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Nintendo Download: 8 January 2010 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Virtual Console returns!

After two weeks of very few interesting downloadable games, today offers us some potentially good titles. The Virtual Console gets one new game (And a good one, at that) while WiiWare gets two and DSiWare gets three.

The first Virtual Console game in 3 weeks is Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi on the Mega Drive. Released in Japan as a Virtual Console launch title back in 2006, it was way, way overdue for release elsewhere! The title already reveals a little bit - The game has a few small relations to the Shinobi series, but on the whole plays quite a bit differently. This is mostly because you have a companion with you at all times in the form of a wolf, who will attack enemies as well! A favourite among Sega fans, we're glad it's finally been released here. You can expect a review soon.

WiiWare's offerings today serve as catchup to North America (At least a little bit!). Stop Stress: A Day of Fury is Abylight's second WiiWare game and yet another unusual one - You control a stressed out man as he makes his way through the city, smashing up as much as he can. The game is played from a first person perspective, but it's kind of hard to call it an FPS, per se - You only possess melee weapons and enemies don't appear too frequently. It's decently fun, but very short and not very replayable, being beatable in less than an hour and not offering much extras. Still, we thought it wasn't bad, so if you feel stressed out it could be worth a look. It costs 800 Wii Points.

Stunt Cars is a definite no-no though - Yet another racing game, it's kind of hard to say much about this one, because it's fairly bland in almost every aspect! The game feels like a mish-mash of too many different ideas and as a result is very boring and uninteresting. You can read what we thought here. This one also costs 800 Wii Points.

DSiWare offers a bit more variety this week. Art Academy: Second Semester is the second art training game available, and basically offers more of the same. That's good in the case of some games, but not for this one! The first game already taught you various things - This second game basically just teaches you the same things as before, but at a slightly more advanced level. However, the amount of lessons in this one is actually lower than the amount in the first - Meaning you're paying the same high price of 800 DSi Points to learn what you've already learned, except at a slightly higher level. Unless you downloaded the first game and desperately want more, we advise you to stay away from this installment. Read our review for more.

Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle is yet another game to make use of the DSi's special features - Using the DSi camera, you must tilt the system in order to roll a ball through various mazes and solve puzzles. Seems simple enough, and for 500 DSi Points it also seems fairly decently priced. We'll have a review soon.

The safest pick this week seems to be Sokomania, however. Based on the Sokoban puzzles of old, your goal is quite simply to move around boxes in a small maze onto the designated squares. Plenty of ways to get stuck mean you'll have to think each level through carefully before making your move and potentially making the level unwinnable. The best part about this game, however, is it's very low 200 DSi Points asking price - Surely it's worth it at that price?

Still just 6 games this week, but at least the Virtual Console shows a slow heartbeat again!

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Ristar42 said:

Sadly, neither Wiiware interest me and I have Shadow Dancer already on the Megadrive.

Its annoying as is one of those games which has both slow music and gameplay when running in 50Hz, or at least, the original cartridge does. Some games, Streets of Rage 2 for example, were at least partially optimised and corrected the speed of the music.

At least these updates give me a chance to play the stuff I already downloaded.



Bass_X0 said:

Nothing for me this week although I am glad to see the VC return. I am expecting catch-ups in both our regions to the other very soon. Maybe even Monday, cheetahman.



jaguarman said:

Propably next week coming to us Bass the castlevania rondo of blood

Can i dream please?



StarBoy91 said:

Hooray, Shadow Dancer, MegaDrive version.
Although, I wonder if the arcade original could've been possible on the MegaDrive.
Still, MD Shadow Dancer is arriving outside Japan's VC (after 3+ years). I hate to sound like I'm arguing, 'cause I'm not arguing.



StarBoy91 said:

I think MegaDrive Shadow Dancer is an awesome game, despite the fact that I always end up at Stage 4-2 before losing all my continues.
Aren't those flame effects on Stage 1-1 amazing?
Also, rockin' soundtrack.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I have a theory that NoE are having trouble emulating Super Mario Kart in our beautiful 50hz VC standard, hence the delay.



gabikun said:

I've always been a fan of the Sokoban games, so Sokomania is a must-have for me



StarBoy91 said:

I'm much too nice and cautious when I post.
I had to remove the 1997 comment, 'cause it didn't sound good.



Big_A2 said:

@15.Gavin_Rozee: Wouldn't it be easier to just give us the 60hz version?



Gavin_Rozee said:

It would, but we're talking about Nintendo. As far as I know, we only get 60hz VC games if they're Hanabi/import games.



