying enough attention to some of the little details that really matter to a gamer like me.



TKOWL said:

Rock Mario? Yellow Yoshi? But I must ask one question: WHY ARE THE BALL-ROLLING LEVELS BACK?!?



WiiLovePeace said:

Heck yes, more SMG2 footage! I can't wait for the game to come out, it's going to be awesome!



Bloodysaber said:

I like that Yoshi is, seemingly, playing a larger role in this game.

I loves me some Yoshi.



MmBuddha said:

Oh lord I can't wait for this. And better than the original? If it truly is better, I think I'll explode with joy.




Holy frack that looks beyond awesomely, epically, rip-roaringly brilliant!

Just don't make it stupidly difficult to pander to the hardcore Nintendo. Smooth curves my friends, smoooooth....

Cannot wait!!!



Croz said:

Looks like they've fixed the world hud, although i hope they include a list of levels, like the pause menu on super mario world for the GBA.



bro2dragons said:

i'm still a little disappointed by the linear map.... but this still looks like it could be better than the first, making it the best 3D mario yet. nothing wrong with that.



lex0plex said:

Doesn't it look like this Super Mario 64 series and the Super Mario Bros. series are now part of the same series?



Maxsh said:

@lex0plex: Well, if you look in the Game Summary...
Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros."
So yeah, looks like it.



Rensch said:

Is it me or does this game look even slightly better than the first one.



psychoboo13 said:

The first one was great and they're IMPROVING it! Usually I don't like direct sequels but galaxy was so good ill make an exception. One helping wasn't enough!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

This looks amazing! Maybe this trailer isn't as good as the one they released during their media summit, but it's still fantastic!!!!!



lex0plex said:

@Maxsh: Yeah didn't see that. I meant more that the 3D games are becoming more platforming and the 2D games are, well, they're like 2.5D now.

I just kinda miss the openworldness of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine



winter123 said:

@Dragoon I LOVE THE BALL ROLLING LEVELS. A better april fool than what nintendolife did would be to announce "super mario universe". YOu know it's coming! (Hopefully an MMO given the title, but nintendo will never do that.)



Scottie said:

I need this game it looks brilliant. I loved the first one but this looks much better.



smithers said:

im LOVINg the side scrolling part that we saw....although to be honest im not sure i like the tradition mario type map cause i thought the last game was cool cause it was something different in that respect



StarDust4Ever said:

Ohhhhh, every time Nintendo releases some morsel or tidbit of info on Galaxy 2, I get all giddy with joy like a little schoolgirl

So the game is officially rated now. I guess that means we can be assured that the stuff in this last trailer appears exactly as it does in the final game? Rock/boulder Mario looks awesome - dig those bowling pins, LOL!

So I guess the "Mario head" planet has replaced the comet observatory... Looks awesome, but no sign of Rosalina anywhere! If I find out that Myamoto gave Rosalina the axe, I gonna be flying to Japan to open up a can of Whup-***!

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