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Nintendo Download: 24-25 November 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare is back and the MSX returns with a vengeance, plus DSiWare and more Namco Arcade games!

Japan gets a lot of downloads ordinarily, but next week must be setting some kind of record - and there's not even a public holiday to account for it!

Okiraku Kart Wii (500pts - Arc System Works) - You cannot keep the Family down, especially if there's a chance to attempt to ride Mario Kart's coattails!There are now six characters with Older Sister and Grandpa being added to the standard Family line-up. Four-player splitscreen support is visible, some kind of power-ups and fanciful cars ranging from putt-putt tractors to 1920s roadsters or even missiles! No doubt this will be distributed worldwide like the rest for us to review.

Kentooshi Furi Furi Boxing (1000pts - Tomy) - It may sound fancy, but it's just good old Rock-em Sock-em Robots - though since this is Tomy and not Mattel, they aren't robots. From screens it looks like there are different camera angles and the ability to dodge, but otherwise it's just left-right-left! Sadly no signs of blocks being knocked off, though boxers with red, green and blue trunks are visible.

Rock 'n' Roll Climber (800pts - Nintendo) - That rock climbing game that was shown at E3 comes to Japan. It's been out in North America for awhile and we thought it was okay.

530 Eco-Shooter (1000pts - Nintendo) - This one looks a bit odd. The developer is Intelligent Systems, one of Nintendo's "2nd Party" developers and the name behind games like the recent Fire Emblem games and Paper Mario games,- among others. This is a lightgun-style shooter in which bits of rubbish seem to be attacking the player who "recycles" them by blasting them with some kind of big gun (hence the "eco" part of the title). There's Wii Zapper support and all manner of fanciful enemies like tins that fly like bees using their cut lids as wings. It's only a single-player game though and for 1000 points might be a bit on the steep side given the other target shooters on the system.

Taikokenchi (800pts - Perpetuum Game) - Billed as an "agriculture-based action game" (thank you Google Translate!), it's essentially just Qix or Volfied, but you're drawing lines with a plough and then points are scored at the end for how big the crop was in each area created. There's enemies you have to avoid just like the aforementioned games and it has a cute sort of NES-style look about it, but 800pts seems a bit high when you can already get Volfied on the Virtual Console for 600pts.

Virtual Console
Romancing Saga (800pts Super Famicom - Square) - Yet another classic RPG series from Squaresoft debuts on the Japanese Virtual Console.

Chotetsu Brikin’ger (900pts Neo Geo - Saurus) - This space shooter marks the first appearance of a Neo Geo CD title on the Virtual Console. It was apparently localised and renamed "Ironclad," but never released outside of Japan making it a lost treasure on the Virtual Console for Western Neo Geo and shooter fans. It's noteworthy for featuring some nice 3D-rendered backgrounds and branching paths after every level for added replay variety.

Space Manbow (800pts MSX - Konami) - It's been a long time since there were any MSX games released on the Virtual Console so getting three in one week is a bit of a treat. This one is a space shooter, sort of like Gradius meets R-TYPE and has some great visuals. It's regarded by some as having the best soundtrack of any MSX game and could well be worth a look.

Road Fighter (800pts MSX - Konami) - A port of the arcade top-down racing game of the same name. The sprites are lower resolution, but it looks similar enough that fans might consider it worthwhile.

Yume Tairiku Adventure (800pts MSX - Konami) - A 3rd person action game where you're controlling a penguin running through the world jumping over fissures in the earth and fighting giant monsters.

Galaga (800pts Arcade - Namco) - Surely this game needs no introduction. The sequel to Galaxian that set the bar for single-screen alien invasion shooters and one of Namco's most popular arcade games of all time. It's been ported to every console in the universe and spawned numerous sequels, but the original is the best!

Toy Pop (800pts Arcade - Namco) - Not one of Namco's better-known games, but a fun one all the same. PlayStation owners may recall this was on the first Namco Museum volume. It features co-op play and sees players controlling dolls fighting other toys to rescue their friend with the object being to free little golden hearts from jars to exit the level whilst destroying or avoiding enemy toys.

Katanuki (200pts - G-mode) - A mini-game collection with a Japanese carnival/fair theme boasting "easy one-button play."

Neratte Spotto!! (200pts - Nintendo) - A bird with an army helmet is chucking bombs at monsters with open mouths and you need to help him hit the mark by changing trajectory. If you do it right a monster will eat the bomb and then explode creating more bombs which will go into the mouths of the others until they've all blown up. Continue and repeat until you run out of bombs. No doubt this will get worldwide release due to its pick-up-and-play nature.

Sora o Kakeru Shōjyo Shooting (500pts - I.T.L.) - Pretty anime girls flying ships through space blasting everything in sight. Sounds like a recipe for success! Includes a gallery for viewing the anime gal's stats and the space ships as a bonus.

4 Player de Taisen!! Texas Hold'em (500pts - Hudson) - Hudson is getting in on the Texas Hold'em scene now. This one is either solo or against up to four others in local multiplayer (no WiFi).

Ponjan (500pts - Tomy) -- Ponjan is the kids version of mahjong (the game of the four winds, not the silly matching game). This one looks quite colourful and can be played solo or against up to four friends locally (no WiFi).

