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Wed 31st Mar 2010

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psychoboo13 commented on New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer:

The first one was great and they're IMPROVING it! Usually I don't like direct sequels but galaxy was so good ill make an exception. One helping wasn't enough!



psychoboo13 commented on Miyamoto: 2010 Will Be Great For Hardcore Nint...:

I hate "hardcore". Too often games with guts and guns are awesome because that kind of action is "hardcore". Then, a great game like Little King's Story or Scribblenauts with charm or class is labeled "casual" even though they are titles that every hardcore gamer should check out. Buy the game, not the subject matter!



psychoboo13 commented on Mega Man 10:

i liked mega man 9, but 10 kicks its butt! I like the addition of an easy mode, but a mega man game without difficulty is nothing. Also, I love the challenge Mr. Perfect. Its when gamers dream.



psychoboo13 commented on Suda51 Keen on Making Game With Nintendo:

Stupid ideas? OK, maybe nintendo's not as "adult" as xbox and ps3, but the games are way better, and the franchises are amazing. nintendo was first, and it will probably last the longest out of anyone. so go back to your COD, I'll stick with mario and link.



psychoboo13 commented on Nintendo Power Unwittingly Reveals Wii 2:

Two points on this:
1. Having once worked at a video game magazine, it is actually extremely hard to get through a game completely and write an intelligent review about it while struggling to meet a deadlline. Give them a break for the small mistake.
2. Nintendo has ALWAYS made new, innovative consoles, even the super nes was completely new compared to the nes. I highly doubt they would make a wii 2.