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Spirit Tracks "Pushes DS Even Further" Than Prequel

Posted by James Newton

Phantom Hourglass sequel more advanced, says Mr Miyamoto

Of course, with a release date set for December it's going to be a long time before we can vouch for what Mr Miyamoto says, but in a recent - and very short - interview with MTV he did speak very briefly about Link's upcoming adventures on DS and Wii.

Speaking about Spirit Tracks, he says that Phantom Hourglass was many people's first Zelda game, so they've tried to build on that and take more advantage of the DS hardware, and introduce elements such as the train travel, puzzles and so on.

Sadly there's even less information about the upcoming Zelda Wii title squeezed from Shiggy's lips, with the only comment that "it is very fun to move your body around," leading us to speculate on a Wii Sports Resort-style wakeboarding adventure for the little chap in green. Conquer dungeons with leaps and grabs! Defeat Ganondorf by landing a 1080º flip! You know it makes sense.


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Objection said:

Hmm, not much info here. Sequels tend to be more advanced by default, after all. Still the possibilites are intriguing. Given my love for Hourglass, I do look forward to this new Zelda, silly trains or not.



JimLad said:

Will the Wii Zelda be the consoles defining title?
(defining as in validates motion control in a AAA experience)
It'll be pretty late in the consoles run, but with Natal and Sony wands coming it could spark a revolution.



i8cookie said:

sadly i feel the same as odd69. No matter how highly rated this game will be, i dont think i can risk a repeat of PH. It was just dull.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

Yeah!! Phantom Hourglass Was my first Zelda game, and it was worthy of it, I am looking forward to this.



Raylax said:

Here's hoping it'll be as good as, if not better, than PH. Liking what I've seen so far. Not sure about the blow-to-operate weapons though, they seem a bit... naff. Having to blow out candles in the first one, or blow dust off the sea map was a bit of an irritation in the first game. Especially since, being on a portable console, you're most likely playing it in public. It does get you strange looks on the bus. Feels a bit like Nintendo is going "HEY, THE MICROPHONE IS USEFUL. REALLY."
But yeah, asides that, this is shaping up to look like a heck of a fun game. I'm probably buy it either way, tbh.



Golgo said:

Hope they continue with the excellent wifi mutiplayer options of the first game. Had a lot of fun online with that, even though it was marred by cheats who tended to disconnect just prior to losing so you couldn't get the 'win' credit. Hope Nintendo can implement a punitive anti-cheat system, too, like getting a 'loss' by default for disconnect. Tee hee!



FATEM said:

I just hope the Wi-Fi can use the advanced connections because my network is WPA not WEP which means no Wi-Fi apart from DSiWare.



Reala said:

PH may not be my favorite Zelda game, but I still enjoyed it a lot, and can't wait to play ST, much prefer walking to each town & dungeon by foot, than by mini game though, which is what the sailing parts felt like, and no doubt the train will be the same, still can't wait to see what they do next with the stylus controls.



OldBoy said:

Well as long as it doesn't have that bloody Time Limit dungeon that you had to keep repeating in PH I'll be happy. That dungeon pretty much killed the game for me. A lazy ,cheap way to extend the gameplay.Shame really as I liked it up to that point.The sailing was far more fun than in WW.I await reviews with anticipation.



Hoffkage said:

I dont care if it looks similar, different, more advanced or more retro.
Zelda is like crack for me, and I need a dosis urgently.



Millie said:

@Luigi78 - I agree 100%. I'm STILL stuck on that idiotic dungeon. I always end up getting a game over and it's so annoying!



Metang said:

@Luigi78: Of course, the goddamn Time Limit dungeon. By some miracle, I managed to get through there

On topic, this isn't very interesting. Sequels are always more advanced aren't they?



Ender said:

Hmm...Spirits for DS could potentially be a good boy but not sure on the Wii title.

Don't expect visual improves but most likely some weird new way to control Link, all with the same dungeons that we already beat on Ocarina, Majora's, Windwaker, etc...