Meikyoo Koku go Rakubiki Jiten (800pts - Nintendo) - A 70,000-word Japanese dictionary program in which you can look up words by writing hiragana, katakana and even kanji using your stylus.

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User Comments (38)



Corbs said:

I'll definitely be trying out that Ochuu o Kakeru Shoojyo Shooting game on DSiWare when my DSi LL arrives on Monday. Looks sweet.



bboy2970 said:

18 games.......Well I guess the US getting more games than japan was a short-lived joy. Not that I expected it to last. Japan just doesn't know how good they have it....




I AM A HUGE SHMUP FAN AND TO SEE THIS RELEASED ON THE HORRIBLE DSI-WARE JUST MAKES ME WANNA CHOKE! Why is this game not coming to the wii? Why it might turn out to not be one of the better shooters i would still prefer this on the wii console over some kiddie handheld anyday.Can you say 52 inch lcd! or tiny liitle eye straining screen. Ochuu o Kakeru Shoojyo Shooting deserves much better than a handheld.



TKOWL said:

@Corbie I envy you. Getting that DSiLL first....

The game im most awaiting is Oochu o Kakeru, but come on! that Mario Kart Wii spoof wont last



Morpheel said:

@ 3: no need for the ds hate...

I hope they bring thar carnival game here, it looks interesting



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow! Now that's an update. Looking forward to Family Kart Racing and Eco Shooter the most. I'm sure the Rock'em Sock'em Robots game will come here. Smart of Tomy to produce it on WiiWare. I wonder what else will be headed in that direction.



blackknight77 said:

The true version of Galaga appears on the VC. But its still overpriced. Please bring Iron Clad to NA! Please!!!



SpaghettiToastBook said:

That Eco Shooter game looks interesting, but I have a feeling Nintendo will give it a stupid name if they release it in other regions.



Ratengo said:

What a fantastic update given that it's no break in the week after this. It will also mean that Japan is getting totally 14 VC titles during November, compared to Europe's.... 3 VC titles? What a poor month for the PAL regions then - how can it really be possible?!?!

@Sean: Are you aware about that Wii no Ma has been updated with a new section today? The 'Theater no Ma' allows access to movies, anime and more with content from Walt Disney Japan, TV Asahi, NHK, Toei, Pokemon, J League Media Promotion, Howcast Media, Bonus, Yoshimoto Kogyo, Warp Star, Warner Entertainment Japan, Asmik Ace Entertainment, and Sesame Workship. There are currently 100 programs available to download on a rental basis, paid with Nintendo Points (the price range varies from 30 to 400 points for seven days by so far).



StarBoy91 said:

Galaga's a great game. I played it a few times on the arcade.
Now, I play it on compilations.



Xkhaoz said:

Damn, I like Toy Pop. WHY DOES JAPAN GET ALL OF THE GOOD GAMES, DAMN IT?!?!!?!?!?!!?



StarBoy91 said:

I like ToyPop, too! I haven't played it in years. I wonder if Namco Museum Vol. 1 for the PSX is still fun to play.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Ratengo: Afraid I binned Wii no Ma ages ago because I play more games than watch shows.

It's a groovy update no doubt. I'll be getting the VCA games and Space Manbow for sure, and either the Boxing game or Eco Shooter -- any preferences?



Atlantis1982 said:

I am just glad there are more Neo Geo games coming out, let alone a CD one.

But good god this is farking OVERKILL on the releases.



outrun2sp said:

5 games on wiiware, 7 games on virtual console. I definately should have got a japanese wii.

european service is crap.



Ratengo said:

Does anyone know if Choutetsu Brikinger and Space Manbow have unlimited continues?



Ratengo said:

Thank you, Sean! I pretty much suck at shooters so I'd need massive continues to finish a game.



madgear said:

I'm glad Namco are releasing all these arcade games at a fast pace - we'll be at Ridge Racer before we know it!



Varoennauraa said:

I remember when I bought the Road Warrior for MSX. It was so bad, that my mom scolded me for wasting money on something so stupid. She wasn't very keen of my interest in gaming, but she loved watching Maze of Galious! Even when she loathed wasting money and time in playing games, she asked me sometimes, if we would play Maze of Galious. Vast castle of the game fascinated her so much that she hurried to make some coffee, which she sipped while I ventured deeper into depths of that maze and helped me solving Galious'es riddles. About the only such warm gaming memory I have. Seems that Maze of Galious isn't in their top priority on VC-schedule(which is wrong, since its the best game on MSX1). Good thing then, that the La Mulana comes!!! I will see if she remembers the atmosphere, when it comes.



nagumobean said:

to Ratengo: I uust got my hands on an original Space Manbow copy this past week and can confirm that it has unlimited continues.
It is not as difficult as the Gradius series games though.
And I also confirm it has one of the best soundtracks for the MSX system (those who know the system will know also that this is not an easy achievement!).



Ratengo said:

@nagumobean: Thank you for the information! Space Manbow will likely be my first purchased MSX title on the VC service then.

Edit: Just of curiosity - how much did your original Space Manbow copy cost?



Villain said:

Yumetairiku Adventure is interesting, since it's Hideo Kojima's very first game he worked on. He was the assistant director for that game, and after that, it just kept getting better.



Jolted85 said:

damn 18 games all together, question will MSX titles eventually make it elsewhere in the world?

I read that they eventually plan to bring it to other parts of the world, but I can't really confirm it for myself XD

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