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Competitions: Halloween with The Three Musketeers: One for All!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Our friends at Legendo offer up 20 slices of download adventure in the form of The Three Musketeers: One for All!, open to almost anyone.

To celebrate Halloween we've teamed up with Legendo to offer you 20 copies of the platform adventure The Three Musketeers: One for All!. The first 10 winners will be picked from our North American readers (that's NTSC/US consoles) and the second 10 winners will be picked from our UK/Europe/Australian readers (that's PAL consoles).

Hurray our first WiiWare competition, who'd of thought it. Thanks to the guys at Legendo 20 of you will get to play the respectfully rated 7/10 The Three Musketeers: One for All! for nothing, nadda, zilcho.

This is also our first pan-Atlantic competition where US/North America readers can enter along side the European and Australians (by the way aussies, did you know you can now enter the Mario & Sonic competition?). We realise that some PAL region readers will have NTSC consoles and vice versa, we'll just have to figure that out IF you win!

Head on over to the competition page now and crack the cryptic question as always!

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You want more? Of course you do, that's why we'll be launching yet another competition tomorrow... what's going on?!

[via Competition: The Three Musketeers: One for All! Halloween Giveaway]

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pixelman said:

WOW. I didn't see this one coming. I already have this, though, so I won't be entering. Speaking of which, I still need to beat it...

And LOL @ answer #3 on the competition page.



Machu said:

Woah, this is in my queue, nicely timed NL. Hope I win, I mean, good luck to all!



lifer said:

As a long time lurker I now registered, so consider these competitions a success. Need to find an avatar, too.



Objection said:

Like ReZon, digging all the contests. Can't wait to see tomorrow's...could it be a certain recently-reviewed DS RPG?



eripmav said:

V8 Ninja, we didn't want to leave anyone out! ALL territories are covered (bar Japan!) so noone's left out:)



Terra said:

A lot of competitions lately. Not that I'm complaining, keep them coming NL



JayArr said:

I was surprised at how fun of a platformer this is. So, "enjoy" to the future winners and kudos to Legendo for putting up this contest.



Strofan7 said:

Ah sweet! My next card was going to be nyxquest and this, maybe ill be able to save a couple bucks this way and get water warefare instead.

@eprimav you're my boy!



L_F said:

Thanks for the contest Legendo & Nintendolife
I hope I win!



eripmav said:

@ Strofan - I hope not, I'm assuming I'm older than you...that'd be a bit weird;) But guys, seriously thank you for all of the kind words etc and I'm glad you're all pumped for the competition. I did keep saying something was coming, I'm just always under strict guidelines as to what and when I can reveal it!

There's more to come!



moomoo said:

Thanks for putting up this contest. I'm a member now because of the contest. (I hope Andrex Dumba** is the right answer...)




I expect to win 20 times.

Anyways, why so mean to our overflowing population with Asian gamers?



Buster13 said:

This game had my intrest when it was first announced for WiiWare, but after seeing some of the reveiws (some of which weren't quite as forgiving as N-Life's, but never entirely negative) I became a bit hesitant. Still, psyched about the contest!



eripmav said:

@Gabe We don't have a publisher in Japan, too much red tape:)

@Mahchu It was cunning but we thought we'd try to get as much attention as we could for both ourselves and NL as possible. I had a feeling that smaller sites might feel a bit funny about running it, threatend if you will by advertising another site but the big hitters out there I had a feeling they'd not have a prob!

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