Bring back the old spirit.



Gigantorama said:

I thought Phantom Hourglass was great, but really for how many people was that their FIRST Zelda game? And although it probably was the first for some, I don't see how it could possibly be enough to make that the basis for their design strategy for ST? Weird.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Sequels are always more advanced aren't they?"

Metang, I would like to introduce you to my good friend, Cheetahmen II.



mushroomer said:

I liked PH as well, but I worry when N introduces sidekicks.. I enjoy the zeldas where Link is a lonestar. I didnt care for the wolf gimmic in TP.. also this train travel thingy.. i know they are trying to make it different from the boat travel (which was also gimmicky) .. its like when megaman got his dog.. arg.. its not cool anymore.. just cute.. and takes away from his glory.. Its not Megaman won saved the world but rather, megaman and his pooch..



TKOWL said:

if this game is potentionally better than the original one my wallet will be SUPER dry



taffy said:

I would have thought the guys over here would have mentioned something about the limited edition version of the game that's coming out in the UK




PH was awesome. I cant wait for Spirit Tracks!
Zelda wakeboarding? We ALL know how wrong that is. Zelda fits waay better in a disc dog game



XD375 said:

I didn't like PH at all. What's the point in playing a game if your hand is always in the way due to required stylus controls?

From what I've heard it was subpar even if you got over it, so I didn't miss much. I don't expect much from Spirit Tracks.



mjc0961 said:

"he says that Phantom Hourglass was many people's first Zelda game"

I feel sorry for those people. Phantom Hourglass was pretty bad all around: boring dungeons, an annoying dungeon (in the sense that you had to go back to that one dungeon after beating a boring dungeon and re-do everything you've already done to get deeper in), a pretty bad story by Zelda standards, and a terrible control set-up. I would describe the graphics of the game as too skin-toned and unappealing-oh wait that was my hand I was looking at as it blocked my screen, thanks for that Nintendo. PH was awful, and because ST looks to make things worse (PH is too linear? let's make it more linear with a train!), it will probably be the first Zelda game I completely pass on, and I even have a copy of Link's Crossbow Training.

Anyway, yeah. I feel sorry for people who had PH as their first Zelda game. I had the still completely awesome Link's Awakening as my first.



KDR_11k said:

I hope that doesn't mean more faffing about with the microphone, that yelling part was among the dumbest decisions ever made for a DS game.

I liked PH but the yelling was stupid. Here's a hint, Nintendo: If you want to make games for everyone make sure you don't require people to do things no self respecting adult would do, namely yell into their gaming device while in public. The DS is a portable system and as such games on it should be playable on the go. Making a fool out of yourself may work for something played with friends and possibly alcohol but not something you play in public.



Panduh said:

I can't wait for this game! I loved Phantom Hourglass so much and now this one will be even better!



Monkeh said:

PH was such a downgrade from Link's Awakening and A Link to the Past, waaaaay to easy and obviously more aimed at the casual audience. I probably won't get this one (first Zelda game I'm not going to buy).



odd69 said:

Let me justify why i disliked PH,but loved every single other Zelda. The biggest reason: Timed dungeon.I don't want to be rushed playing my Zelda games you might like it but it's not for me, i want to be able to think without feeling rushed, this was never apart of any Zelda and shouldn't be .It felt tacked on and i lost interest real fast. Zelda is crack to me too i'm addicted and i admit it, but this Zelda seemed cut with too much baking soda. I like my "crack" pure.Understand a little? By no means, this IS a great game everything else was fine.If the timed dungeon makes a come back, I'll most probably skip this one and just get my "crack" from a different dealer(wii).



Monkeh said:

Lol, totally forgot about the timed dungeons. Yeah, that's also one of the most retarded add-ons they could've added to a Zelda game.

The stylus controls and graphics are great, but when you compare PH to Link's Awakening (which was made for the GameBoy), you can't help but feel sad that Link's Awakening was a much better game.

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