StarBoy91 said:

I still feel bad about Europe's 50 Hz frequency situation.
I never knew the 50/60 Hz difference 'til I was in either middle school or high school. Even after having played the Power Joy (FC/NES games) in Italy at my cousins' house, I still didn't know when I was way young. Now, it makes sense to me why the Power Joy was slow, compared to the cartridge version.
Anywho, during Stage 2 of Streets of Rage, I noticed posters on the wall, and is it just me, or is the person in the wall the third boss of MD Shadow Dancer?



astarisborn94 said:

This is an nice update for Europeans, at least for the Virtual Console. Looks like NOE learned from there mistakes and give them something they wanted.



CanisWolfred said:

Finally Shadow Dancer came out somewhere! Damn good game. I got a whole collection just to play it. How do you attack with the Wolf, btw? I forgot.



StarBoy91 said:

@Mickey - Hold down the Shuriken button, as long as Yamato is not tiny, then release. You could also hold down the button while crouching or moving. Hope that helps.
It's always fun to sic Yamato at enemies.

What's strange is that, Shadow Dancer was not available on the European version of Sega Genesis Collection, as far as I looked up.



CanisWolfred said:


Thanks, and you're right, it's not on any recent collection in Europe. That's probably why they got it first(well, maybe).



Ristar42 said:

Yeah, I bought the Cartridge a little while back to check it out. I'd meant to get in way 'back in the day' but Megadrive games cost a lot when I was a kid. Street fighter 2 was £60 I recall!



Twisted said:

Two weeks of very few interesting releases? Two months more like and the VC has been criminally neglected even with this watered down hybrid of Shinobi and Metal Slug.

Maybe next month, eh, Nintendo?



Pj1 said:

Oh dear no Super Mario Kart, what a shame! Hopefully it'll be soon.



Starwolf_UK said:

Apparently Germany doesn't get Stop Stress or Shadow Dancer. USK rated Stop stress 18+ and Shadow Drancer got indexed (whatever that means). Both were 12+ by PEGI (NOE: "We Love PEGI since it is pan-European")



KDR_11k said:

lolwut. Does Stop Stress involve graphically killing humans and Shadow Dancer rewards you for being extra brutal or what? Or is that SD rating still an ancient one from the 16 bit days?



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

German politics don't like videogames so we have the most ridiculous laws for censorship in Europe. I believe UK sellers must make a fortune only by exporting videogames to Germany.

I'm not interested in Shinobi but it's no big deal downloading it from Germany, of course. You only have to change the country settings to UK. I did this already to get the english versions of "Zelda: A Link to the Past" and "Secret of Mana".

On Xbox Live it is common that some "forbidden" games (Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D,...) and download contents (Gears of War 1+2, CoD: World at War) cannot be released in the german marketplace because of legal reasons. But there is always the possibility to use another country's marketplace and a VPN connection (you have to deceive the IP lock-out) to get those contents.



OldBoy said:

Shadow Dancer!! Woot .Looks like I'm gonna have to get me some points.Been a long time since I played that one.About bloody time!!



Sean_Aaron said:

@Starwolf: Are you kidding me? 18 for Stop Stress? The closest you get to killing people is hitting zombie security guards with bricks or whatever else you have handy and there's no gore.




Gazelle said:

@Guybrush_Threepwood: Is it possible to change the country settings to UK or whatever without loosing all the other games I've already bought in German? 'cause I always wanted to change the settings to australia to get "Axeley", but till now I didn't had the heart to to so... I'm not likely to loose my 60 vc-titles!
Buy the way: Does anyone know why "Axeley" don't come to Europe?!?!?!?!



dom77 said:

mario kart??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



RGVEDA said:

Normaly there is no Problem to release a 18+ Game for the Wii when it has a USK Rating! Metal Slug had a 16 Rating and it was also released.

Sega should try to get Shadow Dancer from the Index. I think that would be no problem these days!



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

@Gazelle: You do not lose any games. But the UK-Shop didn't know I bought Donkey Kong Country 2 (because the german version is not identical with the UK version). If you change back to Germany in country settings the game is downloadble again. The same thing happened in the German shop with the English versions of Zelda: ALtP and SoM. All games which have identical versions in UK and Germany were available in both shops anytime though. And you can play ALL games you downloaded regardless of the country settings of course. The Nintendo Points were transfered too.
But I tried only changing to UK so I cannot garantuee it works with Australia and I read something that you cannot transfer Nintendo points between UK and Australia.



KDR_11k said:

Buy the way: Does anyone know why "Axeley" don't come to Europe?!?!?!?!

Because every flea market on the continent has dozens of Axelay carts for cheap.